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About Serena

Serena is one of Psychic Power’s most highly gifted, naturally talented and experienced psychic consultants. With 26 years of experience as a Master Tarot reader, medium and visionary, the accuracy of Serena’s insights and revelations are nothing short of astounding. This is best evidenced by her clients' high praise, ranging from statements such as “Guidance that changed my life for the better” to “The best of the best” to “A healing experience” to “Beyond outstanding."

Serena’s Story

Serena’s gift of intuition awakened within her as young child. Her heightened psychic abilities led to a career that is in full force, serving clients for 26 years. Her talents are utilized to assist others in their deepest needs. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Performing readings on radio and television programs
  • Teaching classes on Tarot and “How to Awaken and Contact Inner Psychic Abilities”
  • Assisting local authorities and police in finding missing persons
  • Working with national pet rescue efforts in Seattle


As a warm, compassionate, and friendly psychic, Serena’s clients are comfortable confiding their deepest inner secrets, concerns, and life situations with her. They often consider her as much of a friend as a reader. “Really felt a connection,” wrote one client, while another stated, “Serena is a monument of kindness and compassion.” She gives each client and reading her complete attention, focus and energy, with the goal of providing insight, answers, information and solutions. Serena describes her reading style as “very straightforward and direct.”

Serena: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

In order to get the most out of their readings, Serena advises her clients to come prepared. She recommends that clients bring a list of questions to the reading, and to have pen and paper handy, as psychic information flows through Serena rapidly and spontaneously. Because Serena naturally picks up on her clients’ vibrations instantly, it is helpful for clients to contemplate their questions beforehand.


Serena is especially tuned in to issues pertaining to love and relationships. Clients frequently come to Serena for clarification about:

  • Marriages and divorces
  • Dating relationships, intimate relationships, friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Work, professional and school relationships and situations
  • Relationships in general


Serena’s special gifts enable her to serve as a medium for clients who wish to connect to their loved ones who have passed on.

The Nicest Feedback a Client Ever Gave

Serena has given thousands of readings over the years, and while they truly are all special, one in particular stands out. In Serena’s words, “The nicest feedback I received was from a caller that told me that I changed her life and how she loved talking to me and that she considered me her life coach. She told me that she had been so lost and now that she had found me, it gave her hope.”

Serena’s Personal Interests and Other Talents

In addition to her psychic skills, Serena is a trained opera singer and an experienced bagpipe musician who loves spending time with her family, friends, metaphysical colleagues and her beloved cat, Percy. She has an irresistible attraction to antiques, flea markets, decorating and beautiful objects d’art.

Serena’s Feelings About Her Work

“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions."


6/25/2021 10:46:03 AM UTC
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Praise for Serena

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Serena's happy clients have to say.


7/11-Predicted that he would not go out of town this weekend and he didn't. She saw that things would pick up btwn us over the weekend but it didn't. However, he did contact in time frame given. Said things will get better toward the latter end of July into August. I'm hopeful! Serena is the best; that's why I keep calling her!

- missh

"So Good!"

7/9-Serena is the BEST! She is so patient with me asking about the same situation all the time but she's always so spot on! Predicted that I would see him this week at his house and I did, very unexpectedly! Also said he would contact me today or by Tuesday and he did the same day. He has really given a lot of thought to what I've said to him. Still waiting on future predictions and will update soon. Serena is the absolute best and has been so accurate. She admits to not knowing everything but is very confident in her readings and predictions. She really does see and know. Thank you!!

- missh

"Great Advisor!"

6/29-Serena saw that I would see him in the next few days and that it would be a pleasant interaction and that I would speak with him within 24 hours and I did. I did see him on 7/3 and 7/4. Serena's timing for things has been on point. However, I didn't get the job she said I would back in May but issues with POI have been accurate. Serena is one of the most accurate advisors I've ever encountered and the only one I talk to on this site.

- missh

"Awesome "

She is the Best of the best and spot on

- pie

"Incredible x10"

Serena is hands down the most gifted human being I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with and her compassion to help is out of this world. Not a dime wasted speaking with her unlike some other advisors I've spoken to. So far every prediction has come to reality and it helps bc she is honest and clear as can be, even though I didn't like the answer she comforted me in a way no one else could, assuring me there is free will and a better path to choose for my well being. SHE REALLY FREAKIN CARES GUYS. I just wish I can afford to speak with her on a daily basis bc she absolutely is the best!

- angieivette94

"Right Again!"

5/10 - predicted I would hear from him on Mother's Day and sure enough I did just as she said!! Thanks again.

- missh

"Always spot on"

I have reached out to Serena for several years. I can always count on her to be spot on with her predictions. I can't say that about other advisors on other websites. Thanks Serena!

- VAgirl1199


5/10-Serena told that I would definitely hear from him on Mother's Day so I'm waiting for that but she said before that and even today. Guess what, he texted me today even when I was doubtful 'cos he'd been so quiet since the graduation. She spoke the words basically vertbatim as to how he felt and that is exactly what he displayed at the graduation. She said things will pick back up btwn us and going into June we will become a lot closer. He feels bad right now and taking me to dinner was something he wanted to do. So I mentioned to him that I knew he really couldn't afford to take me to that restaurant, etc. He said, it was something that I really wanted to do and wouldn't have if I didn't. She said exactly what he'd said!! She said he has felt bad and thinking about the things I've said and that he hasn't done much for me at all. Serena is BAD and to be honest, I've doubted but after reading my notes, she has always been on point!!

- missh

"This Lady Here!!!"

5/7 - the!!! She predicted that he still wanted to come to my graduation to show his support but if we fought, he wasn't going to come. On 5/8 he sent a real bland text I think to gauge my attitude and I was cordial and that was it. He ended up showing up to my graduation (which I didn't know if he was coming or not) with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers and took me to a very nice restaurant after. She also saw communication coming on the 10th-Mother's Day. Saw that he was going to cut the other one off and that things will get better btwn us and that he was really thinking about his behavior today.

- missh

"Accuracy and Clarity"

After speaking with Serena I felt so at ease. I had an incredible peace of mind and confirmed the hardest decision I have to make will pave the way for a brighter future and I can't thank her enough for helping me to see what a better life could look like. I'm 100% a very please customer. If I could word it any better I would. She is highly rated for a reason!!

- angieivette94

"Very Accurate!"

Serena is so spot on even when it doesn't seem like what she says is going to happen especially when you're emotionally caught up in the now. She saw that we would spend a lot more time together in April and we definitely did. Saw that he would remove the picture out of respect for me and he did. She said that by end of May into the summer the transition will begin of him making it known about me and that he is not going away. I'm still waiting on that because we are at a crossroad now as of 5/7 but I'm hopeful. She saw that he is madly in love with me but just afraid to say it. Thank you for your accuracy and for all that you see!

- missh

"Always right on"

Despite not hearing what I hoped so, she was correct in telling I was not going to be offered the job.

- krolbarreto


did call me when you say he would of call

- jodine

"QUEEN of PsychicPower"

I'm sorry, I've spoken with a few of the psychics, even those more expensive. Though they provided solid information, it was sometimes found to be confusing, as they hopped back and forth or became confused themselves about what they were seeing. However, Serena does not try to over do by running 1000 decks at a time, or reading 3-4 people around you at once. She remains focused on the question at hand. Because of it, she is able to provide a precise response that is more accurate than most. I've followed her guidance at times and when I do I've always benefited. If there are important decisions ahead- trust your gut, but also seek a bit of guidance from Serena to help you narrow your options. Ultimately the decision is YOURS.

- Maryland


I called with concerned because a huge business deal hinged upon be securing a unique policy. Serena shared not to worry, I would secure it in 3 days and the deal would go forward. Well people, I located the policy in 3 hours, and the deal is going forward after 3 month of negotiation! YAY!

- Maryland

"What a Blessing! "

Serena not only has the ability to share what WILL HAPPEN, she can actually share what you and others are doing in REAL TIME. So amazed how she has honed her gift! to help others!

- Maryland

"So accurate... amazed!"

2/22-Said he would contact btwn today and 27th and he did. On the 23rd he said he actually composed 2 text messages to me and thought he had sent them wondering why I hadn't responded. On the 25th we chatted and he said he loved me. Chatted a lot on the 26th and on the 27th (Tuesday)he came over and brought me dinner. Said he will not end up with other woman but we will be together. Said he does not want to lose me and no matter what I've told him, he won't go away because he knows he wants to be with me at some point. He's just not completely ready yet. Saw that they talk once in awhile but not together or he would be with her. Thank you Serena, will be in touch for more.

- missh

"Thanks Serena!"

2/15: Predicted that btwn now and 2/24 there would be lots of emotional conversation of texting, calling and even wanting to see me and there was some surprisingly. She saw that he is in love with me and on 2/25 he said, "I told you that I love you. I don't know why you don't believe me." On 2/27 he came over to visit bringing dinner and rekindling the good times that we share.

- missh

"Spot on!"

2/14 : Predicted that I might hear from him today or within the next few days. Shortly after we hung up, he sent a text wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day even though things are not as I would want, he didn't want me to feel forgotten. Serena is so accurate with predictions and timing. Thank you!

- missh

"Serena is Fab-u-lous!"

Love her! She gave great advice over the last year regarding both love and business. She has helped me plan better. She is worth the money.

- Maryland


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