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Patience is a highly gifted clairvoyant, known for her warm and friendly personality.  She is so easy to talk with, her clients feel immediately at ease.  She has a keen ability to tune into the feelings of others, and is quick to connect to spirit guides and consciousness.  This combination makes it easy for others to ask Patience just about anything.  Even the most embarrassing question does not phase her, and she's proud that people are able to approach her without a fear of judgment.  She's also happy to say that she's LGBT friendly. 

Her Story

Patience has spent her childhood in a haunted house where she learned about various paranormal things and spirits during her stay. Patience was barely 8 years old when she had a premonition that someone in the family was going to pass away, which actually turned out to be true. Such incidents of knowing the events before they happened repeated themselves time and again. 


As a child she ignored her gifts for some time. She always used to get the answers to her questions through some inner voice that screamed them out to her. Initially she laughed it out, but on realizing that the answers were always correct, she started taking the phenomenon seriously. 


Patience uses the power of Tarot to guide her intuition and empathy. She uses Tarot to highlight the path that you need to take in order to reach your goal. She believes that every reading that you undergo is like a layer of onion peeled off where peeling of every layer contributes to the outcome. She believes in the fact that every person has a free will and the ultimate decisions of life rest with the person only.

Patience follows a conversational style of reading. She loves talking to people about everything that they want to talk about without any inhibitions. She uses a pendulum and Tarot as tools for readings. Although she can help out a client in any area, she specializes in love and relationship issues. Additionally, she has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
A Personal Account

Patience remembers an incident when an old friend of hers asked her to read for him. She kept answering his questions and she even gave out the zodiac sign and the name of his would-be wife. He later got married to the lady with the same name and zodiac sign. He always remembers that it was Patience who helped him find the right life partner.


She believes that everyone, including her, needs someone to lean on. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves and getting rid of the burden of our ego. She believes in the power of the mind and awareness. The spirits that she communicates with tell her very often that everything is possible, provided you believe in it.

Spiritual Beliefs

She is a firm believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. When people change, it is nature’s way of teaching you to let go. When things go wrong, God wants us to appreciate the times when they were right. When we get hurt by a lie, you learn to believe yourself. When good things end, it is to give space for better things to fall in.

In Her Free Time

Patience enjoys spiritual classes, comedy clubs, Yoga, Zumba and live band performances. She loves to be in company of friends and family members.


8/14/2022 3:16:08 PM UTC
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Praise for Patience

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patience's happy clients have to say.

"love her"

Worth the wait! True talent.

- A. Non

"accurate "

Always a pleasure to hear her accurate predictions.

- A. Non

"Fantastic, As always"

Thanks for all your help, insight and support. So accurate!

- Sol

"Very Clear Predictions"

I really don't know how Patience does it, but she keeps predicting events that happen. She has a very clear vision, and she is super quick to pick up information. Just adore her!

- Sol


So many things Patience has told me in recent conversations have come to pass. She has given me very detailed descriptions of certain events - people, places and things - and these events have happened as described. It's quite amazing when it happens!

- Sol

"worth every penny"

Whether I have a 10 minute reading with Patience or a 30 minute reading, she is truly one of the only ones that I can say is worth every penny. I have NEVER come away from a reading with Patience thinking it was a waste or that I she only told me things I already knew (as is the case with so many other psychics). She is honest, humble, and above all, accurate. Even if what she says doesn't make sense at the time, I will normally always be able to validate it at some point later on.

- Mistressleia

"such a blessing"

She has such an amazing connection to Spirit, it's just wonderful. The way she channels messages from others and from Spirit has been such a comfort and help to me over the years. She was one of the only ones who picked up on an issue I was unaware of with my bf who is in the military, and needless to say I was stunned at her accuracy. She really should be even higher rated than Rain and Serena in my opinion. Patience blows them all out of the water with her accuracy, she can pick up on things others have never touched on. THANK YOU Patience.

- Mistressleia


Patience has always been my go-to reader (if I can get through) and I must say she's worth the wait everytime. I'm still amazed and thankful for all of her gifts. At one point in Dec I had everyone telling me a certain event would come to pass between Xmas 2015 and Valentine's 2016, Patience said she didn't feel it would happen until later in 2016, but definitely after Feb. She was right. It didn't happen (and hasn't happened yet). She was right again. As usual :)

- Mistressleia

"Patience has reached a whole new level!"

I have been reading with Patience for many years now. She has always been accurate, and talking with her is like talking with a very close friend. She has an ability to connect with people in the most natural and authentic way. Her predictions come to pass, and it's very amazing when they do. Lately, she has entered a whole new level in terms of her accuracy. She will describe events - including visual descriptions of the physical surroundings - and then they happen. She is the type of person that you say absolutely ANYTHING to and she will not judge you. Ever! Her compassion is off the charts and she maintains a humbleness that I greatly appreciate. She also happens to have a fantastic sense of humor!

- Aquarius


Patience diagnosed a health concern before I even knew what it was She also told me not to worry about my court case and will settle within three month it was settled no problem! She really is accurate,caring and extremely talented. 5 star reader best I have ever had and I have ALOT OF EXPERIENCE!

- Spirit of Cynthia

"no lies"

she tell u what she see no matter what.

- jodine

"So Happy You Are Back!"

So happy to see Patience is back! Always a pleasure to speak with her and she is beyond accurate. As another reviewer said - her third eye is wide open. I could not agree more! One of the sweetest people ever - truly like talking to a best friend who has your best interest at heart.

- A.

"right again"

On a Tuesday she said she saw my man and I connecting by the next day and she nailed it again, he surprised me that same night. Thank you again Patience!!

- Mistressleia

"always amazed"

To say Patience has amazing third eye abilities is an understatement. She has described the room where I do my own tarot readings to a t, and has out of nowhere asked me how my mom or my kids were doing after seeing she saw them sick (which they were without me even telling her.) Even as one of the 'highest rated' she should still be higher on top in my opinion. What she sees never ceases to amaze me.

- Mistressleia

"Good read"

Good reading very kind!

- Emily


Thank you

- Happy2day


Good reading. Thank you

- Smiles4

"Good reader"

Thank you

- Sunshine

"should still be in the top 3"

Not sure why she isn't rated higher, her readings over the years have proved to be consistent, honest, and on point. So many here are nice to talk to but don't provide accurate insight or predictions or they just tell you what you want to hear. Not Patience, she's compassionate, honest, and won't waste your time. Call her!

- Mistressleia

"Still amazes me "

I hadn't heard from my man in a few weeks and started to worry because one advisor had told me he had left me but most said he was just depressed. As soon as saw Patience online I called her and she said something completely different. She said she saw him out at sea doing some sniper training south of Florida and that he didn't have any service on his cell but that he would be back that weekend as I would see him. That Saturday he came back just as she said and he told me the navy had sent them out to the Bermuda Triangle for training. Call her first! She's consistently accurate!

- Mistressleia


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