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Bonnie is a very experienced Tarot reader, as well as an intuitive guide and dream analyst. She also uses a bit of astrology, numerology and works with angels and guides.  Bonnie allows her readings to find their own way, so that the level of the reading leaves her client feeling empowered, and ready to make a positive difference in their life.  


In her readings, Bonnie feels she is being given the opportunity to positively impact another.  She honors her client by paying close attention to them, and to their needs. Sometimes the questions that are asked by the client are not necessarily the ones that need to be asked. Sometimes the Tarot answers the question that needs to be answered, after which all other questions can be asked.  


Bonnie has studied the Tarot extensively.  She is a certified Tarot Grand Master, Reiki Master, and a teacher of Reiki.  She has served in various capacities with the American Tarot Association and the American Board For Tarot Certification.  She uses the skills she has learned from her extensive experience, along with the strong intuition which she inherited from the women in her family, to provide insightful guidance to her clients.  Bonnie also works as a writer, having  been published in two Tarot anthologies, having written two books on the Tarot with Schiffer Publishing, and has an extensive body of Tarot book and deck reviews, interviews and articles which have been published online.


Bonnie also has a variety of professional experience, all of which helps her guide her clients in a balanced and professional manner.  She has a B.A. in psychology, and served in the military for over ten years.  After serving for twenty-five years in the medical technology field, Bonnie felt that it was time to use her skills to help people in a different way.  After encountering so many people who had been willing to share their wisdom, she decided she would like to do the same.  She began offering readings, with her focus on empowering her clients and helping them heal.  Her intention is to gift them with tools that they can use to make a positive difference in their own lives.


Bonnie’s reading style is to nurture and empower her clients – to help them see their options.  Her focus is on her clients, and on their questions and their issues. It is the client's time to ask whatever they want, and to gain as much clarity as they are ready to accept. Bonnie sees herself as a “middleman”, using the images and symbols in the Tarot to bring through the wisdom that her clients need to hear. She will help them to word their questions so that they receive the most in-depth answers possible.  


Her view is that each reading reflects that specific moment in time. What is seen in that reading will go in a certain direction, were her client to take no action. Bonnie sees a reading as a multi-faceted process: (1) form the question, (2) ask the question, (3) get as much clarity as possible, (4) define the client’s options, (5) look at the pros and cons for each option and (5) give the client tools that they can work with to take whatever action they have decided to take to move their life forward, in a positive direction.


Bonnie empowers her clients with tools to empower themselves.  These tools are whatever the client feels most comfortable with, including dream work, connecting with with guides and angels, affirmations, meditation, ritual, visualization, automatic writing and journaling. Each tool has a process, and each tool offers benefits to the person using it.  Overall, Bonnie feels that our world is only as big as we make it.  If we dream the big dreams, we will achieve the big success!  Ultimately, we need to follow our passion, and be true to ourselves.  

Favorite Quote

“The only journey is the journey within.”  - Rainer Maria Rilke

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4/15/2024 2:42:40 PM UTC
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Praise for Bonnie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Bonnie's happy clients have to say.

"My all time favorite"

Great reading as usual. My #1 favorite on the site. Thanks Bonnie!

- all4hope

"Great reading "

This is to compensate for a previous reading where I gave 4 stars. With tarot timing is always hard to pinpoint. Tonight's reading was 100% accurate, she's by far the best tarot reader here. Just as good as any psychic here, even better than some. She helped get to the bottom of what was holding my man back in our relationship and it all made perfect sense.

- Mistressleia

"So kind"

Wonderful reader

- bev4461


She is good

- Happyface

"WOW "

First reading with her and she completely surprised me. she doesn't need names from those that you're asking and she's really quickly tuned with your situation. I waited a little before leaving my comments. She's fantastic and so sweet!

- N

"second reading"

she amazed me once again she described how I was feeling like a T. she also described my man without a name. she said the she sees a real commitment near may. will stay in touch to say if it came true. Thank you bonnie you're really gifted

- N

"Amazing Tarot Reader"

Good reading, prediction didn't come to pass though (first said it would happen in the end of summer, then was told it would happen by the end of the year neither of which came to pass.) Still giving 4 stars though as she is still an amazing tarot reader.

- Mistressleia


she been reading me for years and now still she don't think we over and I trust her words

- jodine

"Direct and compassionate"

Love readings with Bonnie, she's always direct and to the point yet remains very compassionate. Wish she was on more often.

- Mistressleia


she told me she dont think me and my hubby is over she actually been reading me for about 4 years now and always told me what she see never sugar coat me so im glad i have her here to talk to about him but soon she think i will be home.

- god is good

"Love his honest and direct she is"

I was asking Bonnie about some dreams I had and she explained that I was receiving messages from spirit and that's why I always seem to have such detailed dreams. She always amazes me because my man frequently "comes to the reading" and he later uses the same words. She's honest and direct and I wish she was on more often

- Mistressleia

"Great as usual "

I love readings with Bonnie, I wish she was on more often. She is one of the best tarot intuitives and doesn't waste any time. I love when she does a reading that pertains to a question about my man and I she always has a "his message to you is" card. It is always spot on and he has often repeated her exact words the next time I've seen him

- Mistressleia

"Rock Star!"

Ok, so I already left feedback - but I've read with her much many many times over. So I should be leaving a LOT more. Bonnie is awesome. She tunes into things quickly, is very easy to speak with and gives honest readings. She's also very patient and helpful. So yes 5 stars and a Rock Star.

- anonymous

"Bonnie is a Rock Star"

Bonnie's intuition is spot on. Sometimes she's actually tuning into something else but she is always on target. I follow her guidance bc she is always right on things - great with relationships. Her reading style is very patient and with focus on the client. She doesn't jump to conclusions or try to put her own bias on any reading - she says what she sees through her cards and guides. She is one of the rock stars here. She gets to the point quickly but will go into as much detail as she can.

- anonymous

"Excellent guide!"

Bonnie is great! Super accurate. Provides a great road map for moving forward!

- A.


Bonnie is a wonderful reader. I find her to be very helpful, easy to talk to and very straightforward in her approach. Have read with her a few times now, and she's definitely a favorite. Will be calling her again soon!

- Goldie


I have had a few readings with Bonnie lately and have found her guidance to be priceless! Very helpful with her insight and quite accurate. Highly intelligent and very intuitive! I definitely recommend her!

- A.

"Love Her Readings"

Bonnie is quick and on point. Her timelines are usually right on the money. I love the format of her readings and she is one of my three favorites on the site. Thank you Bonnie for your insightful readings.

- all4hope


I had a reading with Bonnie about a year ago, and another one recently. Both times she has been spot on! I am wondering why I have not reached out to her more?! (I think she's usually on at times other than when I would be likely to call.) I am definitely putting her on my list of favorites and planning to call back soon. She was able to connect to my situation right away, was very accurate and easy to talk with. Very intelligent and evolved. Thank you!

- A.


Loved the reading! Super accurate.

- Sol


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