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Patience is a highly gifted clairvoyant, known for her warm and friendly personality.  She is so easy to talk with, her clients feel immediately at ease.  She has a keen ability to tune into the feelings of others, and is quick to connect to spirit guides and consciousness.  This combination makes it easy for others to ask Patience just about anything.  Even the most embarrassing question does not phase her, and she's proud that people are able to approach her without a fear of judgment.  She's also happy to say that she's LGBT friendly. 

Her Story

Patience has spent her childhood in a haunted house where she learned about various paranormal things and spirits during her stay. Patience was barely 8 years old when she had a premonition that someone in the family was going to pass away, which actually turned out to be true. Such incidents of knowing the events before they happened repeated themselves time and again. 


As a child she ignored her gifts for some time. She always used to get the answers to her questions through some inner voice that screamed them out to her. Initially she laughed it out, but on realizing that the answers were always correct, she started taking the phenomenon seriously. 


Patience uses the power of Tarot to guide her intuition and empathy. She uses Tarot to highlight the path that you need to take in order to reach your goal. She believes that every reading that you undergo is like a layer of onion peeled off where peeling of every layer contributes to the outcome. She believes in the fact that every person has a free will and the ultimate decisions of life rest with the person only.

Patience follows a conversational style of reading. She loves talking to people about everything that they want to talk about without any inhibitions. She uses a pendulum and Tarot as tools for readings. Although she can help out a client in any area, she specializes in love and relationship issues. Additionally, she has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
A Personal Account

Patience remembers an incident when an old friend of hers asked her to read for him. She kept answering his questions and she even gave out the zodiac sign and the name of his would-be wife. He later got married to the lady with the same name and zodiac sign. He always remembers that it was Patience who helped him find the right life partner.


She believes that everyone, including her, needs someone to lean on. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves and getting rid of the burden of our ego. She believes in the power of the mind and awareness. The spirits that she communicates with tell her very often that everything is possible, provided you believe in it.

Spiritual Beliefs

She is a firm believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. When people change, it is nature’s way of teaching you to let go. When things go wrong, God wants us to appreciate the times when they were right. When we get hurt by a lie, you learn to believe yourself. When good things end, it is to give space for better things to fall in.

In Her Free Time

Patience enjoys spiritual classes, comedy clubs, Yoga, Zumba and live band performances. She loves to be in company of friends and family members.


6/22/2024 9:01:03 AM UTC
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Praise for Patience

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patience's happy clients have to say.

"Accurate "

The same day he contacted me all you mention to me on the reading was accurate

- jodine

"Amazing "

Been reading me for years accurate reader

- jodine


I believe what Patience perceived from poi is accurate. Be doesn’t want to hurt me anymore, ut he will return but needs more time.. He wants to commit but is not there yet and says not to give up on him. Contact will come in 4-5 and he reached out via social media.

- missh

"Omg 1 millions star "

I was shock yesterday she told me she saw 3 but guess what 3 hours he texted me she’s gifted she’s been reading me now for over 8 or 10 years no sugarcoating she’s the real deal try her you won’t regret what I’m telling you she will pick on things you cannot imagine thank you queen

- jodine


Patience is enlightening, sweet, humble, and extremely accurate! Patience is such a gifted reader and can connect with spirit, while we were in our conversation, in the reading, my mother came through in a way that only I would know it was her. That connection was so amazing, give Patience a call, I promise you will have a very good day.

- VR

"Still think he’s coming back "

Have been teasing me for a while now have been accurate about many things

- jodine

"The Best!!!"

Patience is the best! It’s like talking to ur bff. She always tells u how it really is! She doesn’t hold back even if it’s something u don’t want to hear. I’m telling u she the GREATEST!!!

- vichan

"Believe in Patience "

She is good, she told my guy fiancee was flying with his immediate family and he did. When I actually thought he was not. She gives you hope and gives you good advice!

- Twinkle56

"Good but changes "

I have spoken with to Patience for years and her predictions have come to pass. It is normal for things to always change on readings but I swear Patience is really good! I personally recommend Patience and Beatrice!!

- Twinkle56

"The name says it all"

We all must have patience for things … and she sure as hell will let you know about it! She is really good!

- Twinkle56

"Lover her!"

I truly love Patience and the crazy conversations we always have. I sincerely feel like i can confide in her about the crazy stuff is going on in my life with my man and other things and she gives me advice and most of all her sincerity!

- Twinkle56

"Years years and years of talking with her"

So I have always spoken to Patience and she is very good. From predictions and assurance she gives you. Her predictions have always come to pass for me. I have been talking to her for yeahs and I am talking like 6 years that’s how good she is! Trust me give her a try. You will not regret it.

- Twinkle56

"She’s the best!"

I jst love taking to Patience! U are my go to gel. Thanx for all the feedback. I’ll call u soon!

- vichan

"Grateful "

Patience u are the best! Words can’t explain how great this women is! Much love! Til next time!

- vichan

"Ur the best!!!"

She is the best! I love talking to her. She keeps it real & she’s always making me laugh 😂

- vichan

"Patience is Awesome!"

I love every time I talk to her it’s like talking to one of my bff’s, who I never get to see or talk to, but when we get to hang out it’s like picking up rite where we left off

- vichan

"Spot ON!"

7/1-she called my poi up and he told her things he's expressed to me and things I already know like, he's hard to get along with. He said I deserve better but also expressed that our relationship is fragile which it is. However, Patience's guides said this is the same old song and dance and he will be back within 2-3 and will contact as if nothing ever happened. He had a conversation to me through her and I know that it was accurate because things said were things I'd heard from him before. He will try and come back to fix things but will pull away again. He questions whether he is good enough for me. He did contact 3 days later on the 4th and on the 8th expressed his love and how much he missed me. Spent some time together on the 9th and on the 10th, he got upset and was done again! She was spot on in her 7/1 reading on what would happen.

- missh

"Spot On!"

6/21-I haven't to Patience in about a year and she was so on point! Assured me that everything will be ok and that things are not over; he will be back. She called him up and he even told her he would be back which gave her chills, confirming this is true. He said he needed to pull away because things aren't right with him right now which I know to be true. Confirmed that he is not seeing other woman and hasn't talked to her in awhile. She saw that he will contact in 7 days or less and he did in 3 and that it will be casual and it was. Her guides were spot on as well. They showed her that he has done this before and he has a few times... pull away and come back. However, he's going to start missing me. Although we had communication for a few days, he's still pulled away and we are not back together. He even reaffirmed on 6/29 that he is adamant on us not being together. Very hard to hear coming from someone you love. Thx Patience!

- missh

"She continues to amazes me"

Talking to Patience is like talking to the person you have questions. It feels so comforting. Sometimes her predictions gets a little confusing but they keep continuing to happen sooner or later.

- Sunset0725


Patience is truly amazing, I just love her, she is very gifted and accurate beyond belief, so caring and you can talk to her about anything and everything. She has helped me for so many years, hands down there is no other like her

- Meme1


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