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Marguerite, a Native American has been dispensing spiritual advice for 40 years. Marguerite provides a wide range of psychic services including card readings, clairvoyant and mediumistic readings, contact with those who have passed on, and past-life readings. She answers questions covering a variety of categories, but her specialty is love and relationships. She is educated and knowledgeable, with a no-nonsense style. She cares about her clients and their well being, striving always to provide hope as well as concrete answers.


9/28/2023 1:18:38 AM UTC
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Praise for Marguerite

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Marguerite's happy clients have to say.

"Thumbs up and 5 stars, in gratitude for Marguerite! "

Best psychic and so worth every penny! Such a clear and insightful reading. Thank you, Marguerite! You helped me so much!

- RebeccaW

"Marguerite’s readings are so helpful and accurate! "

I can’t imagine how I would have been able to walk through a challenging family situation without Marguerite’s guidance. Her readings are so helpful and accurate, she saved me from making some choices that wouldn’t have had very positive outcomes. Marguerite is a great psychic intuitive, and she’s intelligent, clear spoken and compassionate too!

- Anonymous

"5 stars! Wonderful reading. "

Marguerite is the best psychic I’ve ever consulted. She’s so accurate, caring and insightful. Her reading was such a blessing in helping me with a very difficult family situation.

- Radha

"Such an accurate, helpful reading! Marguerite is truly gifted. "

I’m so grateful for Marguerite’s insightful, clear and accurate reading! It has helped me navigate a legal situation that was saved due to this reading! I’ll be calling Marguerite on a regular basis! She’s the real deal.

- RebeccaW

"Very Calming, Accurate, Patient, and Genuine"

I was taken aback before calling by some of the reviews that Mrs M, was in any way rude or diminishing, or overly-chatty. Perhaps, it is just the experience I had, but I found her to be generous with information (meaning she did not share 2-3 sentences, but shared insight as far as she could see and was open to questions for clarification), open to hearing about my concerns without judgment, and if she shared anything it was measured and purposeful. I would definitely phone again!

- T In Maryland

"She is the real deal! Marguerite is wise and gifted! "

Thank you Marguerite, for helping me navigate a tough legal situation on behalf of my toddler grandson, who I am raising. Your reading helped me to make important decisions, that I couldn’t quite see clearly on my own. It is turning out to be exactly as you said. Your amazing, sacred psychic abilities are truly a gift, and I’m so grateful to be a recipient of your wisdom, clarity and guidance!

- RebeccaW

"Beyond Accurate & Wonderful Reading! Thank you! "

My daughter had a serious medical incident. Marguerite was so accurate in seeing & articulating exactly what was going on physically with my daughter, that she would pull through and survive, Marguerite was even accurate on when my daughter would be discharged from the hospital. My mind was more at ease because of her amazing clarity, compassion and kindness. Also, she gave me some insight on what the future holds for my special needs child. I’m so grateful! Thank you, Marguerite!

- Radha

"So helpful, Thank you Marguerite! "

I just received a powerful, incredibly clear and helpful reading from Marguerite! It was so spot on and accurate... I’m so grateful I called. Thank you! RW

- RebeccaW

"Another amazing reading from Marguerite! "

Thank you Marguerite, for another amazing reading. Life is so challenging right now in my personal world, as well as in the world we live in. Your insights, unbelievable clarity and intuitive wisdom helped to give me the peace of mind I so needed! I now know how I’ll navigate some tough issues in my life. Thank you again! RW

- RW

"Marguerite was amazing!"

I am so impressed with the amazing reading that I got from psychic Marguerite on Marguerite was incredibly insightful, helpful and kind. Her detailed accuracy and guidance on difficult life issues that I've been dealing with was profound. She's definitely the real deal! I'll be using her regularly to keep my life on track and double check my decisions on important matters in my life. Thank you, Marguerite!

- RW

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

I would be remiss if I didn't say that at first I didn't like my reading. I love readers who have the courage to share what they see especially when they know you don't want to hear it. I asked for insights into my job search and Marguerite said my resume was all over the place and that I needed to customize it more. Well I didn't like her feedback but nonetheless it resonated as true. So I changed it and am getting more hits. Now to see if her prediction comes true that I'll be employed within a month. Will definitely call her again in the future.

- all4hope

"Accurate Psychic"

Always happy to connect with Marguerite. She has proven to be very accurate. Her readings are very thorough and she stays on track, focused on whatever questions you may have. Highly recommend!

- Venus in Libra

"Very good"

She deserve a higher rating she was accurate in the reading thank you very much.

- Lunalu

"great past life reading"

She is great for past life readings and said that my man and I have had several past lives together but one of us always passed away young, which is why we were brought back together this time around. This made perfect sense to me and I hope she's right that we will again marry in this lifetime and that it will work out this time.

- Mistressleia


good reading but I didn't feel a connection

- stefanie

"Not bad but..."

She was quick to tune in and although she gave an accurate description of my man without the need for his date of birth, the answers she gave seemed very generalized, I wish she could've given a deeper explanation

- Mistressleia

"On point, honest and caring"

Received my reading from Marguerite until I was interrupted by a phone call. But the 25 minutes was worth it; Marguerite was informative, on point, honest, caring, waiting to speak to her again in 15 minutes but I wonder which time zone we should follow. Thank you Marguerite! Hope to talk to you soon before I start my shift.

- GS

"Eye opening, reassurance, sense of direction "

Helped me to understand what and why I'm being drawn to in terms of my love life. Gave me constructive guidance,gave me hope, and realizations of the negative & positive of my situation & how to transform it into happiness. She a great job of interpreting my latest thoughts and interests.. Definitely, a life changing experience with the blessing of knowledge.

- Beautiful fish

"Correctly predicted"

My in-between job gap. It's not something you want to hear, and not something most advisors can pick up or are willing to tell you. I find that most advisors are merely good conversationalists, with the few and far in-between being truly gifted like Marguerite.

- Agile

"Wonderful past life reading "

I've had one other reading with Marguerite and after this reading I'm wondering why I haven't called her more often. Asked about past lives between my significant other and I and she said we had had several. It was funny that the times periods and occupations she described made perfect sense in this lifetime (ex. She said he was a soldier in the civil war and we lived on a farm) he is currently in he military and we plan on moving to his family's farm after his retirement. Tuned in quickly, a true psychic who didn't need my horoscope sign to give me an accurate reading

- Mistressleia


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