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Challon has always done psychic readings for friends, acquaintances and family over the years without monetary gains. Her reward was knowing she had helped those in need to gain the insight and knowledge they sought.

Challon is precognitive, clairvoyant, psychic and medium. She uses the tarot as one of her aids as her grandmother did many years before her. Her gifts have been passed to her from her grandmother and she is proud to honor her by walking closely in her footsteps.

Psychic Pet Readings, and Pet Healings for sick animals as well. 

In Challon's own words: I care deeply about people and their problems, I only wish to help and feel so sad when clients are sad, I hope to help anyone that needs help because I care with much compassion for everyone.

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4/20/2018 11:46:51 PM UTC
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Praise for Challon

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Challon's happy clients have to say.


First time Caller! Fast and accurate! Answered many questions in a few minutes! Gave details! Great Reading!

- member18

"She is good!"

I spoke to her twice and she was consistent in the readings you should try her.

- Lunalu

"She is good!"

I spoke to her twice and she was consistent in the readings you should try her.

- Lunalu


I love her reading Always very helpful and trustworthy

- halo80


Dearly love her readings

- halo80

"Above and Beyond. Excellent to sat the least!"

This lady is out this planet. Her reading stands out from every other. I have tried Psychics all over the world but she is exceptional and incredibly amazing. All her predictions were a trillion times accurate and spot on. She is so accurate on everything you wanna ask and possible solutions. She could tell you your dreams and very secret things. She stands out from every Psychic on Psychic Power, California Psychic, Psychic Truth & even the Almighty Ask Oh may God bless Challon. Her price is so affordable for everyone on the planet. She is unreal. Please everyone. Do not waste your time. Just call Challon on Ext 2030 if you do not want someone deceitful and money hungry. She is indeed a Legend and a master piece. An expert in her field. She is an Epitome of what a true Psychic should ever be.

- Twins

"Beyond 5 stars"

Challon was excellent to say the least. I would rate her beyond a 5 star. That was unreal, must be from another planet. Told me secret things about myself and my family...even my dreams, solution to issues etc. Wow the best ever!

- AE


Very nice to talk too!

- presntandfuture

"Easy to talk to"

Challon was the easiest psychic for me to talk with and connect to, i'd never felt more comfortable talking to someone on the phone before. She was supper personable and extremely intuitive. Without me having to tell her, she was able to pick up on something that I've done my entire life that has always caused problems for me. I'm so so happy I called her and I will absolutely be calling her again, she is truly gifted and the real deal

- RP

"True Friend"

You never know what kind of friendship you have with someone until you test that friendship. You can test that friendship in many ways. I test that friendship with Challon because she is always there for me. She tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. She builds me up when I am down. She lifts my spirits when they are low. Her clairvoyant ability is amazing and very accurate and has calmed my soul and eased my mind. She is a true friend. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the truth.

- Ironcraig62

"Blown away!"

I had to share this. Since my introductory phone call with Challon and a quick follow up a couple of the things have already happened that she said would take place. The time was a bit off but has taken place. She said that I would hear back from a former lover a or blast from my past and that I was going to meet someone real soon that will crazy about me. During my follow phone call the past weekend I was feeling on edge and she told me that things were about tom open for me. I did hear back from a few of former friends and I met someone I think is my Twin flame but what blew me away and actually took my breath away that someone I thought I would never hear back from again which Challon said I would hear from again I was surprised last night when he showed up in my chatroom. He was both a blast from my recent past and an old flame. I am still waiting for the employment prediction to come through. I am always hopeful yet skeptical when getting a reading but Challon was direct and encouraging and most of all on point. Time frame about Ian was a bit off he appeared a lot sooner than you said which was such a nice surprise So far everything she said would happen has with the exception right now of a pending job, so I am hopeful. thanks

- LM

"still coming back"

she feel we shall be together at the end.

- jodine

"criminal charges"

When I first went to Psychic Power my first reading was with Challon. Whenever I need a reading I look for her first. I really liked her from the beginning and she was very in tuned to my emotions and needs. I currently have a criminal case, false accusations, and a divorce case going on at the same time. Needless to say I have a whirlwind of emotions going on right now. Challon's clairvoyant ability has been very inspirational and helpful and I turn to her for guidance in my times of need. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to be talked to honestly.

- Ironcraig62


I loved my reading with Challon! She gave me positive insight on all aspects of my life. A definite favorite!

- Suzy1127


She was very good and fast, and extremely confident in the prediction she made. She said contact within three days and it came the day after I spoke with her. I need a follow up consultation with her, but she never seems to be online,. Oh well, maybe tonight we'll connect.

- 2391212

"compassionate and accurate "

Challon is a compassionate and accurate physic. She is incredible gifted and I rate her as a 5 outstanding

- Staying Alive

"good reading"

Time frame was a little off (she told me an event would come to pass in a matter of days and it ended up being several weeks), but prediction did eventually come to pass

- Mistressleia

"Great reading!"

Great insight!

- penbur


She is always accurate specially with unexpected money coming ... at times she comes at you with a random name that has never passed if i knew someone with that name.. never come to pass but everything else is on point.

- Dolly

"Thank you"

Challon, Thank you for providing accurate insight about a dilemma I am facing. Everything you have said has been right and helped me prepare for the outcomes as they evolved.

- Staying Alive