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Challon has always done psychic readings for friends, acquaintances and family over the years without monetary gains. Her reward was knowing she had helped those in need to gain the insight and knowledge they sought.

Challon is precognitive, clairvoyant, psychic and medium. She uses the tarot as one of her aids as her grandmother did many years before her. Her gifts have been passed to her from her grandmother and she is proud to honor her by walking closely in her footsteps.

Psychic Pet Readings, and Pet Healings for sick animals as well. 

In Challon's own words: I care deeply about people and their problems, I only wish to help and feel so sad when clients are sad, I hope to help anyone that needs help because I care with much compassion for everyone.

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5/25/2019 5:02:01 PM UTC
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Praise for Challon

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Challon's happy clients have to say.

"on the money"

I asked Challon about a fair housing issue. She picked up Paul's name and she said initially was not going to do anything. And she was right. He closed my case. She was so right about him.

- indira

"Blown Away!!!"

Wowowww I cannot say enough about the reading I had with Challon! I didn't tell her a thing and she just knew exactly why I was calling. I tend to always give a little background but she was so fast and accurate she left me speechless!!! I will be calling you back soon!! Thank you!

- spiritangel

"Predictions came true and Accuracy on point twice!!"

Challon is incredible! She was spot of with her time predictions. She said my ex would come back wanting the relationship in 2 wks and he did! She also predicted the time of his response to a message I sent! Her readings for me so far have been accurate and came true! Thank you Challon!

- Ariesbaby

"Predictions came true!"

I like challion! She listened and gave me opinions and her psychic ability. Which came true! Thank you!

- presntandfuture

"ONLY Advisor to see what the &$@? Was going on!!!"

Challon, just out of the blue, said what was going on behind the scenes and I didn't have a clue enough to even ask a question regarding the event. Sure enough, the situation unfolded, AND Challon WAS RIGHT! I called other advisors and none saw it in advance, not until I asked and even most didn't see it then. Only CHALLON WAS CORRECT!!! Call this one, girls, she KNOWS!

- Romanaire

"Great reading but was hoping for more feedback "

She is great, fast and to the point. However, it was a straight, yes you will. I see potential, you will grow. I wanted more details, more full sentences. If she can provide more details, she would be freaking awesome.

- Queen B


She told me my ex would get in contact with me again and I wasn't so sure about that, he blocked me in every way, I thought he hated me. She toldme I would know it was him by weird random numbers calling, I wasn't so sure about that either. While there were no weird random calls from different number, what did happen is he created several fake accounts on a dating site and was doing it that way. So she was exactly right, just wrong about the method of communication. She also said he lied about meeting someone new and had a random girl to answer his phone to make me believe that. I was pretty sure that I was being delusional and that he actually did have a new girl. But turns out there is no other girl and she was right, it was just a girl at a party he had answer his phone that he's not dating.

- Roanoke

"Great Reading"

Challon is so down to earth I love to read with her, she is spot on with her quick responses to my questions and has a great personality

- Beth

"She suprises with her advice"

So i am career driven married woman... and things have been rough with my husband... she adviced me to stick with this man because he is a good guy and he loves me a lot... and to be patient... she says its going to be a long time and slow but he will be better... in my head then i deserve much better.. if i have to keep waiting on him not lash out on me just because he is under stress.. She keeps telling me to stick with him... and at times when i call her when i dont know how to calm she calms me down... and tells me to relax and it does get better She is a good psychic and an advisor

- Dolly

"Very Accurate "

Loved her reading! She picked up on everything extremely accurate!! Can't wait for predictions ;)

- VanessaV

"A GREAT Psychic!!!!"

Challon (extension 2030) is right on the money and has been exactly right in everything that I have asked about. She was able to detail every thing that I needed to deal with a difficult work situation. She is kind, considerate, friendly, positive, and supportive. She is also very intelligent. I highly recommend her, she will give you the answers that you need! Signed, Rebecca

- Rebecca358

"spot on"

Challon...3am my time is when he will arrive, your accuracy is amazing. Thank you!!

- mtnditti

"Another Great Reading!"

Challon is so accurate - time and time again. Have been calling her for over a year and she always amazes me. Thank you Challon! You are so gifted!

- A.

"So Grateful..."

I am always so grateful to speak with Challon. She is super accurate, and brings a bit of humor to every situation. Thank you Challon!

- Venus in Libra

"Down to earth, the real deal"

Challon is down to earth and truly has incredible gifts from Spirit. She has helped me see was is true and has helped me realize the true blessing I have in my life. Six months ago gave me a scenario that would play out..complete with names..she was spot on....thank you!!!!!

- mtnditti


she still see us going to be together soon

- jodine


she told me no matter what she still see me and him gonna be together

- jodine

"Intense & Gifted Psychic."

Challon is intense and too accurate. She is very specific to situations (good & bad). I do not know how she does it. What Challon said during the reading was said by the individual I asked about the following day. I notice she is one of the few that is constantly busy. Reading to the point you have to wait on line. Amazing woman.

- Carefree1

"In Tune"

She is very compassionate. Seems to be in tune. Never asked me any birthdays or anything like that..

- helpsad1

"Well Connected!"

Challon is well connected to the other side. She is great at predicting events, and is super with giving specific information - like names and timing of things to come. Truly a favorite! She has the patience of a saint and genuinely cares about people. Love her!

- Venus in Libra


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