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Iris has a talent for providing insight, clarity and direction at every step.  She is known for being exceptionally kind, compassionate, and very accurate. Dedicated to her clients, she provides clear, usable, information and delivers it with respect and understanding.  Her ultimate goal is to help others find greater peace of mind and personal success.  


Iris has been psychic her entire life and has been practicing as a professional advisor for over 20 years.  Psychic ability runs in Iris’ family, so it was no surprise that she inherited the gift of clairvoyance.  She first knew she was psychic as a young girl when her dreams began coming true.   

Over the years Iris has had many spiritual teachers and mentors in metaphysics, astrology, numerology, world religion and meditation.  She has taught workshops on psychic phenomenon,  dream interpretation and understanding the signs and messages that are shown to us by spirit.  No matter what unexpected challenges life brings us, the Divine remains the content, unchangeable dependable force that guides us through it all.  


In her consultations, Iris relies mostly on her psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and clairaudience.  She also uses tarot cards, as well as life coaching and personal empowerment tools.  The scope of her readings is broad, covering love, relationships, friendships, and workplace dynamics.  
She is also known to cover issues related to everyday stress, dating, marriage, divorce, finance, career, personal development spirituality, goal setting, listening skills and use of intuition.  She demonstrates compassion beyond belief, yet manages to infuse her sense of humor when the time is right. 


Iris says her true satisfaction is helping people find their answers to life’s challenges and mysteries.  
Of course, what is ultimately most important is one’s relationship with oneself. When you call her, you deserve the truth, clarity and authentic psychic insight.  

Praise for Iris

Her greatest reward has been knowing that she has helped many find peace of mind, confidence in their relationship, and trust in themselves.  The greatest compliment she has received professionally is being told that she has a made a difference in someone’s life. 

Favorite Quote

 “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  - Aesop


9/28/2023 1:10:29 AM UTC
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Praise for Iris

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Iris's happy clients have to say.


This was my first call, and she really made feel at ease. A wonderful reading!

- indira

"Great reader"

She really put my mind at ease!

- indira


Iris was right to it and provided me with a good idea of how things sit with the situation I am in. She got right on point and provided some wonderful insight.

- jmac32here

"Thank you!"

Thank you Iris!

- Twinkly56

"Great reading!"

Iris is very accurate, kind and offers great strategy. She stays consistent with her predictions and has proven to be very reliable. A truly gifted gem!

- Sol

"For Iris' Psychic Ability"

This is a rating for Iris' psychic ability... By the way, her horoscope interpretations were also top class in mt opinion - WAY BETTER than some who advertise them!!

- Dreamer


She was so nice to acknowledge my praying for a lady that turned the situation to a clearer outcome.

- A


As long as she doesn't mix in her "common sense" or imagination which do not agree with my situation, Iris is very accurate.

- Moon and Mercury in GE


I think Iris is a good humanist. Iris tries to be open to other people's customs and values. If you have a special case, and are afraid of advisers judging you, Iris is one that you can call.

- *libra*rising

"Good reading"

good reading see what happen

- stefanie

"Good reading"

Haven't read with Iris since last summer but she remembered my situation and gave me good insight for the future, will see if predictions come to pass. Said she sees an engagement this year and it could either be in February or November.

- Mistressleia

"Always sweet"

Still waiting to see if things come to pass. Time frames keep changing but i hope i will get to see this. she does say the most difficult part is the time frame. She is consistent on the end result though

- Yadayada0007

"top psychic"

she told me we not over yet shes been reading me for a while now

- jodine


I'm trying to compensate for my past 4 star rating. (We need a finer scale!)

- *libra*rising

"Thank you"


- LovelyCj


she didnt think we over yet shes been reading me for 4 years and always been accurate on what she saw for me .

- jodine


Helpful and compassionate -and seemed to be the real deal : )

- soulsound

"Great reading"

I doubted but she was right on the money. I took the job and am very happy.

- Tlady55

"WWWwow ! 7/17/14"

this was super.. every psychic I talked to on this line said the same keyword, jealousy, when I asked what was the problem behind my guy's male ex-friend (but not lover!) ..most psychics said this other guy wanted me. but I didn't get why he had to be so cruel if he liked me? my regular counselor said the point was really that this male-ex-.. was jealous of ME, my life.. and last night 1100 supplied a missing piece (word of explanation) -- Girls Shouldn't Be So Successful, they shouldn't outdo us men! ..was her reading this crook's mind! i had to burst out in laughter.. but finally, i'm all done with this problematic guy. that was really something, 1100 really got to the center and verbalized it pellucidly.

- vaganova


So reliable, patient and very accurate. A pleasure to speak with and always provides excellent insight. Wonderful!

- Cali Gal


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