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About Judy

Judy is a dynamic person who loves people, and this comes through to anyone who has the pleasure of talking with her.  She relates well with all types of people, and helps them delve into all sorts of issues.


There is no issue too big or too small for Judy.  If it’s important to her client, it’s important to her.  It is this knack for patience, understanding and attentive listening that has landed her a dedicated clientele who return to her for advice again and again.  Judy is able to tap into the sound of her client's voice, the vibration of their energy and connects to the essence of who they are.  With this, she is able to provide a resoundingly accurate reading, and provide a guide for the future ahead.

Her Gifts  

Judy has been psychic since she was three years old.  She recalls having an out-of-body experience after falling out of a moving car and  injuring her head.  Although she was unconscious, she was keenly aware of the paramedics helping her,  and the ambulance ride to the hospital.
During her surgery, she recalls floating around the perimeter of the room, watching the doctors perform surgery and comforting her distressed mother who feared that Judy was going to die.
Ever since that time, Judy has been able to see and feel things that others do not.  However, she did not share many of her experiences out of fear of being ostracized by others or labeled as crazy.  With that experience also came an intense sense of nurturing and compassion, and these gifts she is able to share with others.  


Judy has been practicing professionally for over 25 years.  She relies mostly on her psychic abilities, though she will also use tarot or astrology if requested.  Her vision is clear, and she considers her extraordinary gift of sight a blessing that allows her to help others.  

Though people’s problems may vary, Judy focuses on helping others to release their hidden feelings, recognize their strengths, make conscious decisions and ultimately achieve their goals.


Any and all areas of life can be covered in a reading with Judy. Though, she thrives when it comes to life issues relating to love, relationships, marriage and family.  She considers this to be her area of expertise, and the one closest to her heart. She is truly here to help, and believes that timing is everything.  

A Personal Account

Judy's most rewarding experience is when she guided a couple who was in love, and very much wanted to be together but had many obstacles in their way, along a path of togetherness.  It took some time to navigate the waters, but when Judy received an invitation to their wedding, she knew she had made a meaningful difference in their lives.


Having practiced many healing modalities, Judy is able to offer a varied approach.  She is a massage therapist, which helps her understand how to put the body and mind at rest during a reading. She is also a Reiki Master, allowing her to send long distance healing energy to a client, with their consent.

Judy has practiced the ancient art of Feng Shui, which allows her to teach her clients to balance the energies of their environment for prosperity.  Overall, she will calm your fears and open your heart to a new beginning.

Praise for Judy

Judy is dedicated to helping others, and there is nothing that gives her greater joy.  (Though she does like to cultivate a garden!) And receiving nice feedback makes her feel great about the service she provides. A client referred to Judy as her "guardian angel”when Judy walked the client through some rough spots in her relationship and projected light at the end of the tunnel.

In Closing

Knowing that she is of service to others affirms that Judy herself is on the right path.  There is no greater work for her than knowing she impacted someone’s life in a meaningful way. It is this great spirit which comes through her guidance and the gifts from her soul. 


9/27/2023 11:52:12 PM UTC
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Praise for Judy

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Judy's happy clients have to say.


she was great she reinforced things that i had been thinking. she also gave me additional information regarding the future. i would definately call on her again and recommend her . vwery intuitive..

- grammie


Judy was just wonderful!! I loved her and the reading!!! She did validate a lot of things concerning my situation. Once again I know my patience is the key!! She knew things that blew me away. All I know is I am waiting to see what happens after this week.... I am so hoping things start moving along and I see the closeness happening.... She was so heart felt and knew what I have been going through, and it will all be worth it in the end. You will not be disappointed she is the Best!!!!

- alwaysej


- Promised


I was very impressed by her readings.

- lcj4681


She hit everything on the dot. She gave me hope to stay strong and things will work out. I am hoping things will happen like she said it would. She new everything about this guy without meeting or knowing him.

- LocalTita808


I tried adding more time but had an emergency with my neighbor, you have been there for all my highs and lows of this rocky romance. Hoping that the paths ahead will be a happy ending as you have predicted. Love you with my whole heart. Zoro's girl 11/01/10



Great! Very helpful. Insightful, warm and thoughtful.

- Andy

"She is the real deal "

Judy was very insightful, I didn't have to tell her anything . . she knew so much about the man I was calling about, and saw other things and people in my life too - she gave names and other info no one would know.

- josiegrace

"Thank you"

She was dead on. Wow very impressed.

- milena

"Like a sister"

Judy as been like a sister to me since day one,our connection will always be as one.I really did appreciacte your shoulder today

- JW


- lilmama


I was pleased with her reading... she was so on point. I didn't have to ask her anything, she already knew what I was calling before I said anything.

- alexdavis


- light8

"Great bedside manner"

I have been reading with Judy for the past 4 years,she is very precious to me.Her tone and character is always a welcome to make me understand

- Joyce

"Great Job!"

I enjoyed my reading. Thank you!



- stacey629


- nyckat


- Barbara6479

"spoke with you and have felt instant comfort"

Hello Judy; I just spoke with you and have felt instant comfort. My soirit agree with you, and I am quite secure with my finding from you. If any other concerns arises, I will surly find you. Thanks a million...

- Julius

"Judy is my guardian angel"

Judy is my guardian angel,she has walked me through rough spots in my relationship and projects light at the end of this tunnel.Love You Zoro's Girl

- ZG


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