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From an early age, Kathy began experiencing prophetic dreams and intuitive and empathic impressions.  Over the years, she acquired many colorful life experiences and ventured down a variety of career paths.  However, she finally decided it was time to begin to use her intuitive abilities to connect with and guide others.  As a result, she has been on this path of helping others professionally for the last 25 years.


Having studied the tarot, numerology, and runes extensively, Kathy has found them to be excellent divination tools.   They help to bring definition and clarity to both the questions and the truth residing inside all.

She believes a "psychic reading" is actually an exchange of spiritual energy between the reader and the client.  Together, they access the wisdom already within the client's possession.  This enables the client to bring his or her own unique gifts to process, bringing forth realization of their dreams, and to navigating their own spiritual journey.


Being highly empathic toward our animal friends, Kathy will also do readings on your pets.
She is looking forward to taking that exploration with you punctuated with laughter and imagination. `


8/10/2022 2:33:45 AM UTC
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Praise for Kathy

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Kathy's happy clients have to say.


Catching up again on my feedback. Kathy tapped right into my situation. She said he would contact me and he did. I also like Kathy because her advice and insights helps to calm my insides when they are jumping up and down. She truly has been a lifeline for me during this journey. If you are looking for insights into your situation, Kathy is definitely the adviser you want to chat with.

- all4hope


It is uncanny how accurately Kathy can tap into my guy's thoughts and provide me insights as to how he is viewing things. I appreciate her friendly and professional readings. :-)

- all4hope

"She was right!"

Kathy said he would apologize and want to take me dinner. And, she was bang on right! Thanks!

- all4hope

"Awsome reading"

Thanks for another awesome reading.

- all4hope

"4-Diamond reading"

Kathy said he would show more of his feelings and he did. His typically very stoic but he definitely revealed more of his feelings. I must admit I didn't believe it when she said he would but he did. WOW!

- all4hope

"Thank you!"

Thank you /Kathy for the informative reading. You have a way of seeing things in a different light and provide great information. I truly appreciate your predictions!

- Laken


thank u great reading

- littlemom


I re-read my last review. It did not come out the way I intended so I take this opportunity to correct it. What I should have said is that our issue for the past three months have been of trials on OUR part, not Kathys. Kathy has provided us great guidance. Perhaps if we do as she suggests, our progress would move faster but we are don't. I guess were too prideful. Not good on our part. I have read with Kathy for the past five or six years. She knows my history. She has never led me wrong. She is so patient and caring with my and my crazy situations. I also love her sense of humor. Thank you Kathy!

- h2o

"My Vision of Hope"

Finally getting a chance to catch up on my reviews. Kathy has an uncanny ability to connect with my guy's thought. Anytime I'm stumped about where things are heading...Kathy is my go to psychic and what she says proves to be true. He contacted me again just like she said he would.

- all4hope

"Waited to See What Would Happen"

I waited to do this review to see how things would unfold. When I called Kathy, he said he was cutting me out of his life and I wanted to gain insights as to where I stood with him. Kathy told me he was kicking himself for saying that to me and that I would hear from him in about a week. She was right! I called her on the 4/13 and he contacted me on 4/28! Kathy thank you for helping to maintain hope.

- all4hope

"Still waiting"

The timing has not worked for almost three months so I can't tell if the rest of what she says has truth without a contact. Done the hints but nothing. But, I still trust her whole heartedly.

- h2o


As always Kathy is great at tapping into the feelings and motives of others, unfortunately her timing seems to be off sometimes. This isn't an exact science but he said I would hear from him on Friday and would see him the following Tuesday or Wednesday, neither one came to pass but she's still awesome and accurate when it comes to other people's feelings

- Mistressleia

"Accurate and detailed!"

Kathy is a reliable source for a solid reading. She is accurate, very detailed and consistent with her readings. I have been calling her for over two years and she has been a great source of insight throughout. Thank you Kathy!

- A.

"WOW! Speechless!"

As much as Kathy is right, I should believe her by now. But she was on point yet again. She said he would contact before Friday and he did. Wow! Kathy is one of the best on this site.

- all4hope

"Consistent and accurate "

The last 3 times I've spoken with Kathy she has said something important, possibly a trip would happen around Easter so I can't wait to see what will happen. Her last prediction happened just as she said

- Mistressleia

"I'm hopeful"

Kathy's reading was pretty much in line with previous readings I've had, which made me very happy!! Now just waiting til mid to late spring to see what happens!!!

- patientlywaiting

"amazing accuracy"

Excellent as always - amazing accuracy, prediction happens and cares for her client. Thank you.

- Jkt


Told me we would finally be able to get together within 2-4 weeks and I saw him 3 weeks after our call

- Mistressleia


Kathy is great. My friend called her n gave her accurate and strong insight on her guy. N has given good insight on my ex. Im praying that her predictions come true.

- loopy87


My second favorite!

- techgirl


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