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Krystal is one of the most successful and gifted psychics. She has been reading professionally for over 17 years and over the years has acquired various degrees and certifications in the area of Metaphysics. She has used this experience and knowledge to guide many including business professionals to achieve their goal.

Love, relationships, family, divorce, finances, career, lost objects or persons and pets are among the areas that she can help you. She will use the tarot to zero in on your questions and will use astrology for relationship compatibility for an overall amazing accuracy which she has been told over and over again is among the best. You will find her to be very clear, direct and honest. She is your calm during the storm. She is the friend you’ve been looking for and she is waiting for your call.


5/26/2019 5:20:25 AM UTC
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Praise for Krystal K.

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Krystal was completely amazing!

- veronica2010


krystal is always right on the money. thank u!!!

- lucky81

"Thank You"

Great, trusted advisor and friend.

- Anonymous

"good advice"

Thanks for all your good advice.I will stay strong and take all your advice.u are truly gifted and u have a big heart with it.

- dee

"you r a friend"

Thanks for talking to me like a real friend and never putting me down r making me feel stupid cause i call u about the same problems.a lot of your readings have came to pass.just keep praying for me Dee

- dee

"stay sweet"

You are so sweet,no matter how much i call about the same problems u never get mad at me.u always keep it real and tell me what u c.thanks

- dee


thanks for being so sweet and kind.u give good advice and is always on point every reading.

- dee





I ended hanging up feeling calmer and more confident with what was going on in my life. Thank you

- Betsy


krystal ur great! i hope ur predictions come 2 pass. we have alot in common. thanx 4 listening. ill keep u updated:)

- kandykane


- Me


- Me

"Still waiting"

Krystal is nice to chat with, like a good friend. She may have described the person in question's motivations and character accurately -- but then again maybe not. Still no definitive evidence. Unfortunately, after 4 months past due, her prediction about my romantic interest and me still has not come true. Maybe it is just a timeframe problem. Psychics tell me that's where it's hard to pinpoint. But at some point, customers do call for a certain event to occurr or not occurr within a certain period of time so I'm wondering why psychics give tight timeframes. Her prediction about my career last July was completely off-base, as well was the one in October. There is still her January career prediction TBD.

- anon


- 24zp16


words cant explain how my angel make me feel all the time when i call her to talk about me and my kids father, shes accurate honest and super good she wont sugar coat u or tell u wat u want to hear she will tell u only wat she saw , shes been so good to me when i need someone i can call her anything shes like a mother to me now and a best friend she always make me feel better at the end of our call about things will happen for me and my kids father shes not the only one that told me that . if you havent speak with her people its a must u will not regret talking to her not once i feel that i was unhappy , shes good things sometimes happen when god want it to happen but as far as for her shes super honest about giving u a reading. u rock girl keep praying for me i wish all ur dream and happiness come true also.

- my angel

"My feedback"

She told me an exciting prediction :) and she's very nice and understanding!

- sshouse18

"what more can I say"

Krystal is a real friend. Always listening to my concerns and issues. Still waiting for things to happen. I wish we could pin down time frames better. And still wonder if it will really happen

- ali


- Puchungo


- Puchungo


- Puchungo


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