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Lakota has been a psychic and healer in previous lifetimes, and aware of her psychic abilities since she was a child, this lifetime. She has also been a counselor, advisor, life coach since a young girl. Even adults would sit down and tell her their problems. As a young adult, she got into Social Services, and advanced through the ranks to become Executive Director of county wide agencies in two different states. She began her search for information and understanding of the psychic realm in the 70’s; but it really accelerated in the 80’s. Now she combines the best of both worlds to present to you her natural abilities, life experience, knowledge, and many different types of training, by being a Spiritual Advisor.

What can you expect from Lakota?

Honesty and straight-forward information. Sorry… but she does not sugar-coat. She tries to be clear and direct, so you do not misunderstand the information that is coming through her. Lakota believes we all tend to hear what we want to hear, and believe what we want to believe, so she tries to present the information that really needs to come through, in a way that cannot be interpreted as something different than what she is receiving. She believes her job is to provide information to you, to help you make wise choices and decisions in your life. You already know what you know. Her job is to tell you what you DON’T know, but may need to know.

What is Lakota’s reading style?

Lakota gathers information by using the four ways of being pure psychic: Clairsentient; Clairvoyant; Clairaudient; and Clair-knowing ---- to coin a new phrase. But, she really does like to have the birth-date of anyone discussed, because she uses it like a handle on a coffee cup, to grab hold of them with.

She does not use tools. Lakota says, “My husband locks his tool-chest for safety reasons!! No --- seriously: I do not read cards; I do not know astrology, I work as a pure psychic, strictly working through energy”.

Instead of looking up a chart like an astrologer does, or doing a lay-out of cards as a tarot reader would do, Lakota takes about two minutes at the beginning of the reading to set up the energy so she can work through that energy to tune into the specific person or issue you are calling about. She will have you take two deep breaths and visualize your target, which helps her to “zoom” into that energy. Then she has to find you and that person and/or situation, specifically, out of the six and a half billion people on the planet. It seems the harder way to gather psychic information but she has to use the wonderful gifts in the way they were given to her.

A Friend

Lakota has made many, many friends all over the country in the twelve years she has been working on the psychic telephone line. Some of them are still customers. Sometimes she will go for five years without hearing from a regular customer. But when another issue comes up in their life that they need insight on, they call her because they remember that she was both accurate and honest. She looks forward to becoming friends with you, as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Lakota is available for readings Sunday to Friday and every other Saturday.


2/26/2024 4:44:10 AM UTC
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Praise for Lakota

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lakota's happy clients have to say.


great connection

- stefanie


Not sure I'm as fond of her approach, more advice than I would like, since I was calling to get time frames on predictions. Probably wouldn't call back

- Mistressleia


She did a really fast read of one question

- penbur


she was ok...

- 2much4u


Nice work

- Nic8181

"A little too drawn out"

Took a while to answer my questions, what she said was true thiugh

- Mistressleia

"Great reading but a little drawn out"

Have had great readings with her but she seems to start off with the same spiel each time. Very informative though and in depth when describing people's character

- Mistressleia


She could not answer anything I asked her. She was very polite but knew absolutely nothing about what I asked her. Instead, she began answering my questions with questions. I must say that was quite annoying. I have never been so confused with a reading.

- ashada


Good reading

- centralink

"Great Reading!"

Lakota is detailed, accurate, and the best! Thank you!

- Crystalhoney3


Lakota was excellent, to the point and very accurate! I will definitely be back again! Thank you!

- Crystalhoney3


She is a true psychic and will give it to you straight.

- julesnjazzy

"The Bomb:)"

She is the bomb:) She tells it like it is. If you want the truth and nothing but the truth this is the woman you need to speak with:)

- julesnjazzy


Accurate, pleasant reading.

- tubby2707


Waste too much Time . Ask too many question .Nothing came out

- amaris30



- centralink



- centralink



- centralink


Beyond 5 stars!

- A. Non


Excellent! I always get the truth - sometimes it's not what I want to hear but it's insight I usually need to hear.

- A. Non


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