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The path we follow through life is often shrouded in mystery, which many times is part of the fun. There are those times when the path before us comes to a fork and it is necessary to peek beyond the veil and seek advice from the universe. Through dedication, study and the divine hand of spirit, Lillian Price is able to use the tarot cards to help her clients understand the options that lay ahead of them. Armed with this information her clients can make an informed decision on the direction their lives need to take.

Throughout Lillian’s entire life she has always felt the need to be a healer. Spirit has gifted her with the ability to read the tarot and led her to become a healer of life. She feels that it is her destiny to help those in need and has spent many years working with people on their lives for the better.

With care and love she will help you to understand the hurdles that we all face in our lives. She believes in taking a positive look into things. Many times her clients find themselves laughing as they delve into their lives, telling her that their reading was the best part of their day.

Lillian appreciates that you’ve taken this time to read her bio. She expresses her many thanks and blessings to you and wants you to always remember that she is here when you need her



12/1/2021 7:24:30 PM UTC
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Praise for Lillian Price

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lillian Price's happy clients have to say.

"Real Deal"

I love Lillian. She is the real deal! She has already been right on the money with several predicaments that came to pass. I have read with many psychics and she is THE most accurate. Thanks for all you help Lillian.

- Bella5


Thank U

- mastermind1

"Connects well with my guy"

Lillian certainly connects well with my guy! I guess she connects with him through me, as I never mention any of his data.. aside that we live in the same city and state..

- *libra*rising

"very nice"

Highly recommend her

- tina3703


Very gifted psychic

- tina3703


Nope try again

- Puff

"Thank you"

Lillian, you're really good with feelings! My guy told me exactly what you said he feels about my situation.

- *libra*rising

"Very nice person"

Amazing reading ! Accurate and concise!

- carole

"lillian rocks"

I didnt talk to her that long but she was able to give me detailed information that only I know was true!!

- shokdnamazd

"Great reading in 5 minutes!"

Like Sol said, Lillian can give you a reading in a few minutes. I got a great, deep reading in just five minutes! Thanks!!

- *libra*rising

"Wow, wow...!"

I thought I was reading him well, and pretty much all the folks around him, but Lillian pointed out surprising things which I wasn't aware of! As if Lillian were personally in touch with all of them! I suggest you say clearly all the names of the people you want read; that way the results come out stronger and even more solid.

- *libra*rising

"Super nice"

Always nice, kind and compassionate.

- Sol

"Very accurate"

Quick and to the point.

- Sol

"Always wonderful!"

Great reading!

- Sol

"Always Great!"

I have had many readings with Lillian and she is always great. She is able to pick up on my situation quickly and always reads with accuracy. Very clear with her impressions and rarely asks any questions. Highly recommend her! And she is someone who is great if you only have a few minutes and need a quick answer.

- Sol


Extremely nice. Thanks for the reading.

- CityGirlLuv

"Clairvoyant! (Why not write it in your bio?)"

With me, Lillian normally uses clairvoyance instead of cards, which makes it faster and more accurate. She's been telling me to stay focused on my relationship, and to ignore the negative people around... That they'll also come to see this relationship as something good. I have a feeling that I will grow and not mind what people think. By the time things come out in the open... Very good at picking up the main theme, the top melody and the base note; truly talented in reading relationships!

- *libra*rising

"Highly recommend her"

Awesome and doesn't waste time. She was right! I will call her again :)

- lilswtmiss17

"I felt so warm after talking with Lillian...! "

She not only is warm and positive, but picks up on subtle feelings of people in a relationship. If you already know that you have the right partner, I highly recommend her. You can get insight and good advice to nurture the relationship.

- I-delle


We had a good connection! Got a thorough reading on each friend, and about me and my man :) Lillian is good for all personal relationships!!

- *libra*rising


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