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Madison has been a psychic counselor, helping her clients and their families for over 25 years. Spirit Guides and Angels assist her in providing accurate, concise, authentic and caring psychic readings.

Madison is Clairvoyant. Her amazing clairvoyant abilities allow her to help clients take charge of their lives and shape their future. She has used this gift to assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and locating missing persons.

Madison is your Animal Psychic. Living on a farm her entire life gives her special insight as an animal psychic. She can help all kinds of animals, especially horses, cats and dogs.

Madison is a Medium. She provides comfort and closure for many clients that need to speak to loved ones, including pets that have passed to the other side.

Madison is a Life Coach and Relationship Counselor. She provides answers to your life questions, whether it’s love, money career or relationships. Her strong suit is relationship issues with a special emphasis on guidance related to marital affairs, infidelity and communication.

Madison is a down to earth psychic with a supernatural flair and always respectful of her clients’ feelings and issues.


10/17/2019 12:43:10 PM UTC
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Praise for Madison

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"OMG!!! "

What a powerful reading! I think she’s on to something. She says I will hear from him very soon. She said by next week, but I know timelines can be tricky. She said he wants to be with me, is trying to tie up loose ends, and it is only a matter of time. Stay patient, and we will be together for long term.

- Googie


loved my reading! :)

- xoNewEnglandGirlxo


First time reading with Madison, she described the POI like no other. She gave me so much clarity. Fingers crossed that predictions come to pass. I will be calling again for sure!

- Dreamer40

"I am truly grateful for you!"

Hi Madison! I am truly grateful for you! I will definitely be calling you back when I can, I apologize I wish I was able to say this on the phone but I wanted to get the opportunity to thank you so much for listening to me and giving me amazing guidance! I truly appreciate every information you gave me and I am happy I made this call. You are a true blessing! We’ll talk soon! God Bless! ??

- Krissie

"Very detailed predictions and timelines"

This women is amazing. She is accurate, in depth, provides time lines, and actual predictions. As well, she’s super nice and easy to talk to. She knew the answer to everything I asked. When I’d ask a question she’d answer, but with more details to add. She can describe the people you’re talking about physically too. If you don’t call her then you’re wasting your time with others. She is worth $4 a minute. I’m a poor college student and will pay her per minute price anyday. She gives you a money worths reading. She doesn’t leave you confused. I’ll never see anybody besides her.

- Hannah

"Unbelievably Accurate!"

She has outdone herself, again! All the details, the time line, all the people involved - on the money correct! I can't say enough about her talent, I am extremely pleased with what she has to say.

- P.G.


Wow she was gooooood. She pointed out things about my personality (regarding dating men) that no one knows. NO ONE. I was amazed. She also said some very accurate details about my current situation. She gave some predictions, once I se le then come to fruition I will update. However, Madison impressed me with current situations so much that even if future predictions don’t come true I know I can rely on her for current stuff. Thank you Madison you’re awesome.

- Brwneyes507

"Absolutely Great!"

The first time I spoke with Madison it was like striking gold. Her insights were uncanny, right from the start. She has always been precise and accurate in her readings, and has shown a true talent for prediction. Last year during a reading she just mentioned that Chuck Berry was going to die, and told me the date and, sadly, she was right. She also predicted the landfall of two hurricanes last year and was correct in predicting the damage that would result. I don't know what she has, but she is plugged in to something powerful. She is a kind and caring person and I will always turn to her for advice. P.G.

- P.G.

"Good insight"

6/15: predicted contact by end of this week or next and as of 6/30, none. Did see reconciliation for us and saw another woman but they will not remain together. He will contact again during that time. Saw that he didn't try to fix things with me; he just moved forward with her. Overall I think her insight was good; a bit slow and I had to ask her a few times to elaborate and timing for contact was off. Saw marriage energy for us. I'm still hopeful.

- missh


Love my reading! I will be calling back! Time frame very close too!

- Suzy1127

"So happy I called!"

I spoke with Madison many years ago and enjoyed talking with her. After reading the many great reviews here, I decided to give her another call and I'm so happy I did. She provided lots of information and was a great source of support. So happy to reconnect with her!

- Mariposa


great reading I will call back

- stefanie



- mogee

"Good reading"

Not all that I wanted to hear but accurate

- penbur

"Proved to be Correct Again"

I'm leaving feedback for a reading that I had with Madison on 04/24/2015. Her predictions proved accurate. I just called her today, 12/12/2015, and will be leaving additional feedback pending the outcome, which Madison predicted would to pass within the next month or so. I'll say it again: if anyone has any doubts about her abilities, all I can say is give her a call and see for yourself. She reads quickly and offers great insight.,I'm a very cynical and skeptical person by nature, however after having had two of her predictions come to fruition over the past year, I'm very optimistic about her latest predictions.

- RBJR87

"The Best!"

Always the best!!!

- Waiting15

"short and to the point"

reading was clear, consise and to the point

- starlight

"good reading"

good reading thanks

- KS

"prediction happen "

She said I was going to ace the interview and I was going to br offeref the job, and it happened. She also picked up on a legal matter and I'm going to be a part of a class action lawsuit. She is definitely a person to get a reading from.

- indira

"Right again "

She was only one of 2 readers who accurately told me why my man became distant. Most readers said he was depressed or had money troubles but she told me it was health related and she was right. She's been reading me for years and hasn't steered me wrong yet

- Mistressleia


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