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Madison has been a psychic counselor, helping her clients and their families for over 25 years. Spirit Guides and Angels assist her in providing accurate, concise, authentic and caring psychic readings.

Madison is Clairvoyant. Her amazing clairvoyant abilities allow her to help clients take charge of their lives and shape their future. She has used this gift to assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and locating missing persons.

Madison is your Animal Psychic. Living on a farm her entire life gives her special insight as an animal psychic. She can help all kinds of animals, especially horses, cats and dogs.

Madison is a Medium. She provides comfort and closure for many clients that need to speak to loved ones, including pets that have passed to the other side.

Madison is a Life Coach and Relationship Counselor. She provides answers to your life questions, whether it’s love, money career or relationships. Her strong suit is relationship issues with a special emphasis on guidance related to marital affairs, infidelity and communication.

Madison is a down to earth psychic with a supernatural flair and always respectful of her clients’ feelings and issues.


5/7/2021 11:12:55 PM UTC
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Praise for Madison

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Madison's happy clients have to say.

"Proved to be Correct Again"

I'm leaving feedback for a reading that I had with Madison on 04/24/2015. Her predictions proved accurate. I just called her today, 12/12/2015, and will be leaving additional feedback pending the outcome, which Madison predicted would to pass within the next month or so. I'll say it again: if anyone has any doubts about her abilities, all I can say is give her a call and see for yourself. She reads quickly and offers great insight.,I'm a very cynical and skeptical person by nature, however after having had two of her predictions come to fruition over the past year, I'm very optimistic about her latest predictions.

- RBJR87

"The Best!"

Always the best!!!

- Waiting15

"short and to the point"

reading was clear, consise and to the point

- starlight

"good reading"

good reading thanks

- KS

"prediction happen "

She said I was going to ace the interview and I was going to br offeref the job, and it happened. She also picked up on a legal matter and I'm going to be a part of a class action lawsuit. She is definitely a person to get a reading from.

- indira

"Right again "

She was only one of 2 readers who accurately told me why my man became distant. Most readers said he was depressed or had money troubles but she told me it was health related and she was right. She's been reading me for years and hasn't steered me wrong yet

- Mistressleia


Not sure how she does it but from a reading on 5/18 I asked her if my man and I would be reconnecting soon and she told me I would hear from him by 5/25 and I actually heard from him the next day!

- Mistressleia

"always good"

Not always what I want to hear, but good

- penbur

"Great reading "

She gave me an amazing reading and some of her predictions did come to pass. Thank you Madison!!

- spiritangel

"Has Proved Accurate so Far"

I'm leaving for feedback today, 04/24/2015, based on a call I made to Madison on 02/10/2015, in which Madison predicted that there would be a communication between my estranged girlfriend and I sometime in May of 2015. Of course, time frames are approximate, but communication resumed between us on April 19th; a full four months without any reciprocal contact whatsoever. If and when the events transpire, as Madison predicted on 04/26/2015, I will leave additional feedback. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on details unique to one's personal situation. For the skeptics out there, all I can say is, give her a call and judge for yourselves.

- RBJR87


She is a great and accurate...

- indira

"Lovely lady"

She always picks up on stuff I have told her.. stuff from my past.. She always has the same amazing messages for me, I always wish I had patience to see them come around. Instead I keep calling Madison and getting the same message. XOXO You are a lovely advisor and I always enjoy speaking with you!



read my friend that was accurate

- jodine

"Amazing clairvoyant "

In the years Madison has read for me we've never talked about physical descriptions of people so it came as a pleasant surprise to me when he described my man (as well as my cat who has gone missing) to me in such detail (hair color, body type, eye color) it was almost as if she was looking at a photograph.

- Mistressleia


I shall see... Keep you guys informed whether her predictions come pass or not. I'm staying hopeful they do.

- Twinkly56

"Just like talking to a friend"

Not sure why I gave 4 stars on a previous reading, must've been a typo because readings with Madison are always like talking to a friend who really tries to help you find a solution to whatever you're going through.

- Mistressleia

"Quick and Accurate"

I love to chat with Madison because she taps into the energy of my situation and assesses it really quickly. She was right when she said things were not over between us and he had not moved on for good. She was also right in her prediction that he was going to come back pretty soon. He did four days later. Thanks!

- all4hope

"Timing was correct "

Reading from 2/5, said I would see my man before Valentine's and she was right!

- Mistressleia

"Hope she's Right"

Called Madison to see if she could help me since my cat has recently ran away. She told me not to worry, that she is close by and will come home soon. Hope she's right :)

- Mistressleia

"Tunes in so well"

Madison is always so quick to tune in, and I love that she doesn't need my date of birth (or my man's) to pick up our energy accurately. Knew he's not a planner and said he's getting close to popping the question and that he will probably want to get married soon after.

- Mistressleia


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