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Seventh Generation CLAIRVOYANT.

Mystic Multiethnic MEDIUM.

Channels guides from the World of Spirit & GREAT SPIRIT.

Reads SPIRIT ENERGY to guide you on your path.

Tribal Elder and Matriarch.

Professional Woman of International Influence.



Marie is a Seventh-Generation Clairvoyant born with a third-eye birthmark and bloodline psychic abilities from seven ethnic groups; Cherokee, Seneca, Jewish, English, Irish, French, Nordic.

She began her first formal counselor role as an elected peer ombudswoman in high school receiving a Service Award and stipend in this capacity. She has incorporated her gifts in every job she has held since then in the fields of education, business, museums, libraries, social work, clinical counseling, etc. She holds a BA, MA, PhD, DD, JD and other advanced degrees in the fields of psychology, cultural studies and spirituality and international business.

Marie is also a co-pastor in ministry with her husband of 30 years who has been physically blind for 10 years and who also possesses bloodline extra-sensory abilities. They started this ministry when he lost his physical sight and they began relying more on ESA to communicate with each other. They teach others to “walk by faith, not by sight,”and offer special services for families who are “touched by blindness.” Marie also directs a memorial fund begun ten years ago at the time of her father’s death that supports intercultural, interracial and intergenerational dialogue through interactive and integrated programming on a local, national and international level.

During her readings Marie uses Spirit Energy as well as stones, runes, tarot, talismans, etc. as prompted by the Spirit for which she has received formal training from many mentors with skills similar to her own.

Most of her clients come to her for relationship and career counseling. She is also a medium who is, from time to time, contacted for her assistance in locating missing persons. Her spirit guides have led her as well with pet readings and dream interpretation during the course of many readings as needed. She is also skilled in helping clients to uncover their own spiritual heritage and purpose.

Marie is always honored to share her gifts with others and recognizes that these gifts must be handled with care to make certain that the truth is told in a responsible manner. She reminds those who come to her for help:

“ I did not choose this gift. It chose me. I am devoted to my clients’ success and only ask that they give the same devoted effort so that our cooperative efforts are fruitful.”

Marie also believes strongly that those who come to her for assistance are led to her by a Higher Power and that their interaction will be in some way mutually enlightening and mutually beneficial. “Our connections and the visitors we meet on the path often surprise both reader and client with joyful and tearful reunion,” she says.

Marie's favorite saying is one she learned from her maternal grandmother who helped many to escape the Holocaust: "Tough times never last. Tough people always do." As a Pangean Mystic she also believes that each one of us must seek our own spiritual path and be true and faithful to what the Universal One calls us to do with our lives.

Much like her parents, grandparents and the many generations that preceded her, Clairvoyant Marie is deeply committed to philanthropy and community service. She cherishes her many friends more than anything else in the world as shown by the memento collections in her tiny apartment full of photos, talismans and gems which represent the bonds of friendship she has fostered with thousands of souls over the 55 years of her journey this time around.


8/16/2018 9:14:06 PM UTC
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Praise for Marie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Marie's happy clients have to say.

"Feeling Restless "

I got on the site hoping I would find Marie so early in the morning and I did. I was bothered by a dream I had the other and how it had to to do with my friend I havent seen in a long time. Marie explained in details what it meant and how it had to do with my friend’s situation. It all made sense and the dream wasn’t meant to harm me. Thank you so much for being there.:) I’ll be talking to you soon

- Curious16

"Give Marie a try!"

You have to give this lady a try. How does she do it, I ask? Purely gifted is my conclusion and will also be yours I am sure.

- Dekner-Ar


still think me and kids father will reconcile

- jodine

"Right on every time!"

I have had three readings with Marie and she’s been accurate every time I’ve called about my friend N. Her predictions have came to pass within two or three weeks after the reading. But I do have to remember that every action I make does affect the future and that changes the prediction she has giving me. Give her a call!

- Curious16

"another great reading"

Marie always tells you what you need to hear and what Spirit needs you to hear, not necessarily want to hear, yet things always unfold as she sees them

- Mistressleia


help me to know who I am

- Gbenou



- jodine


told me its not over

- jodine

"Great insight"

Marie gave me great insight into the issues that I was dealing with. Although it was hard to hear, she told me what I needed to know in a very compassionate way and helped me to see what I needed to do.

- Keek

"should have a higher rating"

Marie is one of the most underrated readers here, she's taps into Spirit so easily and accurately, her messages always resonate with me and she brings such a warm energy to all her readings. Just love her!

- Mistressleia

"absolutely amazed"

I feel truly blessed to have come across Marie and am still always amazed at her ability to answer all my questions, before I've even said anything, normally I just say my name and that's all that's needed. She can connect to those who've crossed over (so clearly) and tells me things she couldn't possibly have known. Every reading with her is truly a gift.

- Mistressleia

"the best"

Marie was the only one who picked up on a situation (I haven't even asked about) but forewarned me back in Oct 2015 of something significant that would happen in April 2016 (even pin pointed the location of the new assignment and details) and sure enough, it unfolded exactly as she said. She still amazes me every time.

- Mistressleia

"still waiting"

told me its not over for me and kids dad

- jodine

"One of the best!"

Marie is kind, caring and very accurate. Just love talking to her! One of the best on here.

- Luna Bella

"Should be in the top 3"

I completely agree with the previous person's feedback that Marie has an amazing ability to tell you exactly what you NEED to know about any situation and not necessarily what you want to know at that precise moment. I have spoken with Marie many times over the last couple years and though she has not always told me good news and definitely not just what I want to hear, what she has told me has always been right and her insight has been priceless.

- AH

"Love her"

One of the best advisors

- Feeling blessed

"Simply amazing"

Marie has an uncanny way of giving me what I need to hear <3

- BeJoyful

"LOVE Marie!"

Marie is a kind, sweet and gentle soul with a way of giving you your messages that are heartfelt and profound <3.

- BeJoyful

"should have a much higher rating"

I have such an amazing connection with Marie, unlike any other on this site. As soon as I've said my name, somehow she knows exactly what I'm calling about and will quickly put my worries to rest. Even if what she tells me seems far fetched at the time, the people involved will always confirm this information later on down the line. She has such an amazing connection to those who have crossed over as well. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for truth and empowerment.

- Mistressleia

"Ms mookey"

She was a good reader in some stuff she told me other advise said the same thing. She is just soft speaking and very kind. I hope the guy she said would contact me soon from my pass do n that I would be expecting next year. But only time would tell. till then I can only wait. I will be calling her aging she very much accurate.

- mook


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