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Marie is a Seventh-Generation Clairvoyant born with a third-eye birthmark and bloodline psychic abilities. She began guiding others at an early age including as an ombudswoman in high school receiving a Peer Service Award in this capacity. She has incorporated her gifts into every job she has held since then in the fields of education, business, museums, libraries, social work, clinical counseling, etc. She holds degrees in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, spirituality and international business. 

Marie uses primarily Spirit Energy to read the hearts of loved ones both here and on The Other Side. She provides clarity on delicate matters where trust has been broken or where insincerity or manipulation are present in both personal and professional relationships. She assists her clients to find their own spiritual guides, heritage and purpose in life.

Marie is always honored to share her gifts with others and recognizes that these gifts must be handled with care to make certain that the truth is told in a responsible manner.She is devoted to your success. 

Marie also believes strongly that those who come to her for assistance are led to her by a Higher Power and that your interaction with her will be in some way mutually beneficial. “Our connections and the visitors we meet on the path often surprise both reader and client with joyful and tearful reunion,” she says. As a businessperson, mother, wife, daughter and in the many other roles she plays she often faces the same or similar complex challenges faced by her clients.Nothing you share with her will surprise her. She is committed to assist you in navigating the same difficulties she often faces with courage and wisdom led by the Great Spirit, angels, ancestors, guides and tools she possesses. 

Marie's favorite proverb is one she learned from her maternal grandmother who helped many to escape the Holocaust using her intuitive insights. “Tough times never last. Tough people always do." As a spiritual life coach, she believes that each one of us must seek our own spiritual path and be true and faithful to what the Universal One calls us to do with our lives to be happy and productive.


5/7/2021 10:18:39 PM UTC
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Praise for Marie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Marie's happy clients have to say.

"5 stars as always "

Another great reading. Marie is exceptional at communicating with spirit and those who have crossed over. Give her a try of you've never spoken with her!

- Mistressleia

"Correct again "

From a reading on 12/8 she said I would get a surprise that weekend and she was right! Marie doesn't usually give a lot of time frames or timing predictions but when she does they're usually spot on

- Mistressleia

"my soul mom"

each time i called she happy to hear from me she say we not over yet a lot its gonna happen for me and my kids father im gonna seat back and wait

- jodine

"Always amazed"

From a reading in Sept she told me my man was going through a funk because one of his close friends had been diagnosed with cancer. Here on 12/12 it came to pass and he told me it was true.

- Mistressleia

"Excellent as always"

Excellent as always - amazing accuracy, give advices and cares for her client. Thank you.

- Jkt


Excellent. Thank you.

- Jkt

"Wonderful as always"

Marie has a wise and wonderful nature about her and an extremely strong connection to spirit. Am never disappointed.

- Mistressleia

"Should be one of the top advisors "

I am always honored and blessed after I speak with Marie, she sheds light and goes deep into your situation that other readers do not even come close to. I'm not sure why she does t have a higher rating, she is one of the top 3 in my book.

- Mistressleia


2 times talking to her she told me around the 18 something might happen but feel we not oever cannot wait for a miracle to happen

- god child

"A True Jewel"

Marie explains/teaches the underlying wisdom of the Divine Plan. She possesses an extremely heightened intuition and a sacred channeling from Spirit/Creator, ever allaying fears and allowing peace. Her psychic sensibilities transcend other readers and I am always amazed at how much this wise soul has helped me understand myself, my life, and my mission. Marie is a jewel of PsychicPower and I am ever so thrilled to have met her. A genuine, loving spirit.

- Romanaire

"Amazing accuracy "

I was in a bidding war for a house that I wanted but couldn't afford to bid any higher. On Oct 30 mother Marie told me that there was a spirit at the prospective house that was dancing for joy and who was working in my favor to help me get the house. I was shocked to hear the next day that after a month of negotiations, the bank accepted my offer. You're always in my thoughts and prayers Marie!

- Mistressleia

"Wise beyond belief"

She gave me advice on what to say to my cancer man to get him to come out of his shell, I wasn't sure if I should contact him and I really wanted to give him time to himself but she told me to contact him that night (a Friday) and I would hear from him before the weekend was out. I followed her advice and heard from him the next morning.

- Mistressleia

"A True Mystic!"

Marie is absolutely amazing - a truly genuine mystic. She is a very old soul, and that comes through the moment the conversation begins. She has a way of conveying exactly what you are meant to hear, in the most graceful way. I began reading with her almost two years ago, and I have regularly returned to her for guidance. Her messages are a gift from spirit, and I pay close attention to her insights and direction. Thank you Marie!

- A.

"Wonderful as always"

Marie always gives me confidence and my loved ones often flock to her to give me messages, even without my asking to connect to them. She is truly wise and is a wonderful friend and guide. She often knows what I'm worried about and answers my questions before I even ask. Am truly thankful to have her here.

- Mistressleia

"Excellent as always "

From a reading on 10/3 she told me I would hear from my man within 3 days, I was skeptical because I hadn't heard from him in weeks and I was afraid he was gone. As always, she was comforting and correct! I heard from him 2 days later

- Mistressleia

"Always 10 stars"

It's always an honor to speak with Marie. She helps me understand all areas of a situation and sprinkles in messages from my loved ones who have passed on. So lucky to have found her.

- Mistressleia

"Enjoyed My Readings "

I have enjoyed my readings with Marie. I am looking for to things unfolding as stated. I really like her ability to pick up what I need to know going on. Thanks, look forward to speaking to you again.

- Giddyup

"A truly kindred spirit"

The way mother Marie connects to spirit energy is unlike any other. I truly love her and her spirit and appreciate how she has helped me over the last year. Has also helped my daughter Hannah. Thank you for everything

- Mistressleia

"One of the Few TRUE, GENUINE Psychics on this site"

Sorry PsychicPower, but I've been around the block (the World) when it comes to psychics, so I feel qualified to make assessments. Marie and Patrick O'Donovan, Satya, and Kathy, are just a few I know for a fact of the advisors worth calling. Marie is an Old Soul who truly understands life and its many varied situations. Compassionate, too. A Must-Call.

- Romanaire

"Always a pleasure"

I absolutely love readings with Marie. She has an amazing presence to her, is wise beyond belief and always calms me down and gives such clarity. Love her!

- Mistressleia


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