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Marie is a Seventh-Generation Clairvoyant born with a third-eye birthmark and bloodline psychic abilities. She began guiding others at an early age including as an ombudswoman in high school receiving a Peer Service Award in this capacity. She has incorporated her gifts into every job she has held since then in the fields of education, business, museums, libraries, social work, clinical counseling, etc. She holds degrees in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, spirituality and international business. 

Marie uses primarily Spirit Energy to read the hearts of loved ones both here and on The Other Side. She provides clarity on delicate matters where trust has been broken or where insincerity or manipulation are present in both personal and professional relationships. She assists her clients to find their own spiritual guides, heritage and purpose in life.

Marie is always honored to share her gifts with others and recognizes that these gifts must be handled with care to make certain that the truth is told in a responsible manner.She is devoted to your success. 

Marie also believes strongly that those who come to her for assistance are led to her by a Higher Power and that your interaction with her will be in some way mutually beneficial. “Our connections and the visitors we meet on the path often surprise both reader and client with joyful and tearful reunion,” she says. As a businessperson, mother, wife, daughter and in the many other roles she plays she often faces the same or similar complex challenges faced by her clients.Nothing you share with her will surprise her. She is committed to assist you in navigating the same difficulties she often faces with courage and wisdom led by the Great Spirit, angels, ancestors, guides and tools she possesses. 

Marie's favorite proverb is one she learned from her maternal grandmother who helped many to escape the Holocaust using her intuitive insights. “Tough times never last. Tough people always do." As a spiritual life coach, she believes that each one of us must seek our own spiritual path and be true and faithful to what the Universal One calls us to do with our lives to be happy and productive.


1/17/2021 7:02:10 AM UTC
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Praise for Marie

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Enjoyed the reading. Thanks!

- Carli

"Many stars!"

I also agree Marie should have a higher rating! She is very gifted and a pleasure to speak with. She does use many metaphors, but I see that this is the way she receives her information. My first reading with her she spoke of almond trees - I was sitting in a garden with many almond tress. So, I would say there is truth to the symbols she sees. Very lovely and accurate woman!

- Sunshine

"Incredible reading"

Hi Marie, I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible reading that, once again, you have effortlessly delivered to me. You seem to connect and "see" things very clearly and to me that is priceless! Happiest New Year to you and yours and many thanks from my spirit to yours

- D fr CA


Very encouraging and insightful.

- mdmlove

"advice to other callers"

for people who think that Marie uses up time for metaphors, I suggest telling her in the beginning how many minutes you are ready to use for the reading, and what you need to get clear in that time limit

- I-delle

"About a reading of many months ago"

I agree that Marie should have a higher rating, so I am completing the reviews that were piled up in my records. I would like to write this for a reading in the summer of 2013 (now it's December 2013). I only explained the minimum about the situation between me and my man, and Marie got the essentials of the whole background, going many generations back with my ancestors and his. She has something that nobody else has (or uses).

- I-delle


Last reading with Marie I was a little confused (this was several months ago) not sure I liked her style but now I realize I just didn't like what she had to say (because it was true). This reading was very accurate in describing me and boyfriend's situation. Will see how predictions unfold. Will definitely call back!

- Mistressleia

"I agree...Marie is 5 stars"

I agree that Marie is truly gifted reader.... authentic and thorough.

- PB

"Nailed it! Highly Recommended"

This advisor should have a much higher rating. I am impressed with her dream analysis that other advisors were not even close. This advisor "gets it."

- Romanaire

"The crown JEWEL of PsychicPower!"

Marie has not only answered all my questions with compassion and accuracy, but has helped me understand my journey with acceptance and anticipations. Marie is truly in touch with the spiritual entities that are sometimes hidden from the seeker. I can only recommend her as the BEST this network has to offer and view her as a sister in truth with honor, integrity, and care for others. Blessings, dearest Marie! -Dawn

- Romanaire


Your prediction did come predicted it 4months ago....great!!!

- Clear


I find Marie to be quite accurate. This feedback is for two readings, starting with a reading which was a while ago, when I was verbally attacked by someone about my relationship. With no explanation, she immediately caught that I was discouraged, and told me what lied ahead. A month afterward, I saw that Marie was right about my man. The missing star is for a counseling method that does not suit me and my particular situation. It is also a difference in our values concerning external beauty -- hey, i think I complained about this about another reader, too :p

- *libra*rising


What Marie said was true again. I was discouraged, and there was no reason to be.. She said how my man saw the problem we had. It was very true. It's a little more than two weeks after this reading, and these past few days are proving her words. Marie has also been telling me a lot that I am destined to help small children. This too is becoming more and more of a reality, as people are offering me side jobs in this area -- while I never told them of my preferences! -- and I have started one steady side job of helping a child...

- *libra*rising


Picked up on my situation well but was a little confused regarding her prediction

- Mistressleia

"Always a joy"

It is always so wonderful to talk with Marie. She tells my 'story' so well and in such a unique way and it always resonates in such a powerful way. I find myself always listening so intently to catch every word!



The best as usual!

- Clear

"The Best"

Love her, she tells the truth and I always feel better!

- Clear

"Always an interesting call :)"

It's always so cool and fun to get a reading with Marie because its almost like figuring out your own little puzzle. She's very sweet and has a gift :).



Marie is so sweet and reads in such an interesting way. She gets down deep on a soul level and conveys in such a manner that you have to be in that 'space' too. Take a breath, be open and really LISTEN.


"Extremely Gifted!"

Kudos to the person who hired her! Extremely gifted, will be one of my favs going forward

- BM


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