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Marie is a Seventh-Generation Clairvoyant born with a third-eye birthmark and bloodline psychic abilities. She began guiding others at an early age including as an ombudswoman in high school receiving a Peer Service Award in this capacity. She has incorporated her gifts into every job she has held since then in the fields of education, business, museums, libraries, social work, clinical counseling, etc. She holds degrees in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, spirituality and international business. 

Marie uses primarily Spirit Energy to read the hearts of loved ones both here and on The Other Side. She provides clarity on delicate matters where trust has been broken or where insincerity or manipulation are present in both personal and professional relationships. She assists her clients to find their own spiritual guides, heritage and purpose in life.

Marie is always honored to share her gifts with others and recognizes that these gifts must be handled with care to make certain that the truth is told in a responsible manner.She is devoted to your success. 

Marie also believes strongly that those who come to her for assistance are led to her by a Higher Power and that your interaction with her will be in some way mutually beneficial. “Our connections and the visitors we meet on the path often surprise both reader and client with joyful and tearful reunion,” she says. As a businessperson, mother, wife, daughter and in the many other roles she plays she often faces the same or similar complex challenges faced by her clients.Nothing you share with her will surprise her. She is committed to assist you in navigating the same difficulties she often faces with courage and wisdom led by the Great Spirit, angels, ancestors, guides and tools she possesses. 

Marie's favorite proverb is one she learned from her maternal grandmother who helped many to escape the Holocaust using her intuitive insights. “Tough times never last. Tough people always do." As a spiritual life coach, she believes that each one of us must seek our own spiritual path and be true and faithful to what the Universal One calls us to do with our lives to be happy and productive.


1/17/2021 6:12:37 AM UTC
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Praise for Marie

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This last reading was not as wonderful as the previous ones... I don't think she got what I meant to ask. Her "answers" were true, and I appreciate her insights, but were just not the answers to what I was asking... :S ...I guess it wasn't the best timing for us to speak. But she is still very gifted, as the things she said made 99% sense.

- *libra*rising

"Totally Impressed"

This was an excellent reading. As before, she called to attention my bloodline that led me back to my religious folks.... And then, surprisingly, a few hours later, I BUMPED INTO A FRIEND WHO was from my town at a bus stop, and she TOLD ME THE EXACT SAME THING -- without having any information on my family, she felt it and said it!!! Words can't describe how moved I was... She is especially good in reading family/blood connections.

- *libra*rising

"pulling from no where"

Couple of things said were right on different things we talked about but others were just off the wall. I will try it again with someone else I waiting to heard something. Once I hear it I will know its true. Not what I was wishing it would be. Still trying to figure out 3 boxes.

- T-Berry Anne


I love her style...automatic connection!

- Clear

"GREAT Psychic"

To continue what I was saying about her reading on how she revealed what was going on in private about my man and me; it's really remarkable that she let no prejudice or ego interfere with her vision, nor with hearing my inquiry, allowing me to ask in a straightforward way, without fear, what I needed to understand...

- *libra*rising

"This was a total *+. blast .+*"

She cracked open the shell surrounding all the hidden secrets of my situation with my guy!! I have a very clear understanding of my current position and his behavior now. She uncovered the parts that other advisors left untouched, concealed -- my regular advisors may have answered similarly if I asked straight, but it is remarkable that this reading went smoothly.

- *libra*rising


I have NEVER had a reading as powerful as the reading with Marie. She is absolutely amazing. She told me things that were about to unfold with dates. I knew that her dates were accurate because I had already set a few of them in stone. If you have the chance to speak with her, take advantage. Speaking to her actually gave me goosebumps. I talked to her for 44 minutes yesterday and I can't wait for her to get back online because I have more questions. Thank you for the amazing reading Ms. Marie!

- ssolomo3


she s been rite about my kids father

- jodine

"Great, Great..!!"

The second reading with Marie was even better than my first. She read my bloodline in detail, and gave me the first thorough reading of how my guy sees our possibility of having children. All in all, her description of my guy's views on life, priorities, personality, and what I am to him, was very convincing, leaving me feeling very secure about the whole issue I've been having with him lately...

- *libra*rising

"Tremendous help! "

Marie started off by reading what type of person I was. I listened (it was short), then she let me ask what I had to ask. This was a question I had never asked any other advisor here; I had half given up on what to do, therefore thought I wouldn't lose anything by trying a new advisor for a few minutes. Gracious Heavens, I got just the right prescription (so to speak)! My friends, parents, and teachers were already tired of my 3-year-old problem. I had tried everything external... Marie's solution was stunning! It was a matter of correcting my view. Thanks to her, I know the right mindset to be in! And this will automatically resolve my problem the next time I find myself in that situation I struggled with countless times over the years... She focuses on YOU the client, so try to concentrate on how YOU take the issue and how YOU want to be. My guess is that it's better not to put weight on another person or some drama watched from the outside. Dig into what bothers or worries YOU, and ask her what to do.

- AF


I have had two readings with Marie, and she was quite accurate in both. In the second, she basically told me the same things as the first, thought in a different way. Will call again!

- DeeDee


I found Marie to be quite accurate. In my first reading, she asked me about a place with almond trees. At the time, I was sitting in the garden of my house. Which is surrounded by almond trees! She picked up on many other details of my situation. She does use a lot of metaphors/symbolism in her readings. This seems to be the way she reads the energy of the situation. Overall, very good.

- DeeDee

"was accurate"

eventhough she confuse me about the gran mother things but told me the same stuff others told me that me and my kids father not done she also give me good advice.

- jodine



- Jakmeister


marie was a nice lady. she was right about somethings. she speaks slowly & takes a while 2 get 2 the point. half the time i couldnt understand what she was trying 2 say. instead of coming right out & saying things she would speak metaphorically. other than she was a nice lady

- vichan


Accurate and spot on! Marie is caring and nurturing. She was able to pick up on my situation without me having to say a word. If you are looking for answers or guidance, Marie can help.

- rheannon



- Nisha0309


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