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About Navya

Navya has been blessed with clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities.  She is also an empath who reads the Tarot with precision.  Being an empath, she has gained expertise in tapping into emotions, feelings, intentions and thoughts of people around her in such a way that people take note and appreciate.  She is quick to grasp information, as well as disseminate it to the client in the most straightforward, yet compassionate manner.

Her Gifts

Like most psychics, she has been gifted with metaphysical abilities since birth, although she became aware of them only after she turned six.  She started feeling the presence of some precognitive awareness in her which her peers did not have. She was subsequently introduced to some seniors who enabled her to understand and develop that ability.


Navya is a motivated psychic whose aim is to provide her clients an insight into their lives. She uses her abilities to get her clients face to face with truth and guide them towards a better understanding of the circumstances.  
Navya empowers others by making them mindful of the core energies that are influencing their present. When people become aware of them, they are in a better state to make choices that will propel them towards achieving what they want from their life. She uses Tarot as the major tool to give her readings.

A Personal Account

There have been a number of instances when Navya predicted events of the future. One such incident was when she predicted a breakdown of her car and averted inconvenience by taking her premonition seriously. As she woke up in the morning, she had a feeling that her car was going to trouble her even though she had never had a problem with her car. Taking her “feeling” seriously, she carried along with her the Roadside-Assistance–Card, battery charger and other things that come in handy during an emergency. Her prediction was to come true sometime later when her car completely shut down as she was driving out of the parking lot after visiting the doctor. Since she had all the required items with her, she averted an escalation of the situation.


Besides being an expert at metaphysical predictions, she also practices Aromatherapy, Reiki and Chakra Balancing techniques.

Navya believes that the acts of kindness and service of others make one grow and evolve spiritually, which is the need of the hour today. Her object is to connect with as many people by empowering them, making them self-aware and healing them.


She stands by her personal philosophy that we all are spiritual beings caught up in physical human form. Life offers us a number of opportunities and lessons necessary for our souls to learn and grow. Such learning can lead to enlightenment and evolution despite being in human form.

Favorite Quote

“Knowledge comes only when your eyes are open and hands are working and there is no knowledge that is not power”. Lastly, she likes to be in good company and is fond of eating good food.


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Praise for Navya

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Navya's happy clients have to say.

"Worth The Wait!!"

Navya was quick to answer did not waste your money was very kind and everything she said was accurate. Well worth the wait.

- Beth

"Good reading "

Good reading with good insight, was in line with my regular advisors and said my man and I have a great future ahead of us. Hoping predictions come to pass.

- Mistressleia

"Good Reading"

good reading

- vichan


I was just looking through some papers and I came across my notes from a reading with Navya in November. I had to write this review, because what she described was accurate. She described a physical place I would find, and How I would come to know it. Sure enough, this place crossed my path and it is exactly as she described. The location, the view, the colors, the style and the circumstances around it were all as she described. When she made the prediction, it was out of context. However, now I can look back and see that what she described is exactly what I came to know. Fantastic! I tried to reach her again but there were so many people already in line I could not get through. Hoping to talk with her again soon. If you have the chance to speak with Navya, consider yourself lucky. She is a gem!

- Venus in Libra

"The Best"

Navya has got to be one of the best readers on this site.She doesn't tell you what you want to hear,but the truth.She was so accurate with a recent reading on every point.Very gifted reader.Love her.

- Cece640

"Super Fantastic!"

I have read with Navya before, but it has been a long time. I really enjoyed speaking with her in the past, so I was happy to be able to speak to her again. She is great! She's very quick to pick up information, clear in her answers, and quite accurate. She was right in what she told me previously, so i'm hopeful these predictions will come to pass. Also really liked that she is into the power of positive thoughts and having an awareness of what we are putting out there. So important! So true! She is very gifted and I look forward to speaking with her the next opportunity I have. Thanks!

- CaliGal

"I couldn't totally understand"

Navya reads fast, and as I said before, focuses on the feelings of people rather than their outside. My recent problem is that I can't get why she picks certain expressions... But I know she is very talented. Good to try, for sure!

- *libra*rising

"Waited so long to catch her!"

I couldn't get her for ten months! But it was worth the wait.. Navya is very quick, and I mean VERY QUICK and accurate! I was also so surprised that she remembered me and my (past) situation! Wow!

- *libra*rising


I've had at least five things that she has predicted happen within a two to three month span of her readings.She gives clear confident readings.She is kind,but she doesn't tell you what you want to hear.She tells you the her.

- Carly


Good reading, tuned in quickly and accurately described what was going on with my significant other

- Mistressleia

"Good Reading "

This was my first reading ,and Navya was right on point just waiting for my situation to happen, Im lookig forward to calling her agan soon. Thank You Navya...

- sexyt


Navya puts weight on the feelings of people. She doesn't bother with the outside of people. With my man and me, she caught the "strong physical attraction, emotional bond, and spiritual interaction" -- not focusing on who has what color hair or whatever, which was totally good, actually!

- *libra*rising

"Great call :)"

Navya connects easily and sees my situation correctly. Thank you :)



Thank you Navya. I enjoyed your reading. You were able to pick up on my situation and give even a name. Very accurate and very quick.

- iuliaivanciu

"Loved her!"

To the point, does not waste time! Waiting for predictions to come true! Thank you!

- Jakmeister

"Very good reading!"

Navya is excellent and very accurate. Thank you! Nice person to talk with! Carole

- carole


Quick to connect and provided a detailed reading of my situation with insight on what's to come. Easy to talk to, professional, kind, an absolute must-call!

- lilswtmiss17

"High Ability, In Tune "

Navya showed high level professional performance. The only thing that disappointed me was that she didn't say I was beautiful...! I'm pretty insulted when a clairvoyant doesn't tell me over the phone that I'm beautiful, Lol, but that's more of my personality problem than hers! And it's nice that she didn't cater to my wanting praises, sticking solely to answering my questions in a straight, concise way. (But I still believe my appearance is a major factor in his liking me!! LOL)

- *libra*rising


She gave me a clear and straight answer after I asked her the question. She is correct so far from her answer to me less than a week. I will come back to talk to her again.

- life & love

"Highly recommend"

Very accurate and to the point. Doesn't waste your time. Very clear - excellent reader - right on point with her reading - very worthwhile - I highly recommend her.

- carolray


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