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Patience is a highly gifted clairvoyant, known for her warm and friendly personality.  She is so easy to talk with, her clients feel immediately at ease.  She has a keen ability to tune into the feelings of others, and is quick to connect to spirit guides and consciousness.  This combination makes it easy for others to ask Patience just about anything.  Even the most embarrassing question does not phase her, and she's proud that people are able to approach her without a fear of judgment.  She's also happy to say that she's LGBT friendly. 

Her Story

Patience has spent her childhood in a haunted house where she learned about various paranormal things and spirits during her stay. Patience was barely 8 years old when she had a premonition that someone in the family was going to pass away, which actually turned out to be true. Such incidents of knowing the events before they happened repeated themselves time and again. 


As a child she ignored her gifts for some time. She always used to get the answers to her questions through some inner voice that screamed them out to her. Initially she laughed it out, but on realizing that the answers were always correct, she started taking the phenomenon seriously. 


Patience uses the power of Tarot to guide her intuition and empathy. She uses Tarot to highlight the path that you need to take in order to reach your goal. She believes that every reading that you undergo is like a layer of onion peeled off where peeling of every layer contributes to the outcome. She believes in the fact that every person has a free will and the ultimate decisions of life rest with the person only.

Patience follows a conversational style of reading. She loves talking to people about everything that they want to talk about without any inhibitions. She uses a pendulum and Tarot as tools for readings. Although she can help out a client in any area, she specializes in love and relationship issues. Additionally, she has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
A Personal Account

Patience remembers an incident when an old friend of hers asked her to read for him. She kept answering his questions and she even gave out the zodiac sign and the name of his would-be wife. He later got married to the lady with the same name and zodiac sign. He always remembers that it was Patience who helped him find the right life partner.


She believes that everyone, including her, needs someone to lean on. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves and getting rid of the burden of our ego. She believes in the power of the mind and awareness. The spirits that she communicates with tell her very often that everything is possible, provided you believe in it.

Spiritual Beliefs

She is a firm believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. When people change, it is nature’s way of teaching you to let go. When things go wrong, God wants us to appreciate the times when they were right. When we get hurt by a lie, you learn to believe yourself. When good things end, it is to give space for better things to fall in.

In Her Free Time

Patience enjoys spiritual classes, comedy clubs, Yoga, Zumba and live band performances. She loves to be in company of friends and family members.


10/4/2022 1:57:47 PM UTC
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Praise for Patience

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patience's happy clients have to say.

"5 stars isn't enough"

I'm still not sure why she's not the top advisor here. She tunes in so quick, is accurate and I always hear my man using exact phrases she's told me he was thinking. Besides the fact that she is dependable, she keeps regular hours and you can find her most Mon-Fri morning/afternoon which is awesome. While Rain and Francesca might be good, it seems they're only on once every week or every other week. Patience is consistent in all ways and will remain my first pick hands down.

- Mistressleia


She's good, accurate and give you her honest opinion. She still tells me to keep the door open and I sure will! What I like most is that she does not tells you what you want to hear but what you have to hear whether is ugly or good! I love patience. These girls I highly recommend: Patience, Serena, Bonnie and Rain! They're my go to girls :D

- Twinkly56


Her reading don't ever change!

- Twinkly56

"Kind and Considerate and Accurate as Hell~!"

Once again you are the best!!!!

- bethm1234

"Eased My Mind Completely!!"

I had called Patience after I had spoke with another reader on this site. The reading I had received was so awful and it painted the person I was asking about into a cheater and she told me to leave him. I was a wreck. I spoke with Patience who spent cautious time reading my situation and dismissed all the negativity that this other reader had told me. It was such a relief to know that there are reading that you may get that are not at all true. The details of what she was picking up on could not be mistaken. I will follow up as her predictions come true but they always do so no worries here! Thank you Patience

- bethm1234


Really helpful and honest.

- forever searching

"Prediction came to pass!!!"

Patience how do you do it?!?!? Remember you told me you got the number 5 as timing for any type of contact or communication between S and I? either him reading my message ( which I'd sent 2 days prior but it was never read) or as to when he would reply to the message. You said 5 hrs 5 days or May 5th for any sort of contact, well exactly 5 hrs after our reading he read the message and I could not believe it!!. Now I know the rest of your predictions will definitely come to pass!! I will update when they do!!

- spiritangel

"The Queen on this site "

She sets the standard on this site. When I'm desperate for answers and she's not on I will call other advisors (and I always feel like I'm cheating on her) but always come back to her as many on here give generalized answers based on someone's horoscope sign. Patience is a true psychic who doesn't need astrology to accurately tube in to someone's energy. Her predictions have come to pass and I can trust what she tells me, whether it's good or bad.

- Mistressleia

"Always worth the wait"

Can't say enough about how grateful I am to have found Patience. It never ceases to amaze me how she often tells me exact phrases my man has used or how she'll tell me something and I find him saying the exact same thing a few days later. She's on another level compared to the other advisors here.

- Mistressleia

"Should be the too advisor "

I know it's not just me, but she is the only one that I truly feel able to ask any question. She really is easier to talk to than any best friend I've ever had. I could seriously talk to her everyday, she's just that calming and sweet. Just love her!

- Mistressleia


I've had many great conversations with Patience, I wish I could talk to her every day… Almost like your best friend. She is real, honest and to the point in a manner I love. She takes her time to really understand what she is seeing/telling you. Her reading from March 10th said a guy I was dating who magically disappeared would be coming back and she kept seeing the 2 number.. well its been longer than 2 days, 2 weeks and we are pushing on 2 months… I truly hope it doesn't turn out to be 2 years :(. Regardless speaking with her was great!


"Patience is my Angel on Earth"

I can't express exactly how grateful I am for Patience's insights and calmness during this horrible situation I'm going through. Patience, you are simply wonderful. Everything you say resonates with me even though he continues to do what he's doing and say what he's saying. I'll be in line waiting for you Monday morning because this weekend has seen me make a possibly devastating mistake. THANK YOU so very much!!!

- danilynn

"Can't say enough about her amazing abilities"

Patience has been the only psychic that so far has been right about everything she has said!. I mean she just predicts with excellent accurancy. I'm so sorry it took me forever to write this review!. I am beyond satisfied and this is coming from someone who has read with hundreds of psychics. I have been looking for that perfect advisor, the only one I got to and I believe I have found that in Patience. Thank you! xoxo

- spiritangel

"Accurate as always"

On a reading from Wednesday she told me I would see my man on Friday. I asked her out of curiosity if it would be at his place or mine since he recently invited me to his place for the first time, she said he would be coming to my house which is of course what happened. I truly trust her and good or bad, what she says will happen, will inevitably happen.

- Mistressleia

"My rock, my mentor"

Patience's insight over the years I've been reading with her have truly been invaluable. On my quest to feeling my own clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts, she is always my go to for interpreting or confirming thoughts and images I myself have seen or heard from spirit. Her connection spirit is truly amazing. I owe so much to her, just love her!

- Mistressleia

"My favorite advisor by far"

Over the past few years I've called almost every advisor here at least once, most of which didn't deserve a second phone call but that was until I found Patience. Here profile couldn't be more accurate, she is the ONLY one here I feel I can truly ask ANYTHING, no matter embarrassing it may seem to me, she somehow always makes me feel so comfortable and at ease. She's so real and down to earth and incredibly accurate. It still amazes me to this day when she quotes exact phrases I myself have heard from Spirit or from my man. Just love her!!!

- Mistressleia


Thank you, Patience!! Your calmness is soothing and your confidence in your readings is wonderful. I'm blessed to have found you.

- danilynn

"If you are new to this site, please read this!!!!"

I have been reading with Patience for approximately 1 1/2 years and I cant begin to tell you how much her readings have been accurate, dependable but also has guided me to make good decisions. Like many, I have had a very loving but tulmultous relationship, a difficult job, many highs and lows at the same time living alone and a single mom of 3. Patience has guided me through many hard times, when I was ready to give up she was my greatest cheerleader, when I wasnt clear on what to do she along with Spirit would bring clarity and through all of this I have gained a wonderful, trusting friend. She will always use the disclaimer "Im not always right" but she always is. I would have broken off my relationship, made bad career decisions and probably stayed in very destructive friendships as well as relationships and possibly had some difficult life changes if it wasnt for the guidance and love that Patience gives in a reading. I will continue to use her as my guide when I come to that fork in the road and encourage anyone that has struggles to consider calling her. I dont think you will be disappointed. Don't expect to hear what you want to hear, expect to hear what Spirit is offering you to guide you to a better tomorrow. Sometimes that is difficult but has helped me to empower myself with how I can change the outcome if I want too. I can sleep better and my anxiety about guessing what is going to happen next is gone. I can call and Patience will tell me. I hope this helps you when choosing. Beth

- bethm1234

"Always 5 stars "

She never ceases to amaze me. When I called her to see why my man was more quiet than usual she said she didn't know why but spirit kept bringing up an exam and she asked if he would have to take an exam at work for some reason and she was spot on. I completely forgot my man (who is in the Navy) was supposed to take an advancement exam this month. She told me he had already taken it and was worried about the results. I later confirmed with him that this was correct. I never doubt her. Even if what she sees doesn't make sense at the time, it eventually always does.

- Mistressleia

"Always my first call"

When she's not on I will break down and call other readers, only to feel like it was a waste of money and will call her back to get the 'real' answer. I guess that's what I get for 'cheating' on her. So many here are fake in my opinion and go based off of your sun sign to give what seems to be accurate information but is really just generalized. She always picks up on things I haven't told her and things she couldn't possibly know about. She's the real deal, hands down. Love my girl!

- Mistressleia


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