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About Serena

Serena is one of Psychic Power’s most highly gifted, naturally talented and experienced psychic consultants. With 26 years of experience as a Master Tarot reader, medium and visionary, the accuracy of Serena’s insights and revelations are nothing short of astounding. This is best evidenced by her clients' high praise, ranging from statements such as “Guidance that changed my life for the better” to “The best of the best” to “A healing experience” to “Beyond outstanding."

Serena’s Story

Serena’s gift of intuition awakened within her as young child. Her heightened psychic abilities led to a career that is in full force, serving clients for 26 years. Her talents are utilized to assist others in their deepest needs. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Performing readings on radio and television programs
  • Teaching classes on Tarot and “How to Awaken and Contact Inner Psychic Abilities”
  • Assisting local authorities and police in finding missing persons
  • Working with national pet rescue efforts in Seattle


As a warm, compassionate, and friendly psychic, Serena’s clients are comfortable confiding their deepest inner secrets, concerns, and life situations with her. They often consider her as much of a friend as a reader. “Really felt a connection,” wrote one client, while another stated, “Serena is a monument of kindness and compassion.” She gives each client and reading her complete attention, focus and energy, with the goal of providing insight, answers, information and solutions. Serena describes her reading style as “very straightforward and direct.”

Serena: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

In order to get the most out of their readings, Serena advises her clients to come prepared. She recommends that clients bring a list of questions to the reading, and to have pen and paper handy, as psychic information flows through Serena rapidly and spontaneously. Because Serena naturally picks up on her clients’ vibrations instantly, it is helpful for clients to contemplate their questions beforehand.


Serena is especially tuned in to issues pertaining to love and relationships. Clients frequently come to Serena for clarification about:

  • Marriages and divorces
  • Dating relationships, intimate relationships, friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Work, professional and school relationships and situations
  • Relationships in general


Serena’s special gifts enable her to serve as a medium for clients who wish to connect to their loved ones who have passed on.

The Nicest Feedback a Client Ever Gave

Serena has given thousands of readings over the years, and while they truly are all special, one in particular stands out. In Serena’s words, “The nicest feedback I received was from a caller that told me that I changed her life and how she loved talking to me and that she considered me her life coach. She told me that she had been so lost and now that she had found me, it gave her hope.”

Serena’s Personal Interests and Other Talents

In addition to her psychic skills, Serena is a trained opera singer and an experienced bagpipe musician who loves spending time with her family, friends, metaphysical colleagues and her beloved cat, Percy. She has an irresistible attraction to antiques, flea markets, decorating and beautiful objects d’art.

Serena’s Feelings About Her Work

“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions."


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Praise for Serena

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Serena's happy clients have to say.

"I have been reading with Serena for 14 years"

I first called Serena back in 2010 to seek advice about finding a job. She lead me in the right direction then and I have been seeking her council ever since. If I need to hire someone, I call Serena first. I needed to hire a marketing director. Serena said hire the one with the dark black hair. I did and she has been working for me for 4 years. She was just as great as Serena said she would be. This is just one of many examples of spot on guidance she has given me over the years. It is important for me to make good well thoughtout decisions with hiring people to work with a venerable population. Serena helps me know who is the best cultural fit. I am so thankful and grateful for her honest feedback and friendship.

- VAgirl1199

"Wonderful "

She super great. She answered my question in detail. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and time. A 💯 must read with.

- Tluv40

"Accurate "

Always tell you the truth on what she see

- jodine

"Amazing "

Accurate reader

- jodine

"Amazing "

So far all she have mention have come to pass!

- jodine

"Excellent "

Serena is very personable and a lovely person. She is sincere and caring wanting to help with your utmost concerns.

- critter

"Serena is The Best!!!"

Thanx Serena! You truely are the best! I love talking to you cuz your always so honest and genuine! I always feel better after talking to you! Your the Best!!! Ill keep you posted until then Happy Holidays Have a great New Years! Your one of a kind

- vichan

"Accurate "

Been reading me for years now accurate reader

- jodine

"Blow my mind "

Her timing was right on the spot 3 days and he contacted me on that day she’s a super natural woman

- jodine

"Amazing "

You won’t regret reading with her she’s a gifted one

- jodine

"Always great!!"

Serena is still my go to on this earth!! She is Smart and accurate, fun and talented!!!! Thank you, as always! Victoria

- VR


I’m blown away with Serena’s reading. She picked up Everything!! All with just a Name! I’m going to take her advice and see what comes to pass. She is honest straightforward and no sugarcoating! But very compassionate. You won’t be disappointed. Serena Thank You!

- sweetpea1966

"Excellent & personal"

I've looked to Serena many times to assist me in finding answers. I highly recommend her.

- critter

"On point "

Have been correct

- jodine

"Nice "

Been reading me for years

- jodine


May supposed to be good will see what happen

- jodine

"Happy "

So far all she told me come to pass

- jodine


Thank you Serena for once again sharing you gifts! Over the years I have looked to Serena for insight, she is kind and gifted and accurate! Retrograde ends May 14th, I will have my surgery after that date!!!! Thank you for the wisdom.

- VR

"Super good "

Been reading me for years and I love how accurate she get with me and the advice is always on point!

- jodine

"Nice "

As always

- jodine


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