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Does your life feel like it is going nowhere? Do you feel like you are on a merry-go-round that you can’t seem to get off? Do you feel like no matter what you do nothing turns out right? Are you in a dead end job or are you just looking for work? If this person is you, STOP what you are doing right now AND give me a CALL!

My name is Raven and with my gifts of clairvoyance, tarot card reading, along with my Spirit Guides and Angels will stop that merry-go-round. We will show you ways to straighten out your life and head down a path to a better life with positive energy and positive thinking. We will tell you how to see what you desire and then tell you how to take the steps to get it and when it’s coming.

What is your relationship like? Are you in love but you and your partner seem to argue more than you should, which makes you wonder….Stop wondering and call me and we will see what is in store and what can be done to make your relationship work, or not. Life is supposed to be a happy, loving, positive one. Let’s get out of the negative and think positive. Maybe there is something from one of your past lives that is hanging around and making you feel this way. I am a past lives specialist and I can tell you what that is or I can give you information about all your past lives.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help you.



10/24/2021 1:19:31 PM UTC
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Praise for Raven

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Raven's happy clients have to say.

"Greendream "

Best of the best tarot reader!! Highly recommend for any questions or doubts you may have. She is very profesional and straight to the point, she does not wastes your money/ minutes with useless questions. Talk to her you will not be disappointed

- Purplescissors

"Clarity and Closure"

Raven helped me to speak to my mother on the other side. I needed clarity which I got and I needed closure which I also got. Raven, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will call you again

- Faithful

"Always accurate"

Raven is always fast and accurate.. the first thought which comes quickly is dead on! Trusted and reliable resource for clarity on any topic for many years now.

- princetonuser

"A very clear vision"

Did not mince words and told me how to prepare for my current and future job. Got straight to the point of what she was seeing. HAD A VERY CLEAR VISION, which she shared. Lovely personality and easy to talk with, very encouraging about how I should handle a situation at work, which I appreciated as I did not ask her about this specific issues, but she saw and knew it was important for me to know

- KS

"Was Correct"

She was correct in that the guy in question and I at the time never got back together.

- CityGirlLuv



- lilswtmiss17


I spoke with two other psychics besides Raven today and I must say she was the most UPLIFTING and INSPIRATIONAL. She restored OPTITISM, FAITH, and the COURAGE that I'll need to continue my journey. I just wanted to HUMBLY thank her

- SL



- stefanie


thank you

- tina3703


Reading was just ok today, asked for time frames regarding a certain issue and none were given

- Mistressleia

"Pretty good"

Raven is very quick with her reading and answers the question very specifically. I like her style of reading. In fact many of her predictions have come true for me. She is able to see things very clearly. She is my go-to person for any question.

- Trip

"read my friend"

my friend say it was ok but confused

- jodine

"Great :)"

I just had a very quick question and Raven was on it. She connected well and saw the situation clearly. Thank you!



She's very nice and had good advice :).


"Awsome Read"

She didn't ask a lot of questions, knew the situation. Gave the best advice on how to deal with my issue. I will be talking to her again real soon!

- exhale757

"he came back"


- jodine

"not much of a connection"

Our connection was off

- penbur

"my friend was happen"

she have my friend accurate reading for me

- jodine



- lilswtmiss17


she kind of change on me but still don't see us breaking up so I will see what happen

- jodine


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