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Does your life feel like it is going nowhere? Do you feel like you are on a merry-go-round that you can’t seem to get off? Do you feel like no matter what you do nothing turns out right? Are you in a dead end job or are you just looking for work? If this person is you, STOP what you are doing right now AND give me a CALL!

My name is Raven and with my gifts of clairvoyance, tarot card reading, along with my Spirit Guides and Angels will stop that merry-go-round. We will show you ways to straighten out your life and head down a path to a better life with positive energy and positive thinking. We will tell you how to see what you desire and then tell you how to take the steps to get it and when it’s coming.

What is your relationship like? Are you in love but you and your partner seem to argue more than you should, which makes you wonder….Stop wondering and call me and we will see what is in store and what can be done to make your relationship work, or not. Life is supposed to be a happy, loving, positive one. Let’s get out of the negative and think positive. Maybe there is something from one of your past lives that is hanging around and making you feel this way. I am a past lives specialist and I can tell you what that is or I can give you information about all your past lives.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help you.



7/23/2021 10:24:25 PM UTC
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Praise for Raven

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Raven's happy clients have to say.


Excellent reading. Was detailed. One of her predictions has already came through. She said I would have a job sometime in March. I was called today and offered to start a new job on March 4th. Waiting for the prediction for love to come through. Thanks!

- Dariloynn

"Excellent! Count this as a one for all!"

We have talked a lot this week and I am doing a one for all, because I do not have any complaints about our calls this week. I have enjoyed talking with you this week and hope to talk with you again soon!

- AnneM97

"Great Call"

Thank for your insight!

- AnneM97

"Just ok"

No real connection.....mostly opinion on how she would handle situation .....and talk a lot about pass life connections

- Vee607

"Very Good Call!"

Thanks for the Insight!

- AnneM97

"Positive Experience"

Raven is a very nice lady and I enjoyed my call with her immensely!

- AnneM97



- reveV


Very good

- jc


thats all i say......

- lonelyforever

"Thank you for putting me at ease"

Hi Raven, Unfortunately we got disconnected before I could say THANK YOU! You helped me so much. I will definately be calling back. Thank you for putting me at ease. Love, B

- B


I was told many things by you Raven. Here's what I loved about your reading...you're straight to the point, honest about how you see things. No sugarcoated lies. You're on target. I'll keep a look out on the things you mentioned last night. Thank You so much for your reading.

- I'mhere


She told me 3 days ago one thing and today she told me something different. The first was he loves and misses you and wants to work things out. 3 days ago it was he is over you and has been for awhile. You and him will never work things out.... COME ON its on or the other. Waste of money and time. Call someone else...

- <3


Raven gave me different information that was in stark contrast to what she told me for the same question that I asked her not long ago. I do not believe that things could possibly have changed that much in such a short time. For this reason, I will not try her again!

- luckygirl19


You opened my eyes to the real situation. Thank you

- cristabell


Thasnk you for being to the point with me.

- cristabell


She was right with what she said.

- Anchesa

"Grandma Advice!"

I don't think she reads as much as distills common sense. She doesn't hesitate with an answer but I sense that it's more opinion rather than psychic ability.

- Creole38

"WE connected"

Nice person to talk to. WE seemed to really connect.

- mar222

"Not really intune"

I felt I was on a tidle wave. It wasn't my style of reading. I miss the others I use with your organization. Didn't work for me and I came out feeling really bad and stressed out. Not really what I wanted and would want my money back to enjoy and get true insights. I only stayed on to see if it would get better but I wasted my money and time.

- Blanca





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