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Rosalie has been reading professionally for over 20 years. Her assistance to others through her readings has brought her happiness and fulfillment and has equally brought her clients many meaningful, long lasting relationships, for which she is very grateful. She takes each of her clients and her readings to them very seriously and she practices excellent time management to ensure that all her clients receive the best information. 


Rosalie is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and an Empath. She will answer all types of questions including those concerning romance, career, finances and family. She frequently gives messages from spiritual guides and is astoundingly accurate with her guidance.


Reading Style

Rosalie starts her readings off by asking for a first name. She responds to the energy of the caller and will start communicating any initial messages she receives.  She will continue on the same path unless the caller decides to change the direction of the reading. During her readings she may use a crystal ball to illuminate images and/or colors, but for the most part she relies on her strong clairvoyant abilities.

Rosalie is an empathic reader who is able to immediately pick up on the feelings of others.  She is an incredible listener who not only predicts, but supports the overall emotional battle that clients sometimes go through. Many clients have praised her readings for the inspirational experience, her caring and passionate approach, her organized and easy to follow guidance.

Rosalie’s gift in combination with her passion comforts her clients’ hearts and souls. She loves to help people and her advice is to always “keep the faith”. She looks forward to every opportunity to offer comfort and support. It is no wonder that her clients keep coming back to her time after time. 


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Praise for Rosalie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Rosalie's happy clients have to say.

"Spot On!"

A few weeks back Rosalie told me some things about my ex-husband that now have come to pass. She also gave some information about what to expect with some up coming work search. She was spot on with it all. I love speaking with Rosalie and will continue calling as she has become a trusted advisor! -JC

- JC172

"Absolutely a must try!"

"Rosalie's advice has been spot on from the first time I spoke with her. I speek with her frequently now. She is so intune to ones energy and situation. I dont think it will be long before she has a loyal clientele with callers and become hard to connect with. Absolutely a must try!" - JC

- JC


Rosalie is great! Super nice. Easy to talk to. Reading was consistent with others.

- Nina

"Loved my reading!"

After sticking with the same few advisors I've been using for years. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and speak to new advisor Rosalie. Absolutely love her!! A must try.

- Pat


Rosalie was so on point with the things she told me in regard to my transition into a new career and the things she said about my fiance were so accurate. I thank you so much, I look forward to taking to you again



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