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Astrological Outlook - September 6 - 12

White Owl
6 September 2010

Since August 20th, Mercury has been retrograde. This astrological influence correlates to periods of serious disruption in daily routines paralleled by troubling developments in communications with others. This week, that trend comes to a close on Sunday, September 12. This together with the occurrence of the New Moon on Wednesday signals a shift of direction toward clarification and the re-establishment of discernable forward motion in daily human affairs. Many confusing appearances of the last few weeks will begin to be cleared up this week.

Monday, however remains in the Old Moon phase with Mercury still retrograde, so matters are likely to poke along slowly and perhaps even somewhat aimlessly. Even so, the day promises to be pleasant for the most part, with Moon in party-minded Leo setting the stage for congenial gatherings. Best hours this day focus around 7 to 10 pm EDT, during which interval the energies are supportive for social interactions, artistic pursuits, entertainment, and all forms of recreation.

Tuesday the moon shifts into Virgo, guiding our thoughts to the necessities and responsibilities of everyday living. These matters will go well during the early part of the day, but by late afternoon EDT, the Moon will conjunct retrograde Mercury, intensifying the gobbledegook issues which have emerged in the last few weeks. The level of nervous tension is likely therefore to be very high on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Unscrupulous persons may be tempted under this configuration to do mischief, so protect your pocketbook, cards, and papers.

Wednesday September 8th, along comes the New Moon, taking place at 6:30 am EDT, in the sign of Virgo. This hails the beginning of a new lunar cycle and consequently the origination of a new wave of power, motivation, interest in living, zest, and determination. The desire to learn and to improve oneself will be a key consideration in the month ahead. Many will feel attracted to some kind of educational program, whether formal or informal, theoretical or practical. The idea of training the mind around an important topic gains in appeal this day and sets a theme for the whole lunar cycle from now until the next New Moon in early October. On top of that, Venus enters sensitive Scorpio this night and Jupiter returns to Pisces just after midnight EDT, both of which changes will also create a sense that a different breeze blows in our lives. This is good in that it brings about different types of opportunity for growth and challenge.

Thursday finds the Moon in affable and artistic Libra, but first it must negotiate its way through rough territory as it squares Pluto and conjuncts Saturn in the first half of the day, bringing serious concerns and the inevitable realization that only very determined efforts will win out. Grit the teeth and get it done, whatever it may be. Nothing will substitute for will and self-discipline today except for will and self-discipline. Nicely the vibe shifts by evening-tide to a Mars-Neptune trine which opens the door for major pleasantry such as only dreams, romance, and ideal art are known to produce.

Friday, the goodness from all that late night sweet stuff on Thursday lingers in the air and in the mind. Many will be in pleasant reverie around midday EDT Friday. We could use more of this in a too-rushed up world, so let enjoyment rule for the day. Emotions peak around midnight as the Moon and Mars conjoin in Libra. For some, this will add positive spice to good connections.

Saturday, of course, yes, the pace picks up with Moon having moved to insistent Scorpio. None of that lazy dream stuff for this day! A purposeful agenda will come forth early this day and the troops will be expected to fall into line. Actually, the plan will prove to guide the events of the day to interesting and positive situations, especially from 8 am to 3 pm EDT when the Moon interacts by harmonious astrological geometry with Venus, Pluto, and Mercury. This kind of good magic can help to straighten and smooth all the kinks and quirks which appeared under retrograde Mercury. Positive developments will be further aided by a Venus-Pluto sextile affecting Saturday and Sunday in such a way as to bring reason and maturity into thought and words.

Sunday, at last, the 12th rolls around and Mercury goes direct at 7:09 pm EDT. The day on the whole promises excellent opportunities to center the emotions, see what needs to be done, and move toward goals with clarity of mind.

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