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Astrological Outlook - July 26 - August 1

White Owl
26 July 2010

Last week the tension from recent concerns rose to a near unmanageable high toward the end of the week and into the weekend. Many were stressed and some were pressed to extremes of thought and behavior. This tension will drop down a small amount this week as the Moon begins to wane, but there is not much real alleviation because the power of Mars enters the picture. As a result, action will be taken this week to implement the realizations of late last week, and that action alone will keep the general vibe on high alert. Across the board, many are being faced with very hard truths in late July and early August as they confront limits and stringent requirements of various types and make decisions about the course of life necessary for surviving and thriving. Hard and fast lines in the sand may be drawn this week, and attitudes may seem unusually ruthless. It’s going to take all we’ve got to hold on to our humanity and ideals, but it can be done. Let’s see how and why so.

Currently the planets Saturn and Uranus stand in direct opposition to one another, one to each side of the Earth far out in space, creating a direct alignment with little Earth caught in between. Saturn and Uranus are major planets and powerhouse astrological archetypes which differ from each other in their spiritual effects as much as do night and day. Saturn emanates the energies of restraint, limitation, reduction, lack, stoppage, and absence. It’s a planetary archetype which forces factual realization on the human mind and makes consciousness take heed of necessary restraints to expansion. The energies of Saturn have a definite use and place in the scheme of things, teaching economy and frugality as well as self-discipline, but in very large doses, the energies of Saturn can also manifest as severe rejection, endings, partings, refusals, and exclusions. Uranus on the other hand, is all about the ability to break past limits and to experience a liberated state of being, including the destruction of tradition and existing pattern if necessary. Hence, Saturn holds back and Uranus surges forward.

The tension between the modes of these two great archetypes is in evidence all around us, as persons struggle inwardly and outwardly with potent conflicting needs and desires, as well as with worldly conditions which are expressions of both the stoppage of Saturn and the disruption of Uranus. All pre-existing situations are being shaken up and re-configured. This is true in both the psychological and tangible dimensions at this time. The consequent frustration level is at a near all-time high and as a result, individuals who are inherently prone to over-reaction are likely to indulge in behaviors that border on the unsafe and unsound. In a word, there’s a whole lot of craziness going ‘round, yet for a definite reason.

This whole lot of craziness is at a pretty high peak this week. A good antidote is to simply take time to slow down and let go. There is much around us this week that can’t be fixed or solved immediately, so there is no point getting hotly impatient. Yet that’s what will happen, as Mars joins the Saturn-Uranus opposition from the Saturn side late this week.

The best thing to do with all this is to try to keep the big perspective. This week it may seem as if the very foundations of life are being shaken. In fact, they are, but in ways that may ultimately prove to be beneficial. Right now there is tremendous resistance to change happening within us all, due to the involvement of Saturn energies. We are trying to hold on to the known and the familiar, while Uranus on the other side of the matter tries for all its worth to get us to examine alternatives. Yes, Uranus is working on us now just as hard as Saturn is. In fact, they are both coming at us, each from its stated position. The end result is that we are going to be significantly altered in our visions and plans for life. It is inevitable. That being so, the important thing is to undertake this with creativity and as much spiritual wisdom as possible.

For this week, that wisdom ought to include a very large measure of flexibility. Yes, we all need to become more flexible in our pictures and images of what we think we must have in order to be happy. We are being forced to re-evaluate that picture at this time via the double whammy of economic constraints and personal process. That’s right, both sources. In other words, the current upheavals in individual and national life are coming both from world conditions and from individual spiritual process. So this just can’t be all bad. For sure it may look that way this week, but anything in spiritual process by definition leads to the discovery of meaning, which is a good thing.

In simple terms, what this means is as follows. This week there are going to be some very dramatic developments when Mars interacts with the existing Saturn-Uranus opposition. This will occur on Friday and Saturday, July 30 and 31. However, this arrangement is so powerful that several days either side of this period will be affected. Therefore the whole week and into the next constitutes a pivotal period in our times. This will be a time in which persons feel an urgent need to act on current concerns. No more waiting will be tolerated. Some form of forward motion must be undertaken. So expect to see final partings and decisive moves, as the meaning of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is brought to a point of outward manifested activity by Mars. Also, Mother Earth herself is likely to again let off steam and pressure some way or another, her usual methods being earthquake, volcano, and extreme weather. There’s a reason for all this, simply being the degree to which human life has gone out of balance with the natural environment. Where this sort of thing is not happening, nonetheless there are likely to be disruptions in the environment due to renovation of buildings, change of traffic patterns, and general restructuring of the physical environment.

A good prescription for this last week of July and first day of August would be to close the door and have a time of peace and quietude, or go somewhere apart from the din and confusion. There is no stopping the process at work, however, so cultivating an attitude of willingness to understand it will surely help. In other words, don’t fight the current, but do try to understand it, so that you will know where and how to adjust. A significant degree if change is perfectly inevitable at this time.

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