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All time Eastern Standard Time.


Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Years Experience: 5 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Mediums & Reaching Beyond, Life Questions, Soulmate Connections, Breaking Up & Divorce, Tarot Advisors, Tarot Advisors, Marriage & Family

HOURS: Noon to 3PM and 9PM to Midnight EST

Challon has always done psychic readings for friends, acquaintances and family over the years without monetary gains. Her reward was knowing she had helped those in need to gain the insight and knowledge they sought.

Challon is precognitive, clairvoyant, psychic and medium. She uses the tarot as one of her aids as her grandmother did many years ago. Her gifts have been passed to her from her grandmother and she is proud to honor her by walking closely in her footsteps.

Psychic Pet Readings, and Pet Healings for sick animals as well.

IN CHALLONS OWN WORDS: I care deeply about people and their problems, I only wish to help and feel so sad when clients are sad, I hope to help anyone that needs help because I care with much compassion for everyone.  

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By: cute_cookie

she was very fast, direct and clear and she even knew a few things that i did not have to tell her.


By: Sol

Challon is great with predictions. She has visions of certain people, places and things. And these come to pass in amazing ways. Wow! Things Challon predicts continue to unfold in amazing ways. Now I'm to the point where I laugh when her predictions show up. Truly amazing! Be sure to take notes and check the box as things happen.


By: Cali Gal

Accurate. Super accurate.


By: littlemom

thank u very good reading


Simply Awesome!
By: A.

Super accurate! Picks up on those living and those who have passed. Delivers names - repeatedly. Quite unbelievable the way she can just say someone's name and describe them to a T. Clever!


More names!
By: A.

Challon continues to connect with many of my deceased relatives. I am not requesting this - they just come to her. And they have unique names and present themselves in pairs. She has an amazing gift! Even if you are not looking to connect to the other side, you never know what messages may show up!


By: A.

Challon is very, very connected!


By: A.

Challon is truly amazing. She has picked up on so many people, places and events. She is amazing! She has provided me with the names of my husband, my daughter, my deceased grandmother, different friends and people I do not consider to be friends. All of them! Even though she has done this numerous times, I am still amazed each tine she does. If I do not know the name she is referencing, I take note. Usually that person shows up in my life within a short amount of time. She has described architectural details of houses in a way that is beyond belief. She truly has a gift Thanks for sharing it Challon!


Super accurate!
By: A.

I have had many readings with Challon and find her to be scary accurate. She is so easy to talk with and able to provide information that is easily validated. Very good!


You rock girl
By: london

I have been talking with challon for months now. She has help me with all my problems. Everything she has told me came true, even gave me correct time lines. She even said things he would say. And surprisingly he said everything she said. Thanks so much challon. I recommend u try her.