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All time Eastern Standard Time.


Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Years Experience: 5 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Mediums & Reaching Beyond, Life Questions, Soulmate Connections, Breaking Up & Divorce, Tarot Advisors, Tarot Advisors, Marriage & Family

HOURS: Noon to 3PM and 9PM to Midnight EST

Challon has always done psychic readings for friends, acquaintances and family over the years without monetary gains. Her reward was knowing she had helped those in need to gain the insight and knowledge they sought.

Challon is precognitive, clairvoyant, psychic and medium. She uses the tarot as one of her aids as her grandmother did many years ago. Her gifts have been passed to her from her grandmother and she is proud to honor her by walking closely in her footsteps.

Psychic Pet Readings, and Pet Healings for sick animals as well.

IN CHALLONS OWN WORDS: I care deeply about people and their problems, I only wish to help and feel so sad when clients are sad, I hope to help anyone that needs help because I care with much compassion for everyone.  

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By: Jen2000

Thank u Challon!



Amazing. She was able to give me a lot of insight into my situation. She gave me names of people that I wasn't even thinking about. I was shocked. She even told me my ex boyfriends name and we haven't been together for 3 yrs. She said he still has strong feelings for me but I only see him as a friend and he knows that. Give her a call, you won't be sorry.


awesome as always
By: cowkid

I have been talking with Challon for about 8 months now and her reading have always been pretty on spot and other advisors that I have double checked with have all came to the same conclusions and now I see that the things that she has told me months ago are starting to come into play now......Thanks Challon for always being there for me ;)


Pulls Names Out of Thin Air
By: A.

I am absolutely amazed every time Challon is able to pull names out of thin air. I will ask her about a topic, and she will ask, "Who is (name)?" It's not like she's giving me a bunch of names, or asking for initials. The name just comes to her and its the person I am speaking of. This has happened several times with her, and it shocks me each time. Challon doesn't seem to be that impressed with it, but I am very impressed! It speaks volumes about her ability to tap into something that we just don't understand. Thank you Challlon for all your wonderful readings. It's always a pleasure!


5 stars
By: penbur

Giving a 5 star even though I am waiting for something to come to pass


By: jodine

another great reading with her in less then 5 minutes she provided all that i wanted to know about my situation with my kids father and told me to just wait and will see what the future have for me i trust her words cause she never fail to deliver the good and the bad to me.


your the best
By: cowkid

i have had several readings with Challon over the past months and is always straight with her findings, she will also suggest checking with other advisors which I have done and the out come with other advisors is always the same as Challons, its just that some things take time and its hard to learn as she would say.....exhale....lol..


one of the best

Challon is wonderful. She helps me see where I am unable and gives great guidance. She is truley wise and has become a great friend. Thank you so much for everything Challon I will definitly talk to you soon.


the best

Challon has helped me through many difficult time and has become a great friend and advisor


Great Reader

Truely gifted one of the best on here. Give her a call if you want the real deal