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Challon has always done psychic readings for friends, acquaintances and family over the years without monetary gains. Her reward was knowing she had helped those in need to gain the insight and knowledge they sought.

Challon is precognitive, clairvoyant, psychic and medium. She uses the tarot as one of her aids as her grandmother did many years before her. Her gifts have been passed to her from her grandmother and she is proud to honor her by walking closely in her footsteps.

Psychic Pet Readings, and Pet Healings for sick animals as well. 

In Challon's own words: I care deeply about people and their problems, I only wish to help and feel so sad when clients are sad, I hope to help anyone that needs help because I care with much compassion for everyone.

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2/14/2016 3:42:40 AM UTC
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Praise for Challon

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Challon's happy clients have to say.

"compassionate and accurate "

Challon is a compassionate and accurate physic. She is incredible gifted and I rate her as a 5 outstanding

- Staying Alive

"good reading"

Time frame was a little off (she told me an event would come to pass in a matter of days and it ended up being several weeks), but prediction did eventually come to pass

- Mistressleia

"Great reading!"

Great insight!

- penbur


She is always accurate specially with unexpected money coming ... at times she comes at you with a random name that has never passed if i knew someone with that name.. never come to pass but everything else is on point.

- Dolly

"Thank you"

Challon, Thank you for providing accurate insight about a dilemma I am facing. Everything you have said has been right and helped me prepare for the outcomes as they evolved.

- Staying Alive

"The best "

So sweet crazy good and soso so on point and goes above and beyond for her clients love her 5 million star ++++++++++

- Tluv

"The Best!"

One of the best, if not the best. On the money, so on point. Excellent with timing and with names. Empathic with her clients and very passionate about her work. I could go on and on… Challon is the total package!

- AP

"the BEST!!!"

Crazy good insight! I got a specific warning that was needed

- penbur


Great with names and information!

- penbur


She made an extremely helpful warning that I needed to hear

- penbur


Thanks! Great psychic,

- Lolia

"One of the best!"

One of a couple of people I will spend my money on! Dead ON!

- Shamarielkf

"Gifted and Amazing woman! ! "

Thank you for sharing your are calming and accurate and fun! It has been a true blessing to have you along on my journey. Love to you always!

- mtnditti

"Highly Recommend"

Challon was right on about everything so far. She predicted several things in my life that would take place just 4 days ago and so far several of them came to pass just as she said. Still waiting for one more thing to take place but that is not supposed to happen for another few months. Would highly recommend her!!

- Deborah

"very nice"

i can see why she is top. I had good news...but i hope she wasn't giving me false hope. i have to wait and see.

- psychicaddict

"Accurate and Doesn't waste your time!"

Challon has a great style I love speaking with her and her predictions come true. One of the most underrated readers on the site

- Beth

"Accurate Reading"

Challon was absolutely correct and her predictions unfolded that night. I had some doubt when I heard it from her but then it all came to pass Amazing!!!

- Beth

"good reading"

good reading, thanks

- Mistressleia

"good reading"

good reading, she always makes me laugh, would be a great reading though if she went into more detail

- Mistressleia

"on the money but....."

I hope I get a new assignment soon....I'm getting chewed out by tenants.

- indira