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Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Years Experience: 18 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Life Questions, Career & Finances, Pet Psychics, Dream Interpretation, Looking for Love, Soulmate Connections, Marriage & Family , Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating, Tarot Advisors, Astrologers, Astrologers, Horoscope Compatibility, Spirit Guides, Angel Readings, Religion, Meditation, I-Ching, Feng Shui, Numerology

About Iris

Iris has a talent for providing insight, clarity and direction at every step.  She is known for being exceptionally kind, compassionate, and very accurate.  Dedicated to her clients, she provides clear, usable, information and delivers it with respect and understanding.  Her ultimate goal is to help others find greater peace of mind and personal success.   

Iris has been psychic her entire life and has been practicing as a professional advisor for over 20 years.  Psychic ability runs in Iris’ family, so it was no surprise that she inherited the gift of clairvoyance.  She first knew she was psychic as a young girl when her dreams began coming true.   Over the years she has had many spiritual teachers and mentors in metaphysics, astrology, numerology, world religion and meditation.  She has taught workshops on psychic phenomenon,  dream interpretation and understanding the signs and messages that are shown to us by spirit.  No matter what unexpected challenges life brings us, the Divine remains the content, unchangeable dependable force that guides us through it all.  

In her consultations, Iris relies mostly on her psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and clairaudience.  She also tarot cards, as well as life coaching and personal empowerment tools.  The scope of her readings is broad, covering love, relationships, friendships, and workplace dynamics.  Of course, what is ultimately most important is one’s relationship with oneself.  She is also known to cover issues related to everyday stress, dating, marriage, divorce, finance, career, personal development spirituality, goal setting, listening skills and use of intuition.  She demonstrates compassion beyond belief, yet manages to infuse her sense of humor when the time is right. 

Iris says her true satisfaction is helping people find their answers to life’s challenges and mysteries.  When you call her, you deserve the truth, clarity and authentic psychic insight.  Her greatest reward has been knowing that she has helped many find peace of mind, confidence in their relationship, and trust in themselves.  The greatest compliment she has received professionally is being told that she has a made a difference in someone’s life. 

 “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  - Aesop

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WWWwow ! 7/17/14
By: vaganova

this was super.. every psychic I talked to on this line said the same keyword, jealousy, when I asked what was the problem behind my guy's male ex-friend (but not lover!) ..most psychics said this other guy wanted me. but I didn't get why he had to be so cruel if he liked me? my regular counselor said the point was really that this male-ex-.. was jealous of ME, my life.. and last night 1100 supplied a missing piece (word of explanation) -- Girls Shouldn't Be So Successful, they shouldn't outdo us men! ..was her reading this crook's mind! i had to burst out in laughter.. but finally, i'm all done with this problematic guy. that was really something, 1100 really got to the center and verbalized it pellucidly.


By: Cali Gal

So reliable, patient and very accurate. A pleasure to speak with and always provides excellent insight. Wonderful!


She must be right...
By: I-delle

Let me write a feedback for last night (June 26, 2014). I already asked a couple of my regulars the same question over many moonths about my body. Everybody said the same thing: I'm okay, not broken, and I will be okay in the future as well. Iris said the same thing last night. I was worried that my body changed, but Iris said the change (over the years) was Not Significant, and I was basically the same, allright. (Doctors aren't able to identify the matter unless something drastic happened..) After the reading, I checked myself again' and was convinced she was right! I'm so relieved...!


Best Answer
By: I-delle

She's my Grand Prix winner for providing the best answer to my latest question! I couldn't catch my regular counselor, so I tried 3 other advisors this week. Iris' answer of last night, in just 14 minutes, was the Absolute Best!! "He wants you to TRUST him in matters that involve Other Men." Nothing can beat that!! Made absolute sense in my situation! His behavior was so puzzling these two days. Nobody else gave me such an important point in this particular matter we are facing now (June5-10, 2014). Iris, thank you so much for your invaluable answer...!!


By: bmr961

Iris was my first ever reading, and I have to say that she did a wonderful job of delivering advice in a soothing way. She managed to make me feel more relaxed about my situation both times I have talked to her, and she didn't come across as just trying to tell me what I wanted to here or make vague statements. She stuck to her guns the second time we spoke, so I'm hoping to see how accurate it all turns out in the next couple weeks-- will definitely update then


6 years now
By: jodine

this woman rock all she have told me have come to pass for me i have been talking to her now over 6 years she tell me the good and the bad so i believe her when she say its not over for me and my kids father around summer a lot will change .


Very good
By: penbur

Told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear


By: penbur

Gave honest and truthful reading


By: dhoward1308@yahoo.com

Thank you Iris for the great reading..... I'll be calling you back


By: honeey

As always great reading right on target