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About Dianne
Wise beyond her years, Dianne is a very upbeat and accurate psychic who has been giving psychic readings for approximately 10 years. However she has known that she was gifted from a very early age. This gift was passed on to her from a strong lineage of extremely gifted clairvoyants, allowing her to be ready and able to assist you in all areas of concern. 

Dianne is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and works with all types of relationships, whether romantic, platonic or casual.

To aid her readings, Dianne uses the Tarot, Angel Cards and Pendulum. She will read with or without a question, but prefers that you start off by providing her with the troubling issue that made you call in the first place, so that she can immediately focus her energy in the right area. She will also converse with your angels and spirit guides to give you a more definitive response. She is quick to provide the information you are seeking and does not judge or discriminate.  

Dianne's readings are always honest with a strong dose of kindness and compassion. 


6/25/2021 11:10:28 AM UTC
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Praise for Dianne

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Dianne's happy clients have to say.

"Very Cool"

She is cool and if she's having a bad day, as the client- you'd never know. She has the ability to inspire and soothe with her cheerful voice every time she answers your call. She has been very consistent with her responses and does not waste your money. Did I say, very accurate? She gets right to your concerns with no extra chatter that takes you down an unnecessary path. Love her!

- T In Maryland

"Always Great!"

Love talking with Dianne to get updates on my near future and plans to move forward. Thank you for the reassurance. I could talk to you for hours. I will call you again when I need some comfort and future vision.

- Giddyup


I love Dianne's ability to see the vision so well. Thank you for such talent and positives in my dire situation.

- Giddyup


Just speaking with Dianne will give you a mood boost. She always presents with a positive tone, yet she is not going to blow smoke up your @#$%^. I've enjoyed every minute of our consultations. She is always on point and will help to refocus you back to the realities she sees should your ego begin to take you down the rabbit hole ;-) I wish she offered more availability- but hey-we all have other lives to engage. Meanwhile, because she does not waste time or your money- the info you are able to obtain is beyond enough to fill you up for months. She is good with sharing what is happening in real time, but can advice about future events just the same. Call, be open, be honest, you will not be disappointed.

- Maryland


5 words, Dianne is Open, Honest, Accurate!

- Maryland

"Filled to The Rim With Positive Energy"

I've engaged at least 3 calls with Dianne, and never has she wavered. She is very clear in her reflections will little information requested of you as the caller. She referred to me as the Capricorn within her reading though I had not shared that I am in fact a Capricorn. She taps in so quickly to spirit, you will not have to question whether she is holding back on info, or in any way wasting your money. I've found her to be very pleasant and very accurate. If you'd like a first or second opinion or feedback of your situation- Dianne is the woman to hire!

- Tamara

"Wow- Dianne Is Amazing!"

My regulars were not on, so I thought I'd give Dianne a whirl as her reviews were stellar. Why not, there is a holiday special. I must say, she reminds me of my regulars- very direct yet compassionate, does not need information from the caller, and does not mind answering general questions. If your concerns start to surface she will refocus you onto the reason you called and what she sees in order to not waste your money on emotional matters not really related to the final outcome. Loved it! She is worth the 5 star reviews, very accurate based on what she shared. Based on my experience, her pricing will go up, quickly to the $499 range, she is that good- so do connect with her sooner than later! Saying she is excellent does not mean the others I've reviewed is less great, it just means that this young woman is great as well in a different yet appreciated manner :-)

- Tamara


Diane is my favorite always so positive and caring.. Excellent details. Very Accurate... Thank you so much...

- Giddyup


Another great find......Thank you so much for putting me at ease.. Will be another go to advisor for help and understanding.

- RG

"Lovely, Kind, Professional"

She impressed me with her accuracy, she told me that I will see the man I love on November 26 and it really happened. She also pick up very clearly the person's emotions and personality. I recommend her because she is lovely and kind and very professional

- Querubin


great reading

- Mistressleia

"Excellent, As Always!"

Dianne is quick, honest and accurate! Thanks!

- CaliGal


She made me feel so much better. This has been a rough month for me.

- indira

"Amazing Reading Dianne!"

Many thanks Dianne for another amazing reading and much affirmation to you on your predictions! It was wonderful to connect with my Dad so clearly. I shed a happy tear and God Bless you. You've been a wonderful help to me. I appreciate you very much!

- Earthy Angel

"Call her now "

I will call her again. She picked up quickly on current and past situations. Accurate about contact as well. Good upbeat energy unlike others I've spoken to on here. Give Dianne a call! She is AWESOME!

- Bdaycakeremix

"Nothing short of Amazing!!"

She tuned in with little to no information from me and really described the person in question to a Tee!!. Very gifted psychic, she really helped clear so many of the doubts I had. Can't wait to speak to her again!.

- spiritangel

"Nothing short of Amazing!"

She tuned in with little to no information from me and really described the person in question to a Tee!!. Very gifted psychic, she really helped clear so many of the doubts I had. Can't wait to speak to her again!.

- Spiritangel

"Effective Reading"

Quick, direct and practically effective advice.

- Speedygo

"So Supportive"

Dianne has been comforting in this painful time for me! She won't always tell you what you want to hear...but always speaks the truth!

- over it!

"Excellent Psychic!"

Dianne is a truly excellent psychic. Very quick to tune in, and accurate. She has picked up on a lot of details, including names of people. Such a pleasure speaking with her. Honest, straight forward and accurate. Thanks!

- Supernova


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