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Nancy has been a legal assistant, teacher, camp counselor, fund raising chairman and a youth leader for Boy Scouts and Camp Fire for 10 years.

She was born a humanitarian and loves helping people. The self gratification she receives is when she knows she has made a difference in helping someone. The psychic work she has done for more than 15 years is a strong drive within her. She wants you to be the best you can be. She will give you the guidance needed so you can realize or see yourself from your greatest potential.

Although her responses to you might seem blunt, because you called to get answers she believes the best approach is to get right to the point. She will not evade or beat around your question.

Nanci says, “The past is etched in stone. The present melts in with the future. The guidance I give, when you hang up is up to you. Only you can make it 100%"  Her accuracy in time frames is excellent.

Why don’t you see for yourself and give her a call.


12/8/2022 4:46:07 PM UTC
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Praise for Nanci

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Nanci's happy clients have to say.


Fantastic reader

- Lisa/virgo

"Love her!"

Nanci is incredible! I don't even want to speak to any other advisor: she has said things so SPOT ON that it's amazing. Call her!

- Lisa/virgo

"Always accurate "

Nanci is always on target and the best reader I've ever had

- Lisa/virgo

"Nanci is amazing!"

Always spot on! I love talking to her. She's real and to the point- best call you can maje

- Lisa/virgo

"Call her"

Nanci is amazing and she never disappoints me. She's honest, to the point but always kind. Well worth the call

- Lisa/virgo

"My Favorite"

I feel like shes always honest with me, and don't just tell me what I want to hear

- newwave1006


Nanci's readings are always clear, to the point and her timelines are incredibly accurate

- LD


Her timelines are extremely accurate! Excellent reader

- Lisa/virgo


Nanci is amazing

- Lisa/virgo


She's amazing

- Lisa/virgo

"Nanci is amazing!"

I call her almost weekly. She is spot on as far as timeframes go! She is to the point and doesn't waste any time. She truly is trying to help me in every way she can. One time I asked her when he would be contacting me and she said within the hour. I hung up from her and he texted me within 20 minutes. If you want to know when something is going to happen, talk to Nanci. Very nice, sincere and wants to help you solve your problem. She can tell you what your significant others are thinking, feeling, etc. I can't believe she isn't rated as high as Serena or some others. I have talked to them as well (when Nanci isn't available) and their timeframes weren't spot on like her's. I will call her every single time if possible!

- MC


Nanci is incredible. Her timelines are so accurate it's scary!! I highly, highly recommend her

- Lisa/virgo

"So good"

She's so good- especially with time frames!!

- Lisa/virgo


Awesome as always!

- Lisa/virgo

"Impeccably accurate "

Just when I think - oh no, she can't be right about this- she is!! Love her!

- Lisa/virgo


Wow. Just wow

- Anonymous

"Incredible Advisor"

She is incredible. So accurate and clear

- Lisa/virgo

"The best!"

Nanci has told me things months in advance that have come to pass! I highly recommend her

- Lisa/virgo


I had a wonderful reading with Nanci, there were many situations she was able to connect with. Very amazing! I will definitely contact her again.

- Alaska

"Accurate! not always what you want to hear though"

Honest and straightforward!

- penbur


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