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Nancy has been a legal assistant, teacher, camp counselor, fund raising chairman and a youth leader for Boy Scouts and Camp Fire for 10 years.

She was born a humanitarian and loves helping people. The self gratification she receives is when she knows she has made a difference in helping someone. The psychic work she has done for more than 15 years is a strong drive within her. She wants you to be the best you can be. She will give you the guidance needed so you can realize or see yourself from your greatest potential.

Although her responses to you might seem blunt, because you called to get answers she believes the best approach is to get right to the point. She will not evade or beat around your question.

Nanci says, “The past is etched in stone. The present melts in with the future. The guidance I give, when you hang up is up to you. Only you can make it 100%"  Her accuracy in time frames is excellent.

Why don’t you see for yourself and give her a call.


12/8/2022 4:46:24 PM UTC
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Praise for Nanci

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Nanci's happy clients have to say.


Nanci is extreamly accurate and to the point

- Lisa/virgo


Nanci is the absolute best

- Lisa/virgo

"short and to the point"

Said she sees my man proposing at the end of summer, Aug/Sept, which is along the same lines as what some other readers have told me. She was very quick and to the point, but the connection wasn't really there

- Mistressleia


Nanci just blows my mind. She was right about legal issues coming down the pike for him. She just told me his next court date was June 8 or 10. Well its the 8th. It was confirmed she was dead on about his controlling wife. WOW. I will always come back to Nanci.

- miakimb

"Great reading"

She tuned right in and was very fast at delivering information. Some told me things that I didn't even ask her so that was proof that she is definetly a gifted psychic!. I will call her again soon.

- spiritangel

"Nanci was right!"

Wow!!! Nancy was right on time she told me things about my ex that I didnt even tell her and she is very quick...I recommend her I can't believe she is not one of the highest rated. She is Awesome!

- Cancer Nature


Nanci knows how to pack a lengthy reading into a short amount of time. Just ask your question, and she will run with it. She's very quick, direct and honest. Excellent with timelines and predictions. Be prepared for very clear and concise answers and have your pen ready!

- Morgana

"Completely amazing"

Nanci gave me a reading of completely amazing, a fame of time to focus on and some cautions to look out for, overall gave hope to a unknowing situation, thanks

- scm2

"good result"

good result wait and see

- stefanie


Excellent as always

- Lisa/virgo

"So Accurate"

Nanci is super accurate. I was reading over some notes from a reading last Fall and cam e across her predictions. Most times I don't write things down, but this time I did. Her predictions were very accurate and her time was super. I hope the rest of her predictions fall into line. So far she has been right with all that she has said. She is very quick with information, and gives lots of details in a short amount of time. Take note - what she says does come to pass,. Great!

- Venus in Libra


Nanci is awesome. She gets right to the point and speaks plainly so you can understand. I highly recommend her

- Lisa/virgo


Always direct, always honest and ALWAYS accurate!

- Lisa/virgo



- Lisa/virgo

"Good direction"

After I talk to Nanci, I always feel better. She has a way of giving true direction without being opinionated

- Lisa/virgo

"Quick and Direct"

Nanci is direct. She will give you as much information in as little time as possible. There is no beating around the bush, and she tells it like it is. She is not afraid to speak of the bad, as well as good. I appreciate her honesty. And her accuracy.

- CaliGal


I gave Nanci a call with a question about a potential relocation and she was great. She provided me with a timeline, and an understanding of the process. She was quick and to the point. Tried to give me as much information as possible in the time I had. Thanks!

- Rose Gold

"to the point"

Quick, to the point, helpful, pleasant

- sassy_v

"Always Accurate"

Excellent reader. Always accurate. Always great to talk to.

- Lisa/virgo

"Predictions Come to Pass"

More than once Nanci has said things that afterwards come to pass and I think "WOW she was right again!" She is the best!!

- Lisa/virgo


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