Amber of Salem
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Welcome, I am Amber of Salem and I would love to assist you with your love life, finances and day-to-day life issues. I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts; therefore the metaphysical world has been a way of life for me.

My experience is vast. For over 40 years I have worked with people in all professions. I have appeared on numerous television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and in tourist maps throughout New England and Florida.

I have advised many in matters of the heart. I will work with you to help you resolve any issues concerning breakups, compatibility and how people relate to each other.

Finances are on everyone’s mind. Let me guide you on the best times to apply for a job, advance on the job you have now, or start your own business.

Helping and empowering you in life is my top priority. Let me start now.

Amber of Salem awaits you!


6/25/2021 9:28:19 AM UTC
Time available

Praise for Amber of Salem

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Amber of Salem's happy clients have to say.


Amazing. I was reassured with several things that are already true which made me feel this was a honest reading. Thank and I will be calling back

- Maya.foster

"I'm grateful for her clear and accurate insights "

I spoke with Amber for the very first time and there was an instant connection. I gave her only the basic information and she took over and told me things that were very truthful. I'm grateful for her clear and accurate insights and will definitely call her again, thank you Amber of Salem God Bless you !!

- PG

"very satisfied"

Amber is very friendly. I like discussing my problems with her and she always has a very good advice. I will call her back. Timing-wise I still have to see if things come true.

- Trip

"*****5*****5 Stars"

Whenever I call Amber, she stays true to what she sees. She never changes her story, there is always free will and dates can change but she is always confident and I trust her ability. I always believe you have to be clear with your question and whom you are asking about. This is not an exact science, but a guide to tap into another persons energy. Amber is the best when it comes to guiding you. If you want true guidance and you are open then call Amber she will not disappoint. Be open and clear with your question. Thank you Amber... I will believe in what you told me and focus on what I want. I will call again. And lets hope this filler in girl gets a clue.

- miakimb


Probably good reader if ou want astrology reading...I didn't so was a little disappointed.

- scar

"So reassuring"

Amber is reassuring and great!

- miakimb


Picked up well and connected with what I wanted to know :) thank you!



Hope what you say comes true.

- Leslierm

"Highly talented"

I wish there were more ratings in between 5 stars and 4 stars.. Amber of Salem is very accurate in reading feelings (especially men's). I just wish she could've tuned in more to *my* suffering over one of my biological relatives, and gave me a reading standing close to my side.. Her talents are real. Worth a try, for sure, especially if you are lost about what somebody else is feeling/thinking.

- *libra*rising


not much of a connection

- penbur

"good advice"

she told me to be patient to wait to see what happen with kids father didnt said by when but told me we not over

- jodine

"Excellent Advisor"

Outstanding Psychic

- drron

"She was Professional and Quick"

I liked her very much, she was fast and she didn't waste my money.

- Diaz1122


I was in a low place that day, didn't even ask all the questions I wanted...but she was on target. Would love to talk with her again

- towanda2437


good accurate reader she told me good things to do will call her again about my kids dad

- jodine

"Great Reading!"

Thank you Amber you are always so clear and accurate. Thank you! Beth

- bethm1234

"Wonderful and great insight"

Great and concise, I really like her.

- sweetgirl

"I love this reader"

She is on in the mornings which helps when you've had a rough night. She is brief and to the point...not a lot of details...but she has been completely right... completely!

- hope54

"Lots of information"

Amber focuses very quickly on what is at the heart of the matter in a short amount of time. She spoke with encouragement, energy and gave some times. We'll see if the timing is correct. Thank you for your friendly manner Amber.



Amber of Salem is very comforting when she is talking to you. She is knowledgeable about whats going on in your life. She will answer all your questions clearly.

- Miss S.C.


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