Amber of Salem
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Welcome, I am Amber of Salem and I would love to assist you with your love life, finances and day-to-day life issues. I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts; therefore the metaphysical world has been a way of life for me.

My experience is vast. For over 40 years I have worked with people in all professions. I have appeared on numerous television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and in tourist maps throughout New England and Florida.

I have advised many in matters of the heart. I will work with you to help you resolve any issues concerning breakups, compatibility and how people relate to each other.

Finances are on everyone’s mind. Let me guide you on the best times to apply for a job, advance on the job you have now, or start your own business.

Helping and empowering you in life is my top priority. Let me start now.

Amber of Salem awaits you!


1/17/2021 5:23:18 AM UTC
Time available

Praise for Amber of Salem

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- Jakmeister

"the best"

Amber is a great psychic

- tina3703


I liked amber she is acurite sorry it was short

- starfire77

"Thank you"

Thank you

- varran78


she is so good i tell all my friends to call her

- tina3703


good great love her

- tina3703

"Easy to talk to"

She has a great personality...predictions are hit and miss though.

- 35viv04


On point ! Thank you!

- Jakmeister

"Good Advice"

She gives good advice.

- larasila

"very informative about what I need to do"

Good at using what she sees and giving you advice on what you could do

- larasila

"Very insightful"

Left me feeling good about my future and gave me insight about myself that helped clarify what I was feeling

- larasila


Amber, you gave me a little guidance, you told me to email you and i am waiting for your reply, i am in bthe need of your guidnace immediately.

- brie1960


Wonderful right on track

- reveV


She is wonerful, a great reading with Amber!

- MiaSk404

"Great Reader!!!"

Great Reader!!!

- mar222


excellent reading

- Promised



- Promised



- bonnielynn


Thank you amber - I am not conferring with anyone else after two readings with you. Everything came true AND within your timeline. YOU are the real thing. Now I have new questions. Looking forward to calling you!!!! Eve

- satinsteel

"Good Reading!"

Enjoyed speaking to Amber for my very first reading and I am looking very forward to speaking with her again!

- jbtforme


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