Miranda Caldwell
Ext. 1185
Price: $2.99

Miranda Caldwell is a Master Psychic, Esoteric Astrologer, Dream Analyst, Life Coach and an ancient Egyptian Tarot reader.

Miranda is bilingual and will read for you in English or Spanish.

With over 50 years of experience, you will find her knowledge vast. Blessed from childhood, Miranda has God given knowledge and powers to help you obtain your individual guidance and answers in areas of relationships, prosperity, career, religion and all other complex matters of this life time.


1/17/2021 5:29:49 AM UTC
Time available

Praise for Miranda Caldwell

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Miranda Caldwell's happy clients have to say.


Great reading.

- a.

"Excellent Advisor!"

My two top advisors, Miranda CAldwell and Tony.

- Romanaire

"Good reading of spiritual nature"

Relies mostly on astrology, I think.

- Romanaire

"Sweet sweet lady"

She is so nice and down to earth. Fabulous insights.

- annabella

"Great advisor and LADY"

This advisor is like talking to my mother and my best friend in one! She is extremely wise and talented in the psychic arts. Her accuracy is right on! Thanks for providing true psychics and not flaky rip-offs like that phony network, Keen.com. PsychicPower is the only authentic psychic site I've found or would consider using in the future. Kudos to Miranda Caldwell!, -Dawn "Romanaire"

- Romanaire

"Best Advisor on this site!"

Hi, I want to recommend Miranda Caldwell as the "best advisor on this site." She is fast, in-depth, and most importantly, she has been accurate. I love her wisdom and talents. She also is a great dame, in the sense of a classy lady far above the pack. I admire that immensely. Thanks again, Psychic Power, and pass on the kudos to Miranda, please :) -Dawn, Romanaire

- Romanaire

"once again, Miranda Caldwell delivers!! "

Hi, Psychic Power, 'Just a note to tell you that, once again, Miranda Caldwell delivers!! Each and every time I call her I am amazed, spiritually comforted, and learn so much. You have a jewel with this advisor. She is my favorite for a good reason. Accuracy. Thanks again, -DB

- Romanaire

"a most favorable experience"

Hi PsychicPower, I want to report a most favorable experience, once again, with advisor Miranda Caldwell. This lady (and I do mean lady) is very talented/gifted and each and every time I speak with her I am amazed at her accuracy. I used to give business to Keen.com, but that site is full of fakes, impostors, charlatans, liars, and deceivers. PsychicPower, on the other hand, is legitimate. I am happy I found your service! Thanks again, -DB

- DB



- Bella5

"incredibly talented..."

Hi, I have been calling your advisor, Miranda Caldwell for a while now, and I just want you to know that this woman is incredibly talented. She is extremely accurate, detailed, and her explanations are clear and understandable. I have tried a few other advisors on your site, but Miranda, ext. 1185, is my "go-to-girl!" Thanks for your service, it is appreciated

- DB


Seemed to pause a lot and not utilize time wisely.



I am giving three stars because I believe that is a good rating. I was not satisfied or extremely satisfied so she gets three stars. Miranda just seemed to get a little back ground and then she would ask me what I thought about the situation. She did not have any real advice.




- Puchungo


Thank you

- Puchungo

"Great Advisor"

I speak to her all the time, and she is great!!! Just waiting on my predictions!!!!!

- nadiapeck

"just wating"

enyoyed ever minute just waiting for the predictions

- nadiapeck

"1 of the best"

I am waiting on these predications to come true!!!!!

- nadiapeck

"Great Advisor "

1 of the best

- nadiapeck

"Not bad"

I need to wait for two months and see if it comes true. I will leave a feedback then.

- Gala



- nadiapeck


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