Miranda Caldwell
Ext. 1185
Price: $2.99

Miranda Caldwell is a Master Psychic, Esoteric Astrologer, Dream Analyst, Life Coach and an ancient Egyptian Tarot reader.

Miranda is bilingual and will read for you in English or Spanish.

With over 50 years of experience, you will find her knowledge vast. Blessed from childhood, Miranda has God given knowledge and powers to help you obtain your individual guidance and answers in areas of relationships, prosperity, career, religion and all other complex matters of this life time.


1/17/2021 5:33:56 AM UTC
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Praise for Miranda Caldwell

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Miranda Caldwell's happy clients have to say.

"unsure more like astrology sigs reading"

Miranda is a very nice lady, but not sure ot was a "psychic" reading rather then comparing astrological signs, wanted and needed more information from a psychic point of view.

- kccat97

"Great reading!"

I have had several readings with Miranda and I think she is amazing! Everytime I speak to her she is dead on! She made some predications and I can't wait to see them happen! Thanks Miranda!

- joyful


My reading with Miranda was amazing. She hit the nail right on the head and I can't wait for the results to come true.

- Tutapie


Not sure how to rate this experience. I called for a quick second opinion and was not told what I wanted to hear. I ended the reading at that. On the one had I'm confused, on the other I'm grateful she told what she believed to be the truth. I really didn't give Miranda time to explain so I must thank her for her honestly. She was kind and polite and these people do the best with the time they have! Keep that in mind when you call!

- anonymous


- manifester1


- brokenheart2


- brokenheart2


- brokenheart2

"Strong Connection and Encourager"

I really appreciate your gift and willingness to speak into my life and situation. I was really helped and encouraged by talking with you. Thanks and be blessed in the upcoming year.

- rwitcher


Very confident in her reading, great connection...told me exactly what i wanted to hear; I really hope she's right! Will know by dec. If it does come true I will definitely call her back n give her a 5star rating.10 if possible!=)

- deflores07


Was nice but no connection She zeored in on ap ast relationship with a guy who is a fraud and bigamist and stated that he was trying to come back to me as a changed person. After several trials to reconcile with this guy, it is not meant for me to be with this 'con man", so I do not have alot of faith in this advisor's ability. Was not very insightful or helpful. However did state a couple of things that were accurate, but my love life she did noeven come close to the mark.

- celesrn


I am very glad I chose her to speak to! She is very true and honest. She had a lot of confidence and was sure of the things she said! She is the real deal...go for it!

- capo


- gsrider

"Some skill but"

She was hard to keep focused, she kept going off track, I think she is psychic

- David


- Promised

"A True Mystic "

Miranda is truly a gifted mystic and psychic. She has the ability to tap into your situation and give quality advice and predictions. She is extremely wise and has great understanding of the metaphysical world. I highly recommend her.

- Amandine


- tazmanian


- tazmanian


- Diana

"Soothing insight"

Thanks for the confirmation you gave me with what I already feel. It was very soothing advice.

- TamikaATL32


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