Amber of Salem
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Welcome, I am Amber of Salem and I would love to assist you with your love life, finances and day-to-day life issues. I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts; therefore the metaphysical world has been a way of life for me.

My experience is vast. For over 40 years I have worked with people in all professions. I have appeared on numerous television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and in tourist maps throughout New England and Florida.

I have advised many in matters of the heart. I will work with you to help you resolve any issues concerning breakups, compatibility and how people relate to each other.

Finances are on everyone’s mind. Let me guide you on the best times to apply for a job, advance on the job you have now, or start your own business.

Helping and empowering you in life is my top priority. Let me start now.

Amber of Salem awaits you!


8/7/2020 3:34:11 PM UTC
Time available

Praise for Amber of Salem

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Amber of Salem's happy clients have to say.


Thank-you :)

- mattdamon


Thank-you :)

- mattdamon


Thank-you :)

- mattdamon

"Very Professional but expensive"

Love her... so far whatever she has told me was correct... she talks fast answers all the questions and seems to take the right amount of time to put everything into words clearly. I am REALLY Happy with her reading but she is a bit expensive for me. But totally worth it!

- zunni2012

"Awesome reading"

Amber is always the professional, you can tell she does this because she wants to help, absolutely love to speak to her and she is always on the money.

- Morcia

"One of my favorites"

Monday I called.. it went like this... ME: Amber, I am so tired of waiting for things to happen AMBER: Hold on, it will happen this week ME: No it won't. He never responds. He won't. I need to move on AMBER: I am telling you he will respond..Give him time. ME: Amber I am tired of false hope AMBER: Don't you give up on him! Wednesday:.. he responded.

- hope54


Great to talk to..

- mar222


pretty good

- missie


The advice that I was given was very helpful!

- Annette C.

"She is the best!"

I love talking to Amber! She is wonderful at what she does and I am honored to have her give me advice. She is a great reader and she helps me to improve myself, so I may live a happier and more productive life.

- Mimi


Great! I even recommended my friend and her too is excited about her reading. Amber you are the best and thank you so much.

- dimples101

"Amber is so intune"

I spoke to Amber a few weeks ago and everything she said would come to past sure did. I am waiting for the rest to happen and so excited to tell her all about it. Choose her because omg she is the best.

- dimples101

"Amber is the greatest "

I just wanted to say that Amber is the greatest she told me to wait on me boyfriend to get over his issues and that he would be back and she was right on the money. I would have fallen apart if not for her she fantastic...Thank You Amber

- TS

"Completely satisfied"

Amber I have to say thank you for your insist I am excited about whats to come. You were sincere and honest and was really intune with my situation to a T. I cant wait for your predictions to come to past. I will continue to call you for direction and I highly recommend you to others. Thank you Thank you Thank you again.

- dimples101

"Nice Person"

Great to talk to. Will let you know when predictions come to pass.

- mar222


She was very nice, we shall see if what she says comes true!

- Aloraluna


I enjoyed my reading with Amber. She was accurate and tapped into my situation quickly. I will use her again:)

- irie75

"Loved it, very accurate"

She did a great job at answering my relationship questions and described things accurately...I started seeing some of what she said happen the very next day...just hope the rest of the LT things she saw follow through also! Highly recommend, would use again!

- srs102077

"1 of the best"

I am waiting on these predications to come true!!!!!

- nadiapeck



- nadiapeck


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