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Welcome, I am Amber of Salem and I would love to assist you with your love life, finances and day-to-day life issues. I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts; therefore the metaphysical world has been a way of life for me.

My experience is vast. For over 40 years I have worked with people in all professions. I have appeared on numerous television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and in tourist maps throughout New England and Florida.

I have advised many in matters of the heart. I will work with you to help you resolve any issues concerning breakups, compatibility and how people relate to each other.

Finances are on everyone’s mind. Let me guide you on the best times to apply for a job, advance on the job you have now, or start your own business.

Helping and empowering you in life is my top priority. Let me start now.

Amber of Salem awaits you!


8/7/2020 3:34:43 PM UTC
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Praise for Amber of Salem

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- nadiapeck



- nadiapeck



- nadiapeck

"The best"

The best just waiting on things to come through

- nadiapeck


Looks beyond your questions to what your physical being isn't catching from your soul. A magnificent bridge and medium. "It never hurts a candle to light another candle."

- Ahimsa


I really enjoyed my conversation with Amber, she has great insight and moves quickly through the reading, as I only had 10 minutes this time. I would have liked to retreive more information but overall she was pretty good! I look forward to chatting with her again in the future. Thanks



Wonderful reader with a great spirit, accurate as well as caring

- scorpiospring

"Morning Solace"

Called Amber early one morning when I couldn't sleep. She spoke calmly and definitely about what she saw. I felt calmer and more optimistic by the end of the call. Well have to see if predictions come true. I believe they will!

- hope54


Information was too general.

- n2freedom


Amazing everytime!

- veronica2010


Amber has been great everytime that I speak to her.

- veronica2010

"Great Intuitive"

She picked up quickly with my situation with my boyfriend. She picked up that i do readings as well and she is my psychic from now on. Thank you so much me and my love are back together and happy then ever. You truly made me holidays. Thank you so much, u are very supportive and 100% accurate. I will call back soon.Very caring and compassionate, I wish you the best in your readings.



Amber has been very instrumental in keeping grounded when my head is up in the air. Very intelligent in witchery and in business. She has guided me thru different issues in my life and gave me a new perspective on alot of different problems. Thank you Amber and God Bless. I hope your circle was as great as mine this morning.

- lou

"Another great reading"

I always love reading with Amber. It's like talking to a friend. She answers questions directly but also "looks around the edges" to see if anything else impacts your questions. Always a pleasure!

- Mischu2621


- Ezzmee

"Ms. Salem"

I like you very much. However I'm not hopeful your romance prediction will come true. Nor am I all that interested in that person anymore since he has screwed up so many times and i feel like I was left holding the financial and emotional bag.

- Holly


She missed the specific prediction that came and went. I hope she is right about the more general predictions. Time will tell.

- Anony


Amber's nice, but this is a completely missed prediction.

- Disappointed

"Always wonderful"

Amber is always wonderful to talk to. I feel she takes her readings seriously and her clients as friends. I'm able to be better prepared after confirming with her.

- Karen


- critter


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