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Marva, also known as "Sister Love," was born with the gift of clairvoyance. She hails from three generations of a spiritually gifted lineage. As a small girl she started to realize she was receiving visions. As she got older her insight became keener and her visions became clearer making the ability of forecasting second nature to her and a major force in her life, ultimately sending her down the path of guidance and counseling.

Marva's specialty is “your successful future”. Her strengths are relationships, family issues, finances, career and all life issues. She is good with time frames and she understands all types of personalities. She will tell you if there is romance in your future, how to achieve a successful relationship, how to end a difficult relationship, how to move on from a difficult separation. She will know if your partner is right for you.

Let Marva help you convert that negative experience into positive gains by focusing on those specific changes that will bring about balance to your life and the people surrounding you.


12/4/2023 3:44:07 AM UTC
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Praise for Marva

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"Thank you "

Thank you for your help and patience for me and my question about this situation I am in

- Takia


Was a pleasure talking to her again she confirms that he will not get the house.

- stefanie

"Thank you "

Thank you for your help and patience with your wise words and support

- Takia

"Happy "

Thank you for making me feel better today about things and asking my questions

- Takia

"Thank you so much "

Thank you for your help today I appreciate it so much. I really was feeling sorry for myself but you really made me feel better about everything.

- Takia


God bless her she confirms that my job is safe. My manager and those associates want to get rid of me. Me calling EEO I will see the victory they will relocate and karma will get to this evil people. My husband is getting better she saw us happier and happier and buy a home. My mom will visit this year and later she will move here with us. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie

"Thank you!"

Very helpful thank you so much for your support and guidance

- Takia

"Wonderful "

Great reading she confirms that at work T and the other 3 will be moved to other locations including my manager by June. She told me that what they did to me was wrong and they will pay for it. My husband is very immature right now he always makes pour decision she see him changing in better during the summer as well. She suggests to do meditation on him while he sleeps to help him get out this nasty attitude that he have. Thanks again for your wonderful reading I will keep posted May God bless you more love stef

- stefanie

"Thank you"

for letting me get things off my chest and your help with my issues

- Takia


10/11/2019 reading she said Ex will come back. Will reconcile in 3/6months. Situation his in will end soon. See us sitting and talking..Dating etc.. What she see is happening now was so accurate. I am looking forward to per perdition. Thank you for comforting words at the end.. “ you will be fine” That touched me in all ways. It’s been a long 2.5 yrs. Ty

- *Star*


Always a pleasure talking to her. She gave me a lot of info and told me that he will be back here and married me

- stefanie

"Amazing! Love Marva’s honesty!"

Marva is a straight shooter. She was honest and told me my ex will not contact me, it’s over. I’m so thankful for her honesty. Most of my trusted readers tell me different, but I believe Marva because my ex never goes out of his way for me. I look forward to meeting the decent, good looking, financially stable, fun loving man in a couple of months. Also mentioned that my son will get a job promotion in 1 to 2 months with the same company. I will definitely post outcomes. Thank you kindly Marva!!

- LifeIsBeautiful

"She is a blessing!"

I wouldn't know what to do without this blessed woman. She is honest, insightful, peaceful, loving and yet gets to the depth of the issue so quick. She is straight-forward and firm and does not waste any time, which is quite remarkable and deserves respect. Really exceptional person she is. Thank you.

- brstar

"One of the Best- VERY UNDERRATED!"

Sista Love AKA Marva has been on point for years! I spoke with her 7 years ago at which time she presented the exact time frame I would move to a new location, along with what would transpire during my job search and hiring process. She has been spot on about items around my business, and just as spot on about relationships. I believe she has been grossly underrated because she is honest. She doesn't mean harm just want you to get the answers you need to move beyond your barriers- I've stayed away in the past when I wasn't ready for the TRUTH. Yet, when and if you are ready to stop wasting money, or have the life you desire materialize- CALL MARVA!

- In Maryland

"Outstanding and a truly great woman!"

She has a way of precisely knowing my concerns without me saying. She is fast, to the point and there is another layer of understanding and kindness. It is an extraordinary layer to her and her way of explaining things. She let you know what you need to know for moving forward without wasting any time.

- brstar

"Amazing & accurate!"

Love her! She is accurate, to the point, fast, doesn't waste minutes. Mind-blowing. A great woman.

- brstar

"An Incredible Woman"

At different phases of life, I've called on Marva a.k.a Sister Love. She has predicted matters exactly as they happened. She has been especially on in the area of business and career for me. She's been worth every penny.

- Maryland


Marva you are awesome, the real deal. Thanks!

- brazil*


She connected very well

- zariia863


I was nearly left in tears after my reading with Marva! tears of joy that is!. I felt the reading was so sincere and accurate, it had some good and not so good in it but in life that is reality and you can't always just hear the good. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an in depth reading and for giving me the nitty gritty on my situation. I will definetly call her again!

- spiritangel


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