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Marva, also known as "Sister Love," was born with the gift of clairvoyance. She hails from three generations of a spiritually gifted lineage. As a small girl she started to realize she was receiving visions. As she got older her insight became keener and her visions became clearer making the ability of forecasting second nature to her and a major force in her life, ultimately sending her down the path of guidance and counseling.

Marva's specialty is “your successful future”. Her strengths are relationships, family issues, finances, career and all life issues. She is good with time frames and she understands all types of personalities. She will tell you if there is romance in your future, how to achieve a successful relationship, how to end a difficult relationship, how to move on from a difficult separation. She will know if your partner is right for you.

Let Marva help you convert that negative experience into positive gains by focusing on those specific changes that will bring about balance to your life and the people surrounding you.


9/28/2023 1:05:54 AM UTC
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Praise for Marva

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Alright..... nothing more , nothing less.

- Aloraluna

"Tuned Like A Radio!"

I was really amazed at her accuracy... I asked her one question and she went on to tell me things that were true to form.. I would say overall very good reading...

- Diaz1122

"Love Sister Love!"

Wonderful reading! Made me take a look at myself when I was blaming others. Priceless. Thank you!

- Mimi


Told me that ill have a job offer within 10 days. Really excited hope this prediction come to pass. thanks so much

- bella31


this reading from 9.5.11 was accurate, but it completely contradicted the reading I had with her on 8.4.11. don't know if her strategy is to split the baby.

- 35viv04


Reading wasn't as strong as before.

- n2freedom

"Very nice"

Great insight on a person's persona. Timelines were accurate.

- n2freedom

"Thank You!"

She is the best - thanks for the update!

- RoseGarden

"Correct Prediction - Thank you!"

You told me I would hear from the person in question this week (before 11 December) - you were 100% correct. They contacted me today and we had a very nice exchange. Thanks so much for your great support - look forward to chatting with you soon.

- Anonymous

"Right on the Money"

She is right on the money and appears to be authentic in her psychic abilities.

- Angie


- babygirl19


- PattersonLove7981


She picked up on my particular concern immediately, and was able to guide me the right way. I hope that her positive insight comes true within the next few weeks. Thank you.

- PattersonLove7981


totaly awsome

- richard


your words were fast incredible and on the spot thank you for your words unbeileivably awsome

- rich


Thank you for your reading. I look forward to our next reading. Time will tell what comes next.

- Why Worry


- 24zp16


- 24zp16


- 24zp16


- 24zp16


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