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Marva, also known as "Sister Love," was born with the gift of clairvoyance. She hails from three generations of a spiritually gifted lineage. As a small girl she started to realize she was receiving visions. As she got older her insight became keener and her visions became clearer making the ability of forecasting second nature to her and a major force in her life, ultimately sending her down the path of guidance and counseling.

Marva's specialty is “your successful future”. Her strengths are relationships, family issues, finances, career and all life issues. She is good with time frames and she understands all types of personalities. She will tell you if there is romance in your future, how to achieve a successful relationship, how to end a difficult relationship, how to move on from a difficult separation. She will know if your partner is right for you.

Let Marva help you convert that negative experience into positive gains by focusing on those specific changes that will bring about balance to your life and the people surrounding you.


9/17/2021 12:44:00 AM UTC
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Praise for Marva

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"The best"

All I can say call her she's the best love this lady down

- onlyme22

"The best"

Love her always great to talk she's the best love love love her

- onlyme22

"Wonderful Reading...."

she is good

- 2much4u


Sister's Love.... IS THE BEST! I would definitely would recommend for people to give her a call... and yes she does talk slow... but her words will give you the truth... I have talk to Sister's Love 3 times. wonderful conversation...

- 2much4u

"rock rock"

amazing reader will see what happen she told me we not over yet and i believe her so i will let u guys know what happen with my kids father

- jodine

"amazing reader"

she was so accurate i was at work sad and i decided to call she put a smile on my face she told me its not over yet and things will soon get better .

- jodine

"give me advice"

she told me to carry my self good for him and give me advice

- jodine


Great reading

- ssolomo3

"Fearless with a couple glitches"

Sister Love is very intuitive and not afraid to be asked for a general reading. She was able to focus immediately on my situation. For some reason I had to call back because our first call was disconnected despite the fact that I still had enough money on my account. The same thing happened the second time I called back. Wish we hadn't had technical difficulty. Another reader had just said to me "I'm not a mind reader" when I asked her for a general reading (maybe she had a bad day or something). But listening to Sister Love who was able to provide such good insight was a relief to me. She embraces your situation wholeheartedly. I will call her again soon and hopefully the technical problem will be fixed.



She's okay

- Puff

"Caring and Compassionate"

Sister Love was warm and caring, she was very intuitive and gave me some peace of heart. I will be chatting with her again.

- TheBlueRose

"Thank You!"

I was at a cross road when I called you and needed yo make a really important decision that woukd change my life - literally. Thanks for your honesty and the ACCURATE description of my current situation (everything you said was true!). It has been 3 months now from the February 2nd reading and it was the best decision I ever made. Thanks for your guidance. I am happier than I have been in years. You had some awesome predictions for me coming up later in the year. I can't wait for things to unfold!!! Thanks so much!

- Linda5925


She was okay yet really rude. Wont call back.

- CityGirlLuv


Sister Love is caring compassionate and has an innate ability to read the "spirit" of anyone you'd like to know about . She really encouraged me to see a guy that I thought I loved for what he truly is which made it easier for me to let go and move on. She gives it to you straight and she will not sugar coat anything . I recommend her!

- mrqiscrystal


good great

- tina3703


I am at the beginning of a major life transition and Sister Love was able to help me find clarity, direction and truth. Her wisdom and straight forward yet compassionate style was extremely refreshing. Speaking with Sister Love is like speaking to a friend or relative who really knows who you are and wants only the very best for you. If you are looking for truth and not to be told just what you want to hear then I highly recommend Sister Love to you. I know I will call her again........

- RainaSage


Pleasant personality. Realitivey accurate predictions though very off with timing.

- tubby2707

"love This Lady sister Love"

I love sister love She is very Down 2 earth get right into Everything tell you like it is Everything she had told me come To pass she one lady I can call the best in count on Read with her 4 Times and won't be my last she's like a aunt she will not let you Down

- onlyme22

"Very Sweet!"

I really enjoyed talking with Sister Love! She does speak slow but I didn't get the impression it was to waiste your time...just her way. Shes calm and siritual. I would call her again!

- over it!


I really like this woman I hope she is right

- mastermind1


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