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Marva, also known as "Sister Love," was born with the gift of clairvoyance. She hails from three generations of a spiritually gifted lineage. As a small girl she started to realize she was receiving visions. As she got older her insight became keener and her visions became clearer making the ability of forecasting second nature to her and a major force in her life, ultimately sending her down the path of guidance and counseling.

Marva's specialty is “your successful future”. Her strengths are relationships, family issues, finances, career and all life issues. She is good with time frames and she understands all types of personalities. She will tell you if there is romance in your future, how to achieve a successful relationship, how to end a difficult relationship, how to move on from a difficult separation. She will know if your partner is right for you.

Let Marva help you convert that negative experience into positive gains by focusing on those specific changes that will bring about balance to your life and the people surrounding you.


10/24/2021 12:27:01 PM UTC
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Praise for Marva

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"Please give her a try!"

I had a reading on 7/28/11 with Sister Love. She told me I would get an interview the first week in August and a job offer soon after, also that another position would come up. On 8/9/11 I recieved a call about an interview! And the agency mgr called me about forwarding my resume' for a second position! I can't wait until the other predictions come. This really blew my mind. Thanks again!



accurate told me some stuff but told me to call back for more

- kids dad


Really good reader

- Anonymous

"very good"

she is very good. I felt there is a connection bet me and her. I will follow ur advice I hopehe will be showing me that he cares.

- Zarina

"Right On"

My advisor went right to the point. She told me exactly what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. I will speak with her again.

- Anonymous

"You are very compassionate with your readings"

Thank you for speaking with me for the first time On Sunday,December 27,2009. I will not forget the advice given me. You are very compassionate with your readings. I will be calling again

- Cynthia


she is kind quick and very knowing

- Anonymous

"thank you destiny"

we seemed to conect right off...will advise if all seen and told comes about...sure hope so...perhaps because i have a granddaught named destiny...or just kindered spirits...

- bingosharon


quick, friendly and straightforward.

- hitchcock


Very informative

- Anonymous


Im very happy with my reading. I will wait a few weeks and call her again. Hope my wish came true soon. thanks

- Anonymous


- Roxanne


She was extremly friendly and accurate. I will definatly call her again.

- November


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