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Marguerite, a Native American has been dispensing spiritual advice for 40 years. Marguerite provides a wide range of psychic services including card readings, clairvoyant and mediumistic readings, contact with those who have passed on, and past-life readings. She answers questions covering a variety of categories, but her specialty is love and relationships. She is educated and knowledgeable, with a no-nonsense style. She cares about her clients and their well being, striving always to provide hope as well as concrete answers.


11/29/2020 4:02:30 AM UTC
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Praise for Marguerite

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Thank you:)



I had a great connection with her!

- penbur

"Very insightful"

Answered all my questions in depth, not sure what will happen, will wait and see

- Mistressleia

"She Gave me Hope!"

I enjoyed my reading with Marguerite! She was very accuarate, and on point! I would highly recommend her. She's the real DEAL!

- ClemsonLife89

"was ok"

was ok

- mar222

"Excellent reading!!!!"

Just had a lovely reading and I will come back for more!!! Marguerite is very tuned in and seems to come at a question from many different angles. She is someone I will keep getting readings from for a very long time. Just LOVE her:-}

- Karin


She was right about my ex. Not right about my career it's not that big of a deal. I hope her fall romance prediction comes true, only one more month to go so I'm a bit doubtful that anything will happen from now to Dec. 21.

- Holly


- Dolly


- lindama

"Phenomenal Psychic!"

Having been born an advanced intutive, I have long been considered psychic by other "gifted clairvoyants," so I feel that I know an excellent reader when I meet one. As a professional architect, I have often relied on Margueite's keen perceptions and psychic business professionalistm to assist me, yet have never taken the time to leave a comment. Having worked for many years with Marguerite "off and on," I was compelled to share my own "psychic insights" when I read the negative comment calling her "judgemental." All of my psychic insights went off in alarm of this "untruth" as I knew in my heart that this person was mis perceiving and projecting their own mis understands onto this beautiful soul, Marguerite. This is not fair. She is crystal clear, kind and extraordinarily intelligent with an excellent command of the English language. I could continue on and on about her gifts and talents but suggest that those reading this, find out for themselves what an amazing guide she is in the physical, as well as ethereal realities.

- MS

"Very Satisfied"

I recommend Marguerite to all my friends. She is the only Physic that I have contacted on a regular basis since I started to get readings many years ago. She is well versed in card readings, remote healing, and contacting loved ones that have passed. When I feel like I need answers she is the one I call. I think very highly of her and will continue to consult with her as I have done in the past. A++++

- RK


She was nice and very easy to talk to. Very good pick up people personality.

- mtb



- ay


Thank you

- B


- AnnaB


Very good!

- ay


- Dolly


Had a great reading with Marguerite a while ago, been meaning to leave feedback. Looking forward to calling her again.

- apple

"Worth your time"

She clearly worked hard to give me a good reading, which is more than I could ask for. I recommend this reader to anyone who wants to get their money worth.

- Manifester1


don't know how she does what she does, but I hope she keeps doing it for years to come for all those who needs her (like me).

- Elby


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