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Marguerite, a Native American has been dispensing spiritual advice for 40 years. Marguerite provides a wide range of psychic services including card readings, clairvoyant and mediumistic readings, contact with those who have passed on, and past-life readings. She answers questions covering a variety of categories, but her specialty is love and relationships. She is educated and knowledgeable, with a no-nonsense style. She cares about her clients and their well being, striving always to provide hope as well as concrete answers.


11/29/2020 5:00:33 AM UTC
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Praise for Marguerite

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"A great reading and worth the call"

I got a great reading from Marguerite for the first time yesterday and I was very happy that I called when I did. She gave me good, sound advice and was non judgmental. I felt like she truly cared. I will definitely call her again and I highly recommend her.

- Mo Jo


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