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Patience is a highly gifted clairvoyant, known for her warm and friendly personality.  She is so easy to talk with, her clients feel immediately at ease.  She has a keen ability to tune into the feelings of others, and is quick to connect to spirit guides and consciousness.  This combination makes it easy for others to ask Patience just about anything.  Even the most embarrassing question does not phase her, and she's proud that people are able to approach her without a fear of judgment.  She's also happy to say that she's LGBT friendly. 

Her Story

Patience has spent her childhood in a haunted house where she learned about various paranormal things and spirits during her stay. Patience was barely 8 years old when she had a premonition that someone in the family was going to pass away, which actually turned out to be true. Such incidents of knowing the events before they happened repeated themselves time and again. 


As a child she ignored her gifts for some time. She always used to get the answers to her questions through some inner voice that screamed them out to her. Initially she laughed it out, but on realizing that the answers were always correct, she started taking the phenomenon seriously. 


Patience uses the power of Tarot to guide her intuition and empathy. She uses Tarot to highlight the path that you need to take in order to reach your goal. She believes that every reading that you undergo is like a layer of onion peeled off where peeling of every layer contributes to the outcome. She believes in the fact that every person has a free will and the ultimate decisions of life rest with the person only.

Patience follows a conversational style of reading. She loves talking to people about everything that they want to talk about without any inhibitions. She uses a pendulum and Tarot as tools for readings. Although she can help out a client in any area, she specializes in love and relationship issues. Additionally, she has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
A Personal Account

Patience remembers an incident when an old friend of hers asked her to read for him. She kept answering his questions and she even gave out the zodiac sign and the name of his would-be wife. He later got married to the lady with the same name and zodiac sign. He always remembers that it was Patience who helped him find the right life partner.


She believes that everyone, including her, needs someone to lean on. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves and getting rid of the burden of our ego. She believes in the power of the mind and awareness. The spirits that she communicates with tell her very often that everything is possible, provided you believe in it.

Spiritual Beliefs

She is a firm believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. When people change, it is nature’s way of teaching you to let go. When things go wrong, God wants us to appreciate the times when they were right. When we get hurt by a lie, you learn to believe yourself. When good things end, it is to give space for better things to fall in.

In Her Free Time

Patience enjoys spiritual classes, comedy clubs, Yoga, Zumba and live band performances. She loves to be in company of friends and family members.


12/1/2021 6:35:52 PM UTC
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Praise for Patience

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patience's happy clients have to say.

"Ur the best!!!"

She is the best! I love talking to her. She keeps it real & she’s always making me laugh 😂

- vichan

"Patience is Awesome!"

I love every time I talk to her it’s like talking to one of my bff’s, who I never get to see or talk to, but when we get to hang out it’s like picking up rite where we left off

- vichan

"Spot ON!"

7/1-she called my poi up and he told her things he's expressed to me and things I already know like, he's hard to get along with. He said I deserve better but also expressed that our relationship is fragile which it is. However, Patience's guides said this is the same old song and dance and he will be back within 2-3 and will contact as if nothing ever happened. He had a conversation to me through her and I know that it was accurate because things said were things I'd heard from him before. He will try and come back to fix things but will pull away again. He questions whether he is good enough for me. He did contact 3 days later on the 4th and on the 8th expressed his love and how much he missed me. Spent some time together on the 9th and on the 10th, he got upset and was done again! She was spot on in her 7/1 reading on what would happen.

- missh

"Spot On!"

6/21-I haven't to Patience in about a year and she was so on point! Assured me that everything will be ok and that things are not over; he will be back. She called him up and he even told her he would be back which gave her chills, confirming this is true. He said he needed to pull away because things aren't right with him right now which I know to be true. Confirmed that he is not seeing other woman and hasn't talked to her in awhile. She saw that he will contact in 7 days or less and he did in 3 and that it will be casual and it was. Her guides were spot on as well. They showed her that he has done this before and he has a few times... pull away and come back. However, he's going to start missing me. Although we had communication for a few days, he's still pulled away and we are not back together. He even reaffirmed on 6/29 that he is adamant on us not being together. Very hard to hear coming from someone you love. Thx Patience!

- missh

"She continues to amazes me"

Talking to Patience is like talking to the person you have questions. It feels so comforting. Sometimes her predictions gets a little confusing but they keep continuing to happen sooner or later.

- Sunset0725


Patience is truly amazing, I just love her, she is very gifted and accurate beyond belief, so caring and you can talk to her about anything and everything. She has helped me for so many years, hands down there is no other like her

- Meme1

"Phenomenal "

I have been reading with patience for years and she is gifted beyond anything that I have ever seen, she is extremely kind, passionate and caring and very accurate. Her gift and ability to be able to tune in is truly amazing, she has gotten me through some difficult times and you can trust her to have your best interests in mind and heart, so many things that she has predicted has came to pass and continues to. She's worth every dime, hands down the best

- Meme1

"The BEST!"

Thank you so much for all your continued support, Patience! I appreciate you and your accuracy is unmatched!

- Mooney47

"Thank you for being there Patience!"

9/17-she saw that if I reached out to him he would respond and he did and he never stopped responding. He was very happy to hear from me and invited me over for lunch the next day. He expressed how much he missed me and we've been getting stronger by the day. He is making a great effort to mend things and keep things light, flirty and fun between us. He was supportive when I moved, supportive of my podcast and has made me feel special in some ways. Thank you for being there Patience! I will reach out if I need further advice and I'm hopeful that we will continue building everyday. It's been a long road with this guy! xoxo

- missh

"She’s good! "

I swear I enjoy talking to Patience. I have spoken to other advisors but no one comes close as her. Her predictions take sometimes a little longer to happen but they do happen. She told me about a guy I would be at work and booom! A few months later later I met him now we are official and is sometimes hard to read but she keeps me on my toes! Thank girl!!

- Twinkly23

"She’s good! "

I swear I enjoy talking to Patience. I have spoken to other advisors but no one comes close as her. Her predictions take sometimes a little longer to happen but they do happen. She told me about a guy I would be at work and booom! A few months later later I met him now we are official and is sometimes hard to read but she keeps me on my toes! Thank girl!!

- Twinkly23

"Calming my Mind"

I asked for Patience for feedback on me working thru things in the past I thought I had a handle on but still have more work to do. 1st after being 60 and post menopause my weight is a challenge but am seeking a different type of help. She saw I will be successful and my relationship will get me eventually to where I want to be. I need to crawl before I can walk and I apply to much pressure on myself. I had a love question and we discussed that, I dodged a bullet. Will look forward to talking again.

- Fire of Aries

"GREAT Insights"

Thank you so much Patience :)

- ChrisTl

"Reading was good"

7/17-she pulled him into the call and he said he would contact in 4 days and he did. He also told her that he was damaged and broken and today, 8/17, I received a text from him saying so which he has a few times before. She said he wasn't seeing the other lady and I have so many doubts but after his text today I believe her. She saw that he wanted to fix things and we did try for a few days. During this call she also saw hi holding his phone in his hand wanting to contact me and he on 7/21 he told me that he wanted to so many times. She did not see me with the other guy because we don't have a connection and she is absolutely correct but he's a distraction for now. Reading was good and I have more updates to follow!!! Thank you Patience.

- missh

"she keeps me abreast of what's going on"

7/20-sometimes her timing can be off and i get more out of the reading when she calls him in to the reading. She is right that they are not seeing each other and she's assured me that it would never work. Saw that he missed me very much and he told me so. She said he would contact in 4-5 days but the day before he said he would contact in 4 days and he did exactly. Her timing kept switching in the call which was confusing. I'll be glad when things come together finally but until then, she keeps me abreast of what's going on and what to expect. Thanks girlfriend!

- missh

"She's Good!"

7/17-she pulled my poi into the conversation and he said he'd contact me in 4 days and he did on the 22nd. She saw that he does want to fix things but doesn't know how and expressed how much he missed me and loves me. He said things to her that I know were true that he shared with me so she couldn't be making it up. She also saw that B really loves me but there's no connection there and a few other advisors have said the exact same thing. I do care for him as well and don't feel the connection. He's just very nice to me which I appreciate. She saw that he sorta irritates me and he does, lol! We just don't click like me and C which is very true!

- missh

"She was great..."

7/16-my first time reading with her and she was awesome. She brought my POI into the conversation and the answers she gave me brought me to tears because he said some things that I knew already about him but glad he has acknowledged. It was as if I were actually speaking to him. She saw an 8 for contact... could be 8 day or the month of August but said it was close and may likely be 8:00. Said contact would come in the form of a message possibly just saying hi to break the ice. Said he will try to fix us and that he is not seeing someone else but using this time to work on things and think about our past. She did immediately saw that money is an issue and it is for him 'cos he's been out of work for 2 years. She was spot on without asking for information and clearly saw the situation. I usually read with Serena and she wasn't available so I took a chance. I will definitely be calling back soon! Thank you for such clarity and looking forward to the prediction of our reconciliation and things being better.

- missh


Thank you so much Patience for your guidance and help for the past 2 years. This is my first time posting a review for u; ive always connected over the phone and i decided to create an online account today just to let people know how accurate you are. Thanks again we'll speak again soon :)

- ChrisTL


She was amazing! I was so blown away i kept adding funds. Soot on accuracy! I wish she wasnt so expensive, but she is worth it!!! Thank you!

- Princesstee

"Accuracy Rating off the charts"

Patience is my favourite psychic that i have spoken to. She is so in tune with my feelings and with what is going on in my life. She has accurately predicted sooooo many thing for me. When i speak with her, i can trust that what she tells me will come to pass. She is 95% accurate with everything i have gone to her for. That 5% is probably the free will portion. An example of a prediction she made was I went to Bahamas, she told me that i was going to meet a group of guys who will play an important role in my life. They will be significant to me. So i went on the trip and met someone who introduced me to the group he was with. They were on a conference for a machine that I needed to purchase for a company i was opening. These guys are still playing a role in my life currently and they will continue to be a part of my life for as long as my company is up and running. They are taking good care of me and patience predicted all this. Her timing is accurate with me as well. I highly recommend her as i have spoken to many psychics and never met someone of her caliber :)

- Jaxperr


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