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Patience is a highly gifted clairvoyant, known for her warm and friendly personality.  She is so easy to talk with, her clients feel immediately at ease.  She has a keen ability to tune into the feelings of others, and is quick to connect to spirit guides and consciousness.  This combination makes it easy for others to ask Patience just about anything.  Even the most embarrassing question does not phase her, and she's proud that people are able to approach her without a fear of judgment.  She's also happy to say that she's LGBT friendly. 

Her Story

Patience has spent her childhood in a haunted house where she learned about various paranormal things and spirits during her stay. Patience was barely 8 years old when she had a premonition that someone in the family was going to pass away, which actually turned out to be true. Such incidents of knowing the events before they happened repeated themselves time and again. 


As a child she ignored her gifts for some time. She always used to get the answers to her questions through some inner voice that screamed them out to her. Initially she laughed it out, but on realizing that the answers were always correct, she started taking the phenomenon seriously. 


Patience uses the power of Tarot to guide her intuition and empathy. She uses Tarot to highlight the path that you need to take in order to reach your goal. She believes that every reading that you undergo is like a layer of onion peeled off where peeling of every layer contributes to the outcome. She believes in the fact that every person has a free will and the ultimate decisions of life rest with the person only.

Patience follows a conversational style of reading. She loves talking to people about everything that they want to talk about without any inhibitions. She uses a pendulum and Tarot as tools for readings. Although she can help out a client in any area, she specializes in love and relationship issues. Additionally, she has been gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.
A Personal Account

Patience remembers an incident when an old friend of hers asked her to read for him. She kept answering his questions and she even gave out the zodiac sign and the name of his would-be wife. He later got married to the lady with the same name and zodiac sign. He always remembers that it was Patience who helped him find the right life partner.


She believes that everyone, including her, needs someone to lean on. She emphasizes the importance of loving ourselves and getting rid of the burden of our ego. She believes in the power of the mind and awareness. The spirits that she communicates with tell her very often that everything is possible, provided you believe in it.

Spiritual Beliefs

She is a firm believer of the fact that whatever happens, happens for a reason. When people change, it is nature’s way of teaching you to let go. When things go wrong, God wants us to appreciate the times when they were right. When we get hurt by a lie, you learn to believe yourself. When good things end, it is to give space for better things to fall in.

In Her Free Time

Patience enjoys spiritual classes, comedy clubs, Yoga, Zumba and live band performances. She loves to be in company of friends and family members.


12/1/2021 6:20:09 PM UTC
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Praise for Patience

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Patience's happy clients have to say.


Patience told me things that only came from my relationship that no one would have known or guessed. Her gift is real and she is more than you can imagine. I am so blessed with her gift and talent.

- Voyager1


Seriously, I could have spoken with Patience forever if I had the money. I love speaking with her and look forward to speaking with her again, and again, and again. The absolute best!

- Voyager1


Patience is amazing and honest, she knows things only i would know, She is also easy to talk to, felt as though i was talking to my best friend. If in doubt call her, you would be so happy you did.

- Lorraine T

"Everything was on point"

Everything that Patience said was on point But what really got me is when she called my ex boyfriend from heaven forward to talk with me and get a clear understanding of his love for me to the point it made me cry because I know it was really him and the things he was telling her ... it really made my day !! And I definitely will be calling again

- Via314

"Spot on!"

Patience is amazing!!! I feel she is accurate in what she sees. Only time will tell for certain, and I will update if her prediction does turn out to be true.

- Googie

"Thank you! "

I don’t usually come to this website except to speak with you every so often. You have always given me an accurate read regarding my relationship. Appreciate your guidance today!

- MMLove

"Smart, gifted and accurate!"

Love Patience! She is amazing and gifted, sweet and extremely accurate! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us,

- VR


always right

- jodine


been reading me now for years excellent reader.

- jodine

"excellent reader"

shes been reading me for a while never lie

- jodine


One in million!

- Dreamer40

"excellent reader"

shes been reading me for years but this time she connected so well with this person told me everything that was correct amazing reader she is never sugar coat.

- jodine

"She seems to have good vibes about herself...."

but I feel that we connected more on my call in March. I did meet a guy that fit the description of what she saw, but we aren’t compatible and he’s childish. I asked about a guy from my past and I believe that she read the wrong guy. She did make it clear, beforehand, that she saw several guys around me and didn’t want to read the wrong one.

- Missme

"Patience is back!"

Glad to see Patience is back regularly. Always love to talk to her, Such a pleasure!!

- Bubble

"Predictions Happen!"

A prediction that Patience gave me many, many months ago happened recently! It was very unexpected, and when it happened I recalled her description of the event. She is just wonderful, and one of the warmest people I've ever spoken with. Adore!

- Venus in Libra


always tell me what she see

- jodine


been reading me for a while

- jodine

"accurate once again"

From a reading back in Sept I had asked if an ex would be coming back, she told me probably not but that she kept picking up on someone new coming in and described him, build, hair color, told me he had a child looking to be under the age of 6 but low and behold a few weeks later someone matching the description came into my life (had a 4 year old daughter). Just love her

- Mistressleia


my rockstar

- jodine

"She is so damn good! "

I have been speaking with her for months and I am very pleased with her and her readings.. she is really warm and VERY ACCURATE! She knew things I never mentioned to her.. still waiting on some of her predictions to come true.. she will tell you herself that she could be wrong. But if she sees it she doesn't change what she see.. I will come back for more when predictions start to unfold. No matter very easy to talk to and she is like my friend with the BEST personality I've ever been exposed to.. she is truly gifted! Her and rain are the it girls for me..

- Capqueen


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