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About Samantha

Samantha is a psychic who knew as a child that there was something in her that distinguished her from others her age. She realized that she had an innate sense of feeling and seeing things and events which others could not.

She believes that she has inherited these metaphysical capabilities from her mother and maternal grandmother. When she was hardly 5, her mother knew that she was gifted because she used to talk about people who had passed away long before she was born. She could also foretell incidents that happened in future.

Subsequently she went to her grandmother to learn how to control her abilities and how to fine tune them. It was her grandmother who taught her how to make use of Tarot cards to get more accuracy in her predictions. Her grandmother left her pendulum with Samantha which she still continues to use on demand of her clients.


Blessed with clairvoyance and medium, Samantha has helped a number of her clients to surface from the drowning waters in their lives. The accuracy and straight forwardness of her readings has enabled her to build a huge clientele. The kind compassion that she displays towards her clients makes them feel naturally comfortable with her and reinforces confidence in her readings.

Samantha is always striving for more knowledge and ways to help her clients, consequently pursuing further learning in the area of runes and crystal balls, now giving her clients multiple reading styles to choose from. 

A Success Story

Samantha shares an interesting anecdote about a client who had lost her home and was heartbroken at her divorce. When she approached Samantha for a reading, Samantha saw a man coming into her life and she relocating to some other state with him. A year later, she met a man at the local farmer’s market and moved to Colorado within six months of marrying him. 


At a very young age the ideal of helping others was imbibed in her. She believes that she is carrying on the same legacy of helping others that her past generations have nurtured. She loves to help others, spend time with kids and ski. She is also fond of exploring new places. She treats her clients like family members and reads for them with all her heart and might, to provide them the answers to their questions. She works part time at a metaphysical bookstore in her state and also works as an administrator at a medical clinic, which is yet another way of helping others. 

Her Philosophy

She lives by the philosophy that “Life is a wonderful experience of finding the missing puzzle piece”. Her reading style is relaxed and she aims at letting her clients find the missing pieces of puzzle in their lives. She firmly believes that all human beings are destined to have happy and fulfilling lives and all that we need to do is find the path to happiness through somebody’s guidance.

She propagates that there is nothing in life that can deter people from achieving the goal that they set out for. All that is required is perseverance and guidance. She stands by the famous quote by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Quote: “ Life is a wonderful experience but we all need guidance to help us find our missing puzzle pieces in life."


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Praise for Samantha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Samantha's happy clients have to say.

"Extremely in tune"

Deep insight in a short amount of time. Empowering in a unique way.

- LoveSamantha

"Happy Birthday (from the winter)"

I got to give a birthday call to Sammy! Love that our birthdays are in the same month!

- SammysFan

"Was Right All Along"

She said he puts me on a pedestal... In 2013 or 2014. Four to five years later, he said it... All these years I didn't know! We've talked every day, and I hadn't known till 2018!

- *libra*rising

"continued feedback from last year"

- I couldn't focus on his smile because of my sadness, but Samantha was certain he was happy. Not long ago I met him again, and this time I noticed Samantha was right. What seemed like a loss of connection wasn't about me, but about his own problems with his family.

- Samantha is the Best

"feedback from last year"

I felt like I lost this connection with someone special when we met last September. I remember calling Samantha from the street while walking home, my heart crumbling. Samantha said he must've been smiling, happy to meet me...

- Samantha is the Best

"Most trusted"

My most trusted psychic counsellor!

- LoveSamantha

"Sorry to be behind in writing"

You're the best, Sammy! From all psychic advisors I've known since before I was able to pay for myself (4 decades ago)!

- SammysFan

"The best I've ever known"

We're in 2018. She's the best I've ever known since 1978!!

- SammysFan



- jodine

"Very Good"

Shared that a friend would be offered a job in March, and they were!

- Maryland



- jodine



- jodine

"Samantha Is The Sweetest"

Her voice is so calming, but her insight is beyond this world. Some share that she is slow in responding, but really- she talks a few seconds and a couple of breaths before sharing her perspective- because she wants to get it right....and she does. God bless you Samantha, may you live a blessed life and continue to touch the lives of others in a positive manner.

- Maryland


Samantha ROCKS! There are still connection issues at times. I'm hoping that Psychic Power addresses such so Samantha can continue touching the lives of others. If you have an issue, try back later- Samantha is worth the effort.

- T In Maryland

"The Best!"

Told me that someone really loved me, but it would take time. Sure enough, had dinner with him and he shared that he loves me to pieces- just a little scared of what would happen if it didn't work out. Samantha is extremely on target. At the very least, try her out and have your own experience. Thanks Samantha for keeping me on target with love and business.

- Must Have More Faith in the Process

"If You Are Uncertain- Call Samantha Before You Respond or Over-react!"

Samantha really brings clarity to situations that, on the surface, reflects behaviors that are not aligned with a person's true perception or feelings. Without her insight, I believe I would have reacted in a manner that could have damaged a long standing friendship that has the potential of transforming into the relationship I've been awaiting. Her feedback has been spot on and is in line with those who are rated a bit higher. She stands by what she sees and hears regardless- even when what is presented is in opposition of what you see. Yet, she turns out to be right once events unfold.

- Maryland


Back in a September reading, she said he would go back to his old ways in December - January. Guess what. He did. Bummer for me, but she was on point.

- Water

"Amazingly Great!"

Samantha is one of the sweetest individuals I've had the op to engage. We experience technical difficulties, but the quality of the call once had made up for such. I would recommend her to those who have been searching for a bit for someone who offers unbiased, non-judgmental, clear, concise and reliable psychic feedback.

- -Maryland

"Loving to pieces"

"(Your boyfriend) just loves you to pieces.." said Sammy! And I felt that so strong after a few weeks..! Thanks Samantha! Your readings are the best.

- *libra*rising

"always right"

i keep worrying, when my man is stuck with other people or when he's in a bad mood. i keep asking Samantha, now please be blunt and don't worry to give me bad news! but Samantha reassures me that it's only the other people that don't let him be the happy sweetie -- and she's always right!!!

- vaganova


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