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About Samantha

Samantha is a psychic who knew as a child that there was something in her that distinguished her from others her age. She realized that she had an innate sense of feeling and seeing things and events which others could not.

She believes that she has inherited these metaphysical capabilities from her mother and maternal grandmother. When she was hardly 5, her mother knew that she was gifted because she used to talk about people who had passed away long before she was born. She could also foretell incidents that happened in future.

Subsequently she went to her grandmother to learn how to control her abilities and how to fine tune them. It was her grandmother who taught her how to make use of Tarot cards to get more accuracy in her predictions. Her grandmother left her pendulum with Samantha which she still continues to use on demand of her clients.


Blessed with clairvoyance and medium, Samantha has helped a number of her clients to surface from the drowning waters in their lives. The accuracy and straight forwardness of her readings has enabled her to build a huge clientele. The kind compassion that she displays towards her clients makes them feel naturally comfortable with her and reinforces confidence in her readings.

Samantha is always striving for more knowledge and ways to help her clients, consequently pursuing further learning in the area of runes and crystal balls, now giving her clients multiple reading styles to choose from. 

A Success Story

Samantha shares an interesting anecdote about a client who had lost her home and was heartbroken at her divorce. When she approached Samantha for a reading, Samantha saw a man coming into her life and she relocating to some other state with him. A year later, she met a man at the local farmer’s market and moved to Colorado within six months of marrying him. 


At a very young age the ideal of helping others was imbibed in her. She believes that she is carrying on the same legacy of helping others that her past generations have nurtured. She loves to help others, spend time with kids and ski. She is also fond of exploring new places. She treats her clients like family members and reads for them with all her heart and might, to provide them the answers to their questions. She works part time at a metaphysical bookstore in her state and also works as an administrator at a medical clinic, which is yet another way of helping others. 

Her Philosophy

She lives by the philosophy that “Life is a wonderful experience of finding the missing puzzle piece”. Her reading style is relaxed and she aims at letting her clients find the missing pieces of puzzle in their lives. She firmly believes that all human beings are destined to have happy and fulfilling lives and all that we need to do is find the path to happiness through somebody’s guidance.

She propagates that there is nothing in life that can deter people from achieving the goal that they set out for. All that is required is perseverance and guidance. She stands by the famous quote by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Quote: “ Life is a wonderful experience but we all need guidance to help us find our missing puzzle pieces in life."


2/25/2021 2:48:39 AM UTC
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Praise for Samantha

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Samantha's happy clients have to say.

"Thank you so much!!!"

You never hurt me with an answer, Samantha!! No matter how ugly the reality with friends... You told me to stay away from a woman who's my age. Right, she's super selfish..!! I saw how she was only negative for me.. The best counselor!!

- SammysFan

"Crazily Accurate"

There's nobody else who connects to all the people I'm involved with as well as Samantha does!!

- SammysFan

"SUPERB ...[2]"

Samantha said he didn't miss what I wrote at the end of my message to him. Indeed, he proved that to be TRUE, replying to a personal question I wrote at the end!! I even wrote he didn't have to answer that one, but he did! I hope you read this soon, Samantha! You're great!!

- *libra*rising

"SUPERB ...[1]"

You were so right!! I'm writing this in a rush - yes, please RUSH to send this to Samantha, Dear PsychicPower! - because he replied to me this morning!! You told me he was excited to hear from me again and that he had read my message -- RIGHT ON, Samantha!!

- *libra*rising

"Gets it, always!"

Samantha said that someone was "ecstatic" about how our project went. He really was! Samantha catches all the important points!

- SammysFan

"The Absolute Best"

I've had readings for 28 years by professionals, coming from various cultural backgrounds, reading with various methods. Samantha was absolutely the very best for me! She's given amazing amount of information with depth in the shortest amount of time, in most of our readings since 3/19/2013 (now it's June 2017)!

- Sammy's fan


I always see how right Sammy was later. Samantha got my man's fear of losing me to the boy or some fate.. Just confirmed it true tonight. Thanks for always preparing me.

- Sammy's fan

"amazing reader"

she still see us getting back together its been a rough time for me

- jodine

"Always Great!"

Samantha is always kind, very accurate and always a great source of guidance. Thank you, Samantha!

- LeoMamma

"May 2017 (3)"

My third reading this month with Samantha was very interesting! I asked about a new man in my life and about this boy I haven't seen since the winter. This new man and I both feel a connection between us - Yes!! I just know that there's something meaningful in our meeting. It's like seeing a family member that I've known for a long time, but we met only a month ago. Sammy totally got it! With the boy, Sammy says his feelings are romantic.. I asked what the best action for me to take was, and she carefully guided me on that. We got cut off while Sammy was answering, but will talk again, hopefully! Can't wait to share more things with Sammy!!

- Sammy's fan

"May 2017 (2)"

Here in this 2nd reading, I was told my man had told his ex about me a year after he knew he had feelings for me. "That's a long time ago," Sammy said.. I felt he did, but wasn't sure when and how. I was relieved to get a clear answer from Samantha!

- Sammy's fan

"May 2017 (1)"

I've been Samantha's client for 4 years and 2 months! I haven't called for a couple of months, and now had 3 readings May 2017. In this first reading of the 3, I was told that a certain boy had been enjoying my talk.. When things are negative, Sammy has always given it straight. So I am safe in taking her positive words at face value :)

- Sammy's fan

"Very gifted "

Samantha is just the best.She is accurate,has helped me solve a lot of issues with her incredible gift.She told me about someone and how I would eventually notice "something"about that person that would give me pause.I did and was able to move on.Call her she is among the top on this site.Love her!!

- Carly


Sam is so kind and very accurate.

- jk

"Samantha ROCKS!!!!! "

My new favorite..

- RG

"FIVE GALAXIES for Samantha "

Stars are just not enough!! There was a girl who I knew was feeling negatively about me. I had asked many readers about her, and Samantha answered the best! The girl was, Samantha said, afraid that I was getting closer to a certain boy than she was to him... I was not able to analyze it this way, but it really made sense... I could've felt the same way if I were in her place. The reading generated a warmth, compassion for this girl, which replaced my former discomfort...!! Five galaxies to Samantha!! by *Libra*rising

- *Libra*rising

"Samantha has won my trust!"

Samantha has taught me a lot of interesting metaphysical things since I met her. She is very consistent and only tell you the truth. Her honesty, clarity, accuracy and integrity have won my trust. Thanks Samantha for helping me to survive in the most critical time of my life. God bless your gift and soul!

- QL

"a reader put my admiration into words"

All other advisors were, for me, either mixing up the people in my story, not connecting, only partly right, or sometimes good but sometimes bad (guessing instead of reading, or misreading). Samantha has been CONSISTENTLY right, amazingly accurate for almost 4 years, in explaining my situation for me. One energy reader even told me about Samantha, "What a wonderful woman!! I don't know her, but I see her energy through you. She's not only extremely talented and intelligent, but has such a CREATIVE way of reading!! You are so lucky to have her... I really do hope you continue with her!!" I totally agree. Most advisors, including this energy reader, don't say much about other advisors. Sammy was so exceptional that this energy reader just had to comment!!

- vaganova

"From A Misheard Word..."

This reading was a day before the 2016 presidential election. I asked Samantha what somebody important to me thought about my gift. She said, "Honestly.. He's a little annoyed..." -- What?! My heart almost stopped!! "He's annoyed by the ELECTION..." Oh!? I asked about my gift -- SELECTION -- ! "Ohhh I thought you asked about the Election!" We had a good laugh..!! This was one of the funniest conversations I've had with Anyone in my life... Though she first answered something I didn't ask about (and scared me lol), it was something I also wanted to ask Samantha about! Amazing that she pulled it out of a misheard word! Of course she also read what I asked about: the Selection of the gift! :) :)

- *libra*rising

"Very good"

Very Good

- cap521


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