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About Mary

When Mary was very young, she began experiencing a deep intuitive sensitivity towards other people, as well as animals.  She has always relied on that sensitivity to guide her in her own life experiences.  Along the way, she began studying natal astrology and tarot. 


Mary is a very spiritual person, serving as an intuitive astrologer and counselor.  She utilizes her gift of clairvoyance in her readings, while also being guided by astrology and tarot.  She seeks to provide others with a higher understanding of their situation and help them to find their greatest path.


Mary is well studied in tarot and astrology, and incorporates these tools in her readings to help her focus on your key issues and possible solutions.  She particularly enjoys helping others by providing insight into matters of love, relationships, career and life.

In Her Words

"I am one with nature, animals, and starlit skies. I go for long walks in all types of weather, as this brings me closer to the universe. It provides a peaceful way of mediation and my wolf guides are always by my side."


10/4/2022 1:41:23 PM UTC
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Praise for Mary

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Great reading

- krolbarreto

"Calm and caring"

I love her calm voice and caring personality!!!

- krolbarreto

"She is good"

Sometimes she takes a little carried over by chatting which i am okay once in a while if i had enough money but in terms of her psychic ability her predictions are to the point and she is caring

- Dolly

"She is always right on the spot."

She is always right on the spot.

- krolbarreto


Great reading, very nice lady. I will call her soon.

- stefanie


Good reading.

- stefanie


2 times talking to her and she connected so well with me told me its not over between me and my kids father so i will wait and see what happen

- rock

"Solid Reading!"

Thanks Mary for the incredible reading. You are insightful, calm and kind. Great details about what to look for. Will call again soon. Thanks!

- Cali Gal

"Wonderfully accurate"

Mary nailed it with my man's situation! She said that he feels like everybody's demanding things from him - CORRECT! - and I didn't say a word on what was going on around him! I also feel that Mary and he are a good combination (as reader and the one being read). Some psychics were talented, but just not in tune with him.. Mary doesn't miss on scanning him.

- *libra*rising

"Great reading..."

Doesn't waste time and to the point

- honeey


Love how she picked up on situation hope her prediction comes true and he makes me his girlfriend

- honeey

"Blown away"

wwwWow..! I requested Mary not to use astrology or cards, and she said ok, yet the reading was very very very to the point. This was a very expensive phone call for me, but her explanations were so convincing that I don't regret it. This was my very first time connecting with Mary, but she caught everything so well that it didn't feel like the first time. Really, wow! The only thing that made me nervous was that I heard some bang-bang's like putting big cards on a table during the call... Did she forget my request? Sorry, I guess because I didn't know her enough, I wasn't sure about that part. Anyway, if you're uncomfortable with readings using data (I only told her my birth year to show I'm over 18), and don't want to be asked many questions ('cause it could sound like the reader is fishing for information, sometimes), Mary is worth trying. I did feel the ''starlit sky'' clarity and kindness in her approach :)

- *libra*rising


Talked to Mary today after loosing my job and she said a better one is coming...job of a lifetime....The guy I liked at my job I just lost will come to me now that we do not work together. Amber also said the same thing. I hope they are right.

- techgirl

"Thank you Mary"

Mary is great as usual. Always answers all of my questions.

- carolray



- krolbarreto


She is very loving. Her predictions happen

- krolbarreto


Comforting yet honest. Gave me advice and very consistent with previous reading from over a month ago.

- Maya.foster


She said I was going to get hired at the place I was temping, well I didnt. But she has the same predictions as other advisors concerning my ex. If I got hired it would have been 5 stars. But things happen. Its not an exact science. Very caring and does not waste your time.

- miakimb

"reading "

very good liked her.


"Gives hope"

RE: MARY X 1127 10:35 AM 8-16-13 Friendly voice, calming. Uses cards and clairvoyance in tandem. Very polite but rambled a bit at the end like thinking out loud but was reassuring and gave hope. Thank you so much dear for affirming as many others have that my hubby is just depressed and searching his own soul not having an affair. You picked up on his personality very well. Sorry I didn’t have more time. –Nirvana.



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