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About Mary

When Mary was very young, she began experiencing a deep intuitive sensitivity towards other people, as well as animals.  She has always relied on that sensitivity to guide her in her own life experiences.  Along the way, she began studying natal astrology and tarot. 


Mary is a very spiritual person, serving as an intuitive astrologer and counselor.  She utilizes her gift of clairvoyance in her readings, while also being guided by astrology and tarot.  She seeks to provide others with a higher understanding of their situation and help them to find their greatest path.


Mary is well studied in tarot and astrology, and incorporates these tools in her readings to help her focus on your key issues and possible solutions.  She particularly enjoys helping others by providing insight into matters of love, relationships, career and life.

In Her Words

"I am one with nature, animals, and starlit skies. I go for long walks in all types of weather, as this brings me closer to the universe. It provides a peaceful way of mediation and my wolf guides are always by my side."


8/3/2020 11:54:53 AM UTC
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Praise for Mary

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High Recommend. Pleasure to talk to and very insightful.

- CBell

"listened very well. recommended"

i very much enjoyed my reading withmary. right off the bat her way and voice was very gentle. i told her a little about my situation and she took it from there. i would come up with a question, no matter how small, and she would ask her cards and eleborate on an answer for me. what also made this so enjoyable was the fact that our conversation felt like a "conversation" ad not a reading. she related to me and gave some great imsight. thank you!!

- bmckall

"Great Reader"

I had a very nice conversation with Mary. She is very good at what she does and I am sorry I ran out of funds. I could have talked to her all day log! We clicked! Will call back when I can and I will certainly advise you of the "outcome." THANK YOU!!!!!

- irishceam12

"Totally Wrong"

Mary told me on July 7 and Aug 2 that I would get a job I applied for and very much needed in order to prevent a foreclosure on my home. She said it was very positive . . . that I WOULD get the job — twice. She said that they would be contacting me! I found out yesterday that they filled the position a month ago with another person. I have no other prospects at this time so she couldn't have confused this job with something else.

- Jaye


Great information. Can't wait to see how everything works out. Mary was very knowledgeable and provided great insight and understanding to my situation. Highly recommend.

- CBell

"Knew her stuff"

I felt like she really connected with me.

- mar222


This woman was horrible. Most of the time she had absolutely no clue at all. Most of the time she was asking me what was going on. Had no idea when it came to most of the questions I asked her. I will not be calling her again.

- missionman8655

"thank you"

Great person and a help when I needed truth and good news...thanks

- forever searching

"Always consistent"

Mary is very nice to consult with and always consistent in her readings. Waiting to see how things unfold.

- annabella

"Very good"

Mary is a wonderful reader to talk to. Very polite and picks up on things quite well. Non opinionated and will tell you what she intuitively feels will happen. She has been right on for me at least.

- annabella



- centralink



- centralink

"Good Reading"


- centralink


It always nice talking with Mary

- krolbarreto



- centralink

"anonymous "

Mary's a reader. She's quick and honest. This is Mary's interpretation of what she's reading but she's not blowing smoke if you know what I'm saying. I like that I can call on this sight for just a question or a long reading. There's good and bad and I have different people for different things :-)

- over it!

"1 of the best advisors online "

I am waiting on these predications to come true!!!!!

- nadiapeck


Just waiting til June to see what happens

- nadiapeck

"Such a support!"

Thank you Mary. I'm so grateful! Please stay in my price range :-)

- over it!

"Mary is great"

Mary is an excellent reader. She has been able to answer all my questions and has proven to be very accurate. CJ

- carolray


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